Justin Gaston: Miley Cyrus is a Heartbreaker

Justin Gaston: Miley Cyrus is a Heartbreaker

Justin Gaston points back at the cameras with his new house mates Amanda Phillips, Giglianne Braga, Benjamin Elliot and Kara Kilmer at the Kilian Kerner Fashion Tent held during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in Bebelplatz, Germany on Friday night (January 22).

The 21-year-old musician recently opened up to E! about his breakup with starlet Miley Cyrus. He shared, “You can always tell when someone’s getting ready to leave you, but you try so hard not to believe it and to hold on to every bit of hope that’s left. I think everyone experiences the side of being hurt where you feel like you’ll never feel again.”

Justin, Amanda, Giglianne, Benjamin and Kara will be starring in a new reality series from American Idol‘s Simon Fuller titled If I Can Dream.

If I Can Dream follows the recently introduced quintet as they set out on a worldwide tour to Berlin, Tokyo, Taipei, Sydney, Rio, Toronto, before returning to the U.S. for a cross-country road trip and finally move in to their Hollywood Hills home at the end of February, where they will be mentored by celebrities. For more info, check out IfICanDream.com.

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Photos: Ben Vogt/WENN, Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • http://www.sophiecyrus.com sofie cyrus

    I wish Miley and Justin much happiness!

  • http://www.youtube.com/Crazymegateen Jenny

    Oh gosh hopefully he is talented or it will annoy me so much if he ends up being rubbish it would mean he was picked due to the fact that he dated Miley

  • http://www.sophiecyrus.com sofie cyrus

    One thing I noticed about Justin and that is he is a big animal Lover just like Miley! I’m sure they will stay friends for a long time! Maybe not get married but for sure good friends!
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  • JB

    eww is that a girl or boy.LOL

  • http://www.twitter.com/NkeeyahDunn Kia

    Is it me or is he using the fact that he dated Miley to make his career? Its ironic how he picks now to talk about miley. Whatever. Wish him the best. Miley too

  • fearless

    @Jenny: agreed

  • lulu

    i hope he’s not trying to get publicity with saying all of this. that girl gets so much bad publicity it’s really unfair on her. not a really a fan of miley, but just leave her alone, and look at the positives, like doing things for charity!

  • Mileyrocks

    OMG what a LOSER
    sorry but it’s been I don’t even know how long ago they broke up…
    Miley has moved on and is already dating someone else…
    So let the past be the past, I never liked them in the first place
    p.s I totally agree with Jenny and Lulu:]

  • ashytisdalefan

    Wow. Nice title Just Jared. I always thought that you loved every celebrity thats why I come to this site daily.

  • Anna

    wtf, jjj .
    dissappointment .
    wtf, is he doing on here?
    & where does it say heartbreaker?

  • good-one

    Miley is receiving a bum rap. From Causality, WHY and its Contrapunctum, by Dennis K. Chong, Jennifer K. Smith Chong, Eleanor Chong and Astrid Chong, to wit:

    [I]n 1975, in their seminal work, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the co-founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] described Cause and Effect as semantically ill-formed*:

    We have generalized the notion of semantic ill-formedness to include sentences such as:

    My husband makes me mad.

    The therapist can identify this sentence as having the form:

    Some person causes some person to have some emotion.

    When the first person, the one doing the causing, is different from the person experiencing the anger, the sentence is said to be semantically ill-formed and unacceptable. The semantic ill-formedness of sentences of this type arises because, it, literally, is not possible for one human being to create an emotion in another human being thus, we reject sentences of this form. Sentences of this type, in fact, identify situations in which one person does some act and a second person responds by feeling a certain way. The point here is that, although the two events occur one after another, there is no necessary connection between the act of one person and the response of the other. Therefore, sentences of this type identify a model in which the client assigns responsibility for his emotion; rather, the emotion is a response generated from the model in which the client takes no responsibility for experiences, which he could control.

    *To describe something as semantically ill-formed is to say that in it’s meaning it is twisted, bent, kinked or warped, i.e. insane. It is little wonder that Bandler and Grinder were deadly serious and sure when they wrote, “. . . we reject sentences of this form.”

  • jessica

    sorry but he is irrelevant now.

  • sa

    Justin is very handsome and i think he really did cared for miley and maybe he still might cared for her. she a really nice girl to lose, but miley don’t like long distance relationships and she can’t cheat her heart to who she loves to make someone else better about them.

    justin will be fine and hopefully miley and him can reunited as friends.

  • http://hollywood-hot-gossips.blogspot.com oxox

    I think Justin more handsome than Liam

  • PaulinhoO

    OMG! ¬¬’
    No coments!
    I always don’t like Gaston!

    Liam is 100% better for Miley, for good
    and they is a cute couple! *-*

    Looove you, Miley! <3

  • lol


    he did not say anything bad about her – just shared how he felt kmowing they were over & trying to get over it. He is talented & was on Nashville Star BEFORE he ever met Miley – so when he makes it in music it will be in spite of the fact that her had the misfortune to have ever dated Miley.

  • wow

    @sofie cyrus:
    they are not friends – Miley said horrible things about him & to him to make sure she turned the knife in his back to give the most pain – but you know what they say – what goes around comes around.

  • cam

    oh for sure Justin is definitely very handsome & Liam is NOT.

  • lol

    sorry, but she brings most of her bad publicity on herself.

  • mimi89

    OH my God!!! Can this guy get anymore EMO! Man Up and stop crying yourself to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooke

    I cannot believe miley EVER went out with a loser like this.
    I’m sure hes a nice person, but thank god shes not with him anymore!

  • pup

    Gah. could this guy be anymore of a wuss? GET OVER IT!.

  • daniella

    ugh why can’t he just LEAVE ALREADY?

  • ashleyy

    he should cut his hair.

  • pouty

    tsk. she was 16 and you were 21! wf is wrong with you??

  • lol


    ask her & her daddy. Daddy introduced them, but it was Miley that wanted to date him & it was miley that was always grabbing his arm & hanging on him & sitting on his lap – performance for NJ or real – IDK.

  • Ian

    @daniella: I KNOW! He’s totally jealous and guilty of losing Miley

  • amy

    somebody needs a haircut *-*

  • Emi

    well, he’s right.


    Hes a loser. Wow, he only chose now to comment? I hate this dude, and dont mistake me for a sheep lover. I dont like that talentless plastic, but this guy is obviously using her. Yawn. He needs her for fame, thats pretty SAD. Ha. HM to get him fame LOOOL.

  • lol


    he is not guilty of losing her – she broke up with him, he obviously cared for her & was hurting – plain & smiple. he said nothing bad about her so don’t get your feathers ruffled all you miley fanatics. the guy is a nice guy, & he has feelings too. The way I see it the Cyrus’ used him to help their brat get over her hurt over NJ & she used Justin as a way to make NJ jealous. Wonder if the the new guy is a similar situation – because Miley sure is obsessed with Nick – just read her book & check her dedication remarks on at least 2 cds. Looks like Nick is done with her, though.

  • Emily

    Does this dumbass realize he’s talking about a 16 year old here?? 16! What did he expect??? And of course he was seen with her to further his career. Duh.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2010/01/24/justin-gaston-miley-cyrus-is-a-heartbreaker/#more-326272 Natalie

    Ew wtf your just mad you never got to rape her to stupid pedo.

  • me

    OMG, i never realized how gross he is!

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