Nick Jonas Denver Concert Cancelled

Nick Jonas Denver Concert Cancelled

Nick Jonas musician just tweeted an apology to his fans for having to cancel tonight’s Denver, Colorado concert.

Nick shared, “I’m so sorry to bring you bad news, but this morning I woke up feeling sick and went straight to the doctor to get checked out. Unfortunately he recommended that I don’t sing tonight and that I get as much rest as I can. I’m really bummed to have to cancel tonight’s show, but I know I’ll be feeling better in a couple of days and I’ll be back out there performing the best I can.

“I want to thank you all for your prayers and kind words. And I look forward to getting back to Denver and playing again here soon. Below is the official announcement that was released by my management. Thank you for all of the support.”

Get well soon, Nick!

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  • Cleo

    feel better nick, ♥

  • ifoundnickj

    i hope he gets better


  • Kim

    awww!!!! i hope he feels better soon!!!!! love you nick!!!!!! <333

  • andreyuhhx

    its @vivalashanna! hahahaha :)

  • ilovemusic

    Feel better bb <3

  • jaime

    wtf? why are shanna’s M&G pics on here…um FAIL justjared FAIL.

  • nathalia Braga

    hope he feels better soon! he’s soooooo adorable!

  • James taylor

    I Hope Denver gets a full refund and extra concerts out there thats jacked up

  • musicaltweet23

    Hope you get better soon Nick <3 x

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Lets hope Nick gets well soon! God bless him! He deserves to rest a little bit, he has been doing a lot since the start of the year! Greetings from Guatemala!!

  • elle

    @James taylor:

    they are. they’re getting a refund with point of purchase or they can wait for the reschedueled concert.

    relax, he’s sick, he’s entitled to cancel his show if he feels he’s going to collapse in the middle of it.


    Nick I love you, I hope you get better. He is amazing..! =)

  • julie

    Nick is a type 1 diabetic which puts added stress on his body when he gets sick. He was also scheduled to visit kids at the Diabetes Center in Denver, where he was going to talk to kids who have been newly diagnosed. He had to cancel that as well, but stated he would return once the concert was rescheduled.

    I am diabetic. Anyone with diabetes needs to take extra care during “sick days”. When a type 1 diabetic has a cold/flu the body pumps extra glucagon (glucose) into the blood stream which raises blood sugar levels. So not only do you have to combat the virus but also rising blood sugar levels. You need to monitor your blood sugar even more closely during “sick days”. It is also tougher to fight off viruses and infections.

    Yes it’s sad that he had to cancel, but I’m sure he didn’t want to disappoint fans. But the most important thing is for him to rest and get better. Any fan should understand that.

    Feel better soon Nick and God bless!

  • emele

    funny how j.j. removed shannas m&g pictures after he was called out for it.

  • lulu

    aw poor nick. he deffo puts a lot of stress on himself, it’s good he cares but he needs to rest! oh and did i mention how yummy he looks on that pic :) x x x

  • lulu

    aw poor nick. he deffo puts a lot of stress on himself, it’s good he cares so much, but he needs a little break! oh and did i mention how yummy he looks in that pic :) x x x


    To find out more about how type 1 diabetes puts extra stress on the body when Nick has an illness, there is an article that talks about it on

  • yazaira

    nick hope you’re the best soon relax and have all your fans
    I love you

  • getitupgetitoutnow

    WHAT?! okay ? are you serious? wow…okay so he was just going to leave all his fans there at the venue? who is going to perform just diane brick? i would have been super madd if i was suppostah go. who does he think he is. people relay on him to be there and he just takes off. my moms friends daughters were supposed to go and they both has nemonia and they showed up early to the show and he wasnt there! like who does he think he is! like who? i hear girls walked there from school to the venue and got jumped for their tickets and then the concert was cancelled! well thats kerma for you.. anyway nick jonas needs ta grow up! im 13 and i kno beter then to leve fans without a concert what a fricken baby!

  • nevie

    And yet, you obviously don’t “kno” how to spell very well. While I’m sure that your friends were disappointed that he couldn’t show up, I’m also sure that they could understand better than you the strain diabetes puts on your body.

    And perhaps you should refrain from using words like “fricken” on this website; I know that young girls read this (and you aren’t much older yourself) and they should not have to be exposed to that kind of language. Please calm down.

  • anonymous

    I’m sure the fans would prefer he cancel the concert and return when he is totally healthy and can give his best rather than perform while sick and give a crappy performance. his decision was not only about himself but about what was best for the fans who were going to the concert.

  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat


    How could they walk their from “school”? The concert was on a Sunday! I think that you don’t know what on earth you are talking about and should refrain from posting things until you learn how to spell.

  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat

    Whoops! I meant “there” instead of “their.” I guess that’s karma for you!

  • Gaby

    And i hope you get well very very very soon Nick!
    I love you Nick !
    I hope you have a great recovery and feel great again soon!
    Love from,
    Gaby and Denver fans



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