Nickelodeon's Open Casting Call!

Nickelodeon's Open Casting Call!

Have you ever dreamt of being on a show like True Jackson VP, iCarly, Big Time Rush or even the upcoming Victorious? Well here’s your chance to try!

Nickelodeon is hosting a multi-city open casting call to discover and develop untapped talent. The search kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia TODAY, January 23. Boys and girls of all ethnicities, ages 12 — 18, can audition for a chance to appear on national television.

Other cities Nick is coming too: Austin (February 20) and Miami (February 27). Other cities will be announced soon!

Atlanta details: (where) Atlanta 14th St Playhouse, 173 14th St, Atlanta, GA 30309; Check-in is at 9AM.

Good luck!

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Photos: Aaron Warkov/Larry Bartholomew/Colette de Barros/Nickelodeon
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  • debbyryanno1fan

    yay!! but i will not join bec. im in the phil. …

  • monica

    i live in England :(

  • Rholiza


    Same here!

  • oxox

    I’m not in the USA:(

  • Lisa

    I wish I could but I live in new york and I got school. :(

  • http://none elle

    well i live in PA so the only way i could go is if it was in Phili or New York :) so im going to wait to see more locations

  • Lisa

    and where is the troop you forgot the troop. :|

  • Leah

    perfect for my friend hopefully they come to dayton ohio

  • Erica S.

    This is awsome. But a part of me says not to do this because Im ALL Disney Channel, and I feel like I’d be betraying it if I auditioned for a Nick show. Im not saying I don’t like Nick, I watch it all the time but Disney Channel is more appealing to me.

    But I guess I’ll try it anyways!

  • cassie

    i live in georgia but im going to the miami florida one bc it was too late for the georga one its 12:37 noww. anyways plzz follow me on twitter –

  • good-one

    After seeing Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008), I have a new-found respect for Nickelodeon.

    Until seeing Nickelodeon’s wonderful film adaptation of Louise Rennison’s 1999 novel, Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, I tended to regard Nickelodeon as little more than their trademark green slime.

    Nickelodeon has come a long way.

  • shannon

    i live in atlanta and i just found out about this and my friends there now auditioning. :(

  • Emily

    I do not think this is legit. It is not on any nickelodeon sites.

  • Rochelle

    I hope they come to the Bay Area!

  • ems


    I like in the UK :(
    why do disney and nick never come to other countries :(
    like the only english show i know on disney is Life Bites and that’s only for like 5 mins ( most of you probs dont know it, coz it might only be on in the UK) :(:(

    well good luck to others x

  • celine

    OMG that’s awsome!
    I’m french but ill be in miami when they’ll cast.
    Will I be able to enter?
    And how do you enter? Do you have to sign up or do you just come?

  • kay

    @good-one: agreeed!

  • Betsy

    @Emily: It is legit. Check out this notice on Nick casting’s twitter

  • wazz-upp

    i wishi was 2 years older then i could be on it but i dont think they will come to belfast northern ireland

  • kelly

    I’m in Australia : ( that sucks, i wouldve loved to go to an open casting D:

  • olivia

    @kelly: same!!!! I’m in australia too :(:(

  • Keanu Kevin Muller Astete

    yo vivo en chile pero podria enviar un video para demostrar mi talento si estan deacuerdo envien un mail a mi hotmail

  • Sara


  • Eliza

    Can peoples frome other countrys come….I really wanted to,of course, it would better if it’s gonna be Disney audittion, but it’s good too…

  • Taylor jones

    i really they come to michigan

  • marcus

    i live in portsmouth va

  • marcus

    i live in portmouth va

  • lala love

    What’s the information for Austin, TX?!
    Where is it??? I really want to go!

  • Laney hicks

    Kansas city Missouri has major talent

  • erycka

    indiana please and thank you (:
    South Bend, IN that is please.!

  • yayyy!!! :)

    i live in miami and am most likely going!!!!! :D :D :D

  • keN

    . . . . I think I’ve got an undiscovered,
    untapped talent. Fainting, everytime
    I see Sam Pucket in ‘iCarly’.

  • gina

    I live in Puerto Rico…they will never come here:(

  • stephanie

    nO i love in puertO ricO

  • http://Celebuzz Jayla lowery

    I live in Cali so hit me up on the auditions!

  • http://Celebuzz Jayla lowery

    I would appreciate an audition

  • Jayla lowery

    Ever since I first saw iCarly it has been my dreams to be on that show .SO I would appreciate your request for me being on iCarly.But if you refuse then I accept that answer. Thank You!

  • http://twitter Kirsten

    i’m in Houston but i can maybe fly to Austin for that audition. This would be a great oppertunity for me I LOVE NICKELDEON !!!!:] and i’ve always wanted to be an actress and i’m 13 and my favorite shows are ICARLY BIG TIME RUSH AND TRUE JACKSON V.P. PLUA I WOULD PROBABLY LOVE THE SHOW VICTORIOUS. t.v. viewers would love me and you would too!! :] thank you for these casting call !!! :]

    LOVE NICK :]

  • http://twitter Kirsten


  • celine

    @Kirsten: I already asked a few times on twitter and I sent an email but they didn’t answer (yet)

  • Alyssa

    information for miami would be nice! :D

  • Missy


    I hope they come to Dayton, OH too! That would be so great! There are so many talented people here, and none of us get recognized because of our location. :(

  • jessie memmolo

    hey you should come to boston i here theres great talent cough cough me lol :) i really hope they come to boston being an actress on nickelodeon would be amazing! ♥

  • Julia darrow

    come to LA or San Diego

  • rushikesh

    i live in canada i can`t audition :(

  • Someone

    THIS IS GREAT!!! i live in Orlando FL, and im waiting for the miami auditions even better im 12

  • De’Vaughn

    I hope the come to the verizon center. If they dont, i want to go where they are going. Im the perfect actor for nick. It’s been my dream to join nick and meet the stars.

  • Kate

    I wish I could be on Big Time Rush! I am almost 12 so I hope that counts! I hope they show up in Wisconsin!

  • Haleyxxcheer

    I wish they would come to Virginia or somewhere near Virginia. ):

  • Britt

    It is legit : )
    I am part of a theater company
    and they notified us about it so I’m
    going to the one in Miami
    so if you want to,
    definitly come out! : )))

    p.s. its probably not on Nickelodeon sites
    because they dont want TOO many people to come out

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