Demi Lovato: London Appearances!

Demi Lovato: London Appearances!

It’s no secret that Demi Lovato is going to London, after she shared the news on her Twitter account.

JJJ just found out where the 17-year-old musician is going to be! Check out all her dates below:

– Week of 01/25: Radio station rounds
– 01/29: The Alan Titchmarsh Show
– 02/02: Blue Peter
– Other appearances scheduled: Daily Fix Chart Show, Live From Studio Five, Freshly Squeezed and T4

Demi‘s single “Remember December” releases on February 15th. Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Hollywood Records
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  • ssr

    makeup love it

  • Harry Potter FAnatic

    i thought her single remeber december already came out!! ??

    go demi!!!:)

  • pouty

    where are you friends my darling? pick up the phones nobody’s on it! jajajaja

    neither selena nor miley talks to her anymore! they don’t hang out together now

  • namita309

    she rocks …….. i love here we go again songs

  • clara

    love you demi! come back to brazi soon ♥

  • Yelena

    she’ll never be as famous or sucessfull as mley:P

  • lindsay

    she looks nice here.

  • Bard


    Too Bad Miley will never be as talented as Demi.

  • Selaly

    Too bad! Demi is such a jerk!
    Nobody wants to hang out with her.
    I never liked her.

  • okkksssss



    “Too bad! Demi is such a jerk!
    Nobody wants to hang out with her”.

    yeah she and her ego.
    now she thinks is a super star and super cool
    i used to like her…but no more.

  • Emily Q.

    Well, I happen to think that Demi is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! :)

    She is soo talented and gorgeous and just a great person, whom I have the utmost respect for!!!!

    I honestly hope that she never ever doubts what an amazing and beautiful person she is, due to some very “small” people who think its alright to bash others and pull people down, to bring themselves up.

    to all the haters….I think it’s time to grow up.

  • LC

    how can you all say nobody wants to hang out with her? she clearly has friends and it’s better to have a few ppl you can really trust than many friends who don’t care about you !!

  • Leah

    Ouch, the Alan titchmarsh show? When Mileys here she goes on Jonathon Ross and Alan carr! Alan is the bottom of the chat show host chain!

  • http://me Qwonique

    i think that remeber december is cool and i have got all her singel.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Kirsty

    Demi isn’t a jerk, my best friend met her last year, she met her at the jobros london tour, she wasn’t even that much of a fan of her but Demi was such a sweetheart to her she now adores her. Think before ya type. Idiot.

  • rachel

    hate the song, but love her.
    that’s an awful picture though.

  • oxox

    Demi lovato is number one !!


    Cant wait. Shes coming to England. Woop.
    Who gives a shit if shes friends with Miley or Selena. She doesnt need them. Shes famous as she is. As long as shes cool with JB. They are the only genuinely nice guys. Demi does have friends. They are just not “disney” or “famous”. Shes real.

  • Cris

    @Selaly: YEAH! becaouse you happen to know her, right? BECAUSE you and her have been friends!
    who is the jerk now?

    She’s amazing! so talented and very very pretty. JB loves her. And I think it was last week she went to dinner with Miley (just for you know)
    and Sel and her maybe are having some friendship problems… but doesnt MAKE her a jerk! JEEZ!

  • Michelle

    She looks really pretty in the pic but I kinda stopped following her (as in what she does), don’t know why, I guess because of the problem with Selena…

  • missdestinyhope

    Wow, Selena Kiddies need to GROW TFU! Demi and Miley are BOTH Gr8t. Selena too. Just because they have moved on, deosn’t mean DEMI is A BAD PERSON. Friends Come and Go People. They do not LAST FOREVER

  • diana utd

    Love her can´t wait to see all her performances

  • Andrea

    Wish i was in London, love demi a lot
    Team demi 4ever <33

  • sofi freydel

    I´m a big Demi fan she´s the best, my role model
    love everything about her

  • Mariana

    Love her <33
    Hermosa como siempre

  • Emily Q.

    I happen to think that Demi is Wonderful!!!!!!!!
    She is talented,gorgeous,and just a great person. I hope she never doubts how amazing she is, on account of a few people who find it ok to bash others. Grow up people.

  • romina


  • Jana

    Demi is amazing. Wish she would come to Germany. She is soo talented and beautiful. She can sing and she can act. And she has to decide who her friends are. We can’t decide it. It’s not our business. I Love Demi, Miley and Selena. And they’re all talented. But in my opinion Demi is the most talented.

    TEAM DEMI<33

    Please come to Germany!!!

  • Lizzie Norris

    JusT met demi xD she is soooo nice I met her at radio 1 switch station =) sooo happy right now, also I met girls can’t catch and regie!!! Xx

  • http://youtube Rachel

    @SARAH: (Demi in London 1/24/10) at 1:40 someone asks “How’s Selena?” Demi replies, “Ask Taylor!” haha :/

  • Rain

    Her eye make up is always amazing

  • Jasmin

    i wonder why shes wearing dark make up now?

  • emily

    I like Demi, but truthfully that doesn’t even look like her!!

  • bella

    Demi lovato is number one
    demi she is amazing
    demi she is the best
    I love demi lovato forever desde america latina

  • meagan

    Photoshopped much?

  • thatgrlfromlondon

    wth wtf wts she is in england hell no I dont wanna see her in my town lol

  • mariah

    guess shes not going to nicks la concert

  • http://google marie

    please!she is way more talented then slena and miley combined and plus miley’s voice is hella hammered so yeah and selena just cannot sing at all!!

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @Jasmin: Only her eyes are darker. Her lips are a lot lighter. I like women who have that look.

  • ali

    she is so pretty. i saw her in cocert and she rocks she is way better then miley and selena. demi is not a jerk she is heartful. she is gorgus,great at singing,great at talking in public and recing awards. the few years she has been out she has rocked. so the people who don’t like her you are all jerks and you will never be as good at things as demi is.demi is way better than you jerks selena and demi have been friends since barney and you used to watch her and say ‘she is so perry and she really is’. she is such a cover girl and i am suprized she never was in a cover girl magazine she been in seventeen for long time now you girls from texas go back. demi is from texasmaybe she’ll come and forgive you

  • http://rOSEJEMELJANOVA Rose

    Seriously Demi… COME TO LONDON AGAIN!!!!

    we miss you wayyy too much! why don’cha ditch america and come live with the London peeps? 8-)

    lol, im KIDDING!! but seroiusly, you need to come over to London… please? :D :D :D

    Please..? please? PLLLLEEEEEEEEEAAZ :)

  • http://rOSEJEMELJANOVA Rose

    @Harry Potter FAnatic: It didn’t come out in the UK yet!

  • becca monzze

    i think demi is such a WONDERFUL NICE COOL PREETY gurl but she deffinitely needs more fans to make it togheter we can take demi to the next level p.s miley act’s like a stripper she acts like one and she dresses like one i want the old miley back but know i HATE her and i LOVE demi good luck demi ;’,.” baaeee

>>>>>>> staging1