Miley Cyrus Speaks About Suicide Prevention

Miley Cyrus Speaks About Suicide Prevention

Miley Cyrus gives a thumbs up in this new video, supporting To Write Love On Her Arms.

The 17-year-old singer urged viewers to vote for TWLOHA in the Chase Community Giving program where they’re in second place to take home $1 million to supplement their great work!

Miley shared in her vid, “TWLOHA has a chance to win $1 Million to help with suicide prevention and I don’t think a lot of people realize how many people struggle with depression and end up taking their lives for it. Especially so many young people.”

To find out more about To Write Love on Her Arms, log on to

Miley Cyrus: Support To Write Love On Her Arms!
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  • Cassandra

    I love you Miley!

  • Kathleen

    Ooown so lovely! I love u Miley *-* GREAT work! Come to Braziiil! <3

  • azalea

    AWESOME !!
    She looks good in that video
    ill support TWLOHA too
    Love you Miley =)

  • Bob Brown

    Good on you Miley!

    A decent young girl trying to protect others. Makes me feel quite well.

  • Bella

    Love you Miles!! <33

  • Bella

    Looks like she’s in the studio =D

  • Carla

    Is good she does that, but this isn’t the big problem at the moment. Why doesn’t she help Haiti?? Everybody does that!! If she already donated and she also does that is awesome! I guess she is trying to show she is not a w***e and prove she cares! Good job Miley!

  • kaylee

    I guess that’s good she is trying to speak up for a cause, but shouldn’t her attention be on Haiti at the moment?

  • Kara

    Trying too hard … will never be a great model role like Selena.

  • deen


    hahah agree, but it is a good start

  • Tiffany


    quit hating, shes not trying to be a better role model, no need to bring Selena’s name into this

  • smartchic93

    She says um a lot…

  • Taya

    love Mil

  • thetruth

    Well everyone say that Selena is copying Miley with her show,movie,music n clothing line ….. hahah what is Miley doing now?

    I think it’s a good thing cauz her fans r lil innocent kids so they listen to her but I donated cauz I wanted!

    And yes it’s not a selena post so don’t talk about it we all know that she’s the best and all but it’s still a Miley post!

  • Megan

    her music makes me want to commit suicide.

  • jessica

    miley cyrus is a great person. hate all you want but you know its true.

  • hf67

    Yes, Haiti is one problem at the moment. But suicide is also a problem “at the moment” for an unfortunate number of people as well. They both have fatal consequences if ignored. just something to think about….

  • ???

    her hair looks good there.

  • STephanie

    @Carla: yeah but people killing themselfs is sad too

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