Vanessa Hudgens & Kevin Jonas Raise Hope For Haiti

Vanessa Hudgens & Kevin Jonas Raise Hope For Haiti

Pals Kevin Jonas and Vanessa Hudgens catch up backstage during the Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief at CBS Television City in Los Angeles on Friday evening (January 22).

The duo are just two of the many telephone operators during tonight’s telethon. Others include Van‘s boyfriend Zac Efron and Kevin‘s brothers, Nick and Joe.

Here’s how you can donate:
– Online:
– Phone: 877-99-HAITI
– Text: Text “GIVE” to 50555
– Mail: Hope For Haiti Now Fund, Entertainment Industry Foundation, 1201 West 5th Street, Suite T-700, Los Angeles, CA 90017

FYI: Vanessa wore her fave J Brand 91210 in Dark Vintage Jeans.

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Photos: Mark Davis/MTV Hope for Haiti Now
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  • lauren

    both gorgeous!!! so glad theyre helping out! <3

  • Scarlett

    Ummm, excuse me but, Kevin is 22 : )
    Just wanna let you know that
    btw this is really cute <3

  • heather

    aww what qts. glad they both took time to help the cause too <3

  • Tiptoes

    good cause…I glad they participated…

  • kara

    she looks so pale and greasy, ew

  • carly

    aw cute i wish there was pictures of zanessa together!

  • isabela

    gorgeous V <3

  • Anita

    That´s really cute that zanessa are helping HAITI. <3

  • duda

    Oi eu so da vh protectors rs :D
    Vanessa Hudgens diva *-* swwwwwwwwweet!

  • Jazmin

    Show was great… glad so many stars came out to lend a hand and support. <3

  • emily

    can anyone post the show? i dont have a TV :( and id really like to see performances and maybe some zanessa stuff :)

  • b

    Beautiful ! I’m from Brazil and I loved the program. Its was really emotional.

  • Jen

    umm… Kev’s 22… just sayin
    But anyway: AWWWW! they look cute helping Haiti

  • Badromance

    love Vanessa. I’m glad she did this

  • fearless

    they look cute=) vanessa pretty as always

  • VhuddyRiSH

    nessa so cute! she was sitting beside ashley and the JBros!! zac was sitting next to nicole scherzinger! haha

  • go sox

    The show was beautifully done, with inspiring music and moving stories. So nice to see so many celebs give their time to such an urgent cause. Hope everyone can donate something…..every dollar helps!!!!! Just one dollar from everyone can so far!!

  • Kake

    awww… does vanessa hudgens wear hair extensions?

  • Vanessa lover

    She looks beautiful and I saw her on tv on the phone she seemed so happy helping. I’m glad she did this; it’s cute that jjj put Van <3

  • simplylovely

    i’m so glad that she’s helping out




  • LG

    Both of them look great.

  • Prinny

    love V

  • Jess!

    gorgeous hudgens!

  • oldblueeyes

    @kara: wow, did you really come here just to say that?

  • Katie G!

    i dont think ive ver seen pics ofthe two of them together. ive seen the three jobros with er then just her and joe and i think evenn her and nick but never just her an kevin haha

    oh how i wish this was a zanessa or even an ashnessa pic <3 but i can live.

  • Jess!


  • Jess!


  • kara

    @Katie G!: there is an ashnessa picture but of course jj hasnt posted it yet

  • kara

    @oldblueeyes: yes, obviously

  • Jess!


  • kara

    @Jess!: i didn’t even say anything to you?

  • Jazmin

    I just can’t believe how naive and childish people can be, even with a great benefit as this people still find faults and still have the nerve to hate. This is for a benefit…she can come without make up or in sweats it won’t matter…what matters is that she’s there to help.

  • Katie G!

    @kara: omg haha really?! do you know where?

  • kara
  • Katty

    Vanessa was out with Jamie Chung yesterday… for pix…

    I want more pix of the celebs there…. :(

  • xoxo

    @ kara…so does kevin though…i think its partially the lighting too…and still…the focus is on kevin and vanessa (and many other celebs) getting together to help haiti…please put your negativity aside when this article focuses on a serious event!

  • sillyppls

    It’s so great to see celebrities come together and help those in need. Those who are going through so much right now. Please donate, it really does make a person feel good by donating and helping others.

  • cloud

    pretty in brown jacket,V !!!

  • emily

    @NICOLE: maybe u did but didnt realize it…everyone on the phone was a celeb

  • nikki


    I AM IN SHOCK!! no joke!!!!!!!! OMG

    ZAC EFRON!! <333
    im dreaming!!

  • Bethany

    Long time no see Kevin. They both look amazing and marrige agrees with Kevin fer sure :)

  • ZJ207

    I think Vanessa didn’t stay for the end of the event since first Ashley was sitting next to her but later Vanessa was gone and Keke Palmer was sitting next to Ashley…
    Anyways, I really want HQ pics of Ash and Nessa there :D

  • honey

    Awwwwww Nessa is such a sweetheart, i´m glad shes helping out :)

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @ZJ207: Actually she did stay until the end of the event, they just moved around to different seats throughout the event, I think Ashley just didn’t want to move while vanessa wanted to mingle with everybody plus there are pictures of ashnessa leaving the event so…

  • Karen


    She was there for the whole time. From pictures I have seen it would seem that some of the stars were playing musical chairs. At one time Vanessa was sitting a row lower than Ashley where Billy Crystal had once been. Someone had taken Vanessa’s seat so she must have taken Billy’s. Perhaps she went to the ladies room and someone came by to talk to someone who had been sitting by Vanessa and when she came back she had to find another place to sit. Or maybe someone aske Vanessa to change seats with them so they could talk to someone… who knows? One thing for sure, there were pictures of Vanessa and Ashley leaving together after the telethon. That made sense since Ashley had tweeted a few hours earlier how she and Vanessa were off to go to the telethon.

    And before anyone wants to get rumors started I have no doubt that Zac and Vanessa didn’t come together or leave together in order to try to keep this worthy event from becoming a “Zanessa” sighting. And there is a picture of them during the telethon looking downt the table at each other as if talking.

  • ZJ207

    Oh ok :)
    can anyone tell me where are those Ashnessa pics??

  • haley

    v not looking so good here, she looks rather tired.

  • sofiaxmen

    ness so cute love you

  • maeli

    v looks beautifull

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