Brenda Song & Danielle Panabaker: Lunchin' Ladies

Brenda Song & Danielle Panabaker: Lunchin' Ladies

BFF Brenda Song and Danielle Panabaker get silly on the sidewalk as they spot the paparazzi in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (January 25).

The former Stuck in the Suburbs costars dined at a local cafe before doing a little retail therapy around town.

It was just announced earlier today that Brenda‘s Disney Channel series The Suite Life on Deck was headed into pre-production on their third season. JJJ can’t wait for more high seas adventures!

10+ pics inside of Brenda and Danielle

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  • abby

    Whats up with like EVERY Disney star getting followed by the paps???? O_o

  • Kia

    I like that they’re bff’s Most ex-co-stars don’t keep in touch.

  • michelle

    Brenda, she’s just so beautiful.

  • Courtney

    That’s great that they kept in touch!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aww !! Oh, that’s cute. I haven’t seen them together since the movie. Lol, but yeah, it really is great that they kept in touch. Brenda’s gorgeous and Danielle’s beautiful. :D

  • Mony

    Is Brenda ever going to leave Disney and try and become a movie actress? Yeah she has her disney fans but she needs to move on and try and spread her wings a bit more.

  • Michelle

    Maybe she doesn’t want to go beyond Disney. She may want to stay low-key, instead of huge like Ashley, Vanessa, etc. I wouldn’t want the paps following me everywhere.

  • lizzie

    @Michelle: Brenda is a movie actress. She’s starring in a David Fincher theatrical film and she’s also starring in a Vivendi feature fil and she’s spreading her wings a lot. She has moved on, she does multiple projects at once, she’s filming a lot of stuff at once. She loves keeping a low profile, Vanessa loves keeping a low profile too. Not every disney star is followed by the papz, only the ones who have established a name for themselves in Hollywood do. Vanessa Hudgens and Brenda don’t ask for this paparazzi thing, it just happens because once someone has established a name in Hollywood, the papz don’t move until someone else new comes.

  • nathalia Braga

    brenda’s gorgeous.

  • effy

    brenda rocks

  • hanni

    Brenda RULES!! dani is so cute. miss them!~

  • Matt

    Man, Brenda is so hot.

  • sophie

    danielle is gorgeous!!!

  • Mark Maguire

    Both Panabakers are gorgeous!! And Brenda Song is the sexiest asian ever! Great to see them having some fun.

  • lolo

    brenda is amazingly gorgeous! love her to death

  • Roory


  • georgia

    Brenda is gorgeous i love her shes doing so well! and Danielles awesome.

  • drift

    @abby: every disney star is not followed by the paparazzi. the only current disney stars who are followed are miley, demi, the jonas brothers and brenda. the old disney stars like hilary duff and vanessa hudgens are not current disney stars, they’re no on disney anymore therefore they don’t qualify in that quality and if you’ve got anything against brenda, miley, demi etc. being followed by the papz then don’t comment.

  • drift

    @abby: and brenda, demi, miley, JB, etc. are only followed by the paparazzi because of large media and fan interest. its not a case of tabloid celebrities, they aren’t tabloid usuals, they’re barely in the tabloids.

  • bsongfanatic


  • dance

    she’s lovely

  • starry


  • lily

    soo cool!

  • kelena

    Gorgeous :D!!

  • kelena






    This is the FIRST BRENDA POST OF 2010!


    @abby: they’re not all. only the big ones.

  • mel

    i love brenda.

  • drift



  • smiley

    Brenda’s style is great. B


    brenda is soo pretty!<33


    i kinda like danielle

  • Lion Trubo 84

    Brenda Song is so beautiful and Danielle Panabaker is so sweet.

  • Hang


  • Mark Maguire

    One day I will find out in person just how sweet Danielle really is! ;)

  • hanni

    @Michelle: since when is ashley and vanessa huge? brenda is going beyond disney way more than them.

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