Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez Have Hope for Haiti

Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez Have Hope for Haiti

BFFs Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez snap a pic together as they answer phones during the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon in Los Angeles on Friday night (January 22).

Taylor, 20, also performed during the program, covering Better Than Ezra‘s “Breathless.” She tweeted, “Let’s try to start fixing what was just so devastatingly broken.”

Selena is seated next to David Archuleta (for now, the celebs keep switching seats!) If you look closely you can also spot Taylor Lautner and Kevin Jonas in the background.


Taylor Swift – “Breathless” – Hope For Haiti Now
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Photos: Hope For Haiti Now
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  • meagan

    Ha! This proves Taylor L. and Taylor S. didnt break up because of Selena. They both look so cute. BEST girls in hollywood.

  • chelsea.

    where’s demi?
    i miss delena.
    also, taylor swift & selena gomez are aboslutely gorgeous :)

  • sophie

    Taylor and Selena are amazing, they are always helping… they’re so caring and sweet. Without doubts, they are the best role models ever.

    (What an awkward situation for Taylor Lautner hahahaha, sitting behind the two girls he dated together)

  • Rachel

    new song from taylor? LOVE ITT!

  • diane n.

    lol at Taylor L. in the background. I think that they are all still good friends. there are pictures of him and selena sitting next to each other during the telethon. (:

  • asdf

    Keke Palmer was there too!!!!!!

  • francesca

    could you post the seating arrangements? like every time they switched. :D

  • serena

    i love them both.. taylor swift and selena are so sweet and i love them for doing this..

  • Serena

    I miss Delena. Selena also sat next to Taylor L. once. Cool! :D


    this is amazing! i want a recorded cover so i can buy it on itunes!!

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    is that the ‘rock” in the background??? awww!!!! selena sat next to david A, a hook up perhaps?.

  • http://www.facebook.com/KelvinBeh06 KelvinBeh06

    Awww…… i have seen David Archuleta at there!! =)

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    people are saying that selena and nick are dating again but i doubt it though. there is another pic of david and selena at the haiti telethon it looked like they were flirting!?!?. hmmmm…… i think her and david A make a really cute couple!.

  • http://www.oceanup.com saylorfan1

    aww sel and tay are still friends and selena did sit next to Lautner theres like pics and video of them

  • Karen

    The girls are nice. Taylor can sing and write songs well. Selena can act. But, what I want to know is where is David Archuleta. He’s the only one I wanna see.

  • aria

    just because celebs sit together at a press thing doesn’t mean all is ok…just sayin. selena is with nick

  • haley

    selena is with nick and she only has eyes for nick. Stop saying she’s with other guys.

  • haley

    I did not see kevin, but I saw Dwayne Johnson ;D

  • http://hollywood-hot-gossips.blogspot.com oxox

    they’re so lovely.

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    if it true that selena is dating nick again, she might dumped nick for david A!!!!!. haha

  • zanessa4life

    Taylor was just amazing as always!
    I adore her voice!

  • pauline

    I see the rock in the house! hahaha kiddin

    taylor S and selena plus Taylor L on the background

    i love this!

  • sophie

    I love selenaa!!!

  • lulu

    wow, selena is so skinny! it’s not fair, i remember being skinny, but now i look like flippin tinkywinky like my aunty! lol, but it’s good what they’re doing to help out x x x

  • weezysbaby

    how do you all know about these other pictures of like selena and david or selena and lautner?

    i want to see them :D

    thanks. and this is beautiful.
    both girls and what their doing.
    ah the rock, archie, and lautner :)

  • aldi

    definitely sel and taylor are the most gorgeous and talented girls in hollywood right now….

  • jessrei07

    i love both of them!!

  • anna

    I agree that taylor swift and selena gomez are the most gorgeous and talented girls in hollywood right NOW!!!!!! We love you so much Tay swift &Sel gomez!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey

    Selena and David A make a cute couple! Aw, i hope they date, david is more handsome than the Jonas Brothers in my opinion.

  • jessica

    wowowow i love them

    tay is wonderful selis perfect

    love them forever

  • team taylorswift&selenagomez

    This girls are so damn hot+++++++++ OMG They are so cute

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