Is Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez's Friendship Really Over?

Is Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez's Friendship Really Over?

Demi Lovato gets mobbed by fans as she leaves BBC Radio1 in London on Sunday afternoon (January 24).

It seems that the 17-year-old actress/singer possibly confirmed that she and BFF Selena Gomez were on the outs in a video captured by a fan. When asked how Selena was, Demi replied, “Ask Taylor [Swift].”

The duo recently chatted with J-14 mag about taking breaks in friendships. Demi shared, “There are times when even if you’ve known someone for a long time, you change. Just because we were best friends doesn’t mean we’re always going to stay best friends.”

Selena added on, “I think [ending friendships] is natural and people have to go through it. They may have hit a rough patch, but the girls know that regardless, they’ll always have each others backs.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK — are Demi&Selena really over or just on the outs?

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Demi Lovato Mobbed By Fans, 01/24

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  • anon

    Team Demi

  • dhdfh


  • P

    #TEAMDEMI her comment made me have some serious LOLS

  • Lu

    Wow. That is really sad but completely understandable. Wonder what couldve happened, but it is none of my business so I won’t even ask. =\

  • eira

    owh no..don’t..
    they r bff..
    how can friendship over..never..

  • dhdfh

    she looks evil. and demi just used selna to get famous. taylor and sel are better friends. i hope they remain friends tho. (dem & sel)

  • Mariela

    i don’t think their friendship is over…Demi tweeted a while ago she missed Selena & Miley…i guess some fans didn’t see the good side of the story…

  • dhdfh

    miley and liam are a good couple so are nelena

  • clara

    i don’t know, they that have to decide it. demi, i love you ♥ xx

  • ariagirl

    Does it matter? They are young…it seems petty and unprofesional for Demi Lovato to say that to a fan…..tsk, tsk…..she should have taken the high road…..

  • jessrei07

    demi’s so immature..

  • lalal

    how tall is demi? she looks emo with lip liner. kinda like merlyn manson

  • Alexa_r

    Demi is much better than Selena and Taylor. she is super talented and really sings. she is the best.

  • Janey

    Demi is bitter..

  • Samantha

    they have different scedules, Just because they’re not seen out, doesn’t mean their not friends.

  • bebe

    Selena and her cousins need to stop acting all bitchy and maybe demi wont say things like that

  • diane n.

    wow, how mature of her.
    i personally like selena and taylor’s friendship better.
    hope maybe in the future sel and demi can become good friends again.

  • heart

    Wow demi. Just wow. I’m not gonna point fingures because I don’t know what REALLY happened between them.

    But I am certain that they aren’t friends anymore. Do I think it’ll stay that way? NO. I think they’ll be friends again but who knows when.

    I have to say I def like selena better. & it has nothing to do with this little so called fued.

    I even like miley. But never really demi.

    I think that was a little b!!tchy of demi but maybe its just something she had to get off her chest. *shrugs*

  • Lilo

    There’s no need to take sides. Even though it was harsh, I will still love and support Demi. We don’t really know why they’re not close anymore, but we should just all hope they work things out. :)

  • Berry

    @bebe: I agree so much with this. It’s not fair how they’ve been treating Demi and she’s got her back against the wall right now, if she says something honest, she gets dissed, and if she lies and says something she doesn’t feel, people start saying how hypocritical it is of her to say that.

    ILY DEMI! <3

  • Misa

    @bebe: I Know. SELENA and her cousins are pushing it. Demi DEFENDING herself. Friendship com and go…. it this one’s gonna end Messy :/

  • JOjo

    Demi has been being immature and bitchy since she dumped Selena for Miley. It’s only natural that Selena find a new friend to be with (Taylor).
    I use to like demi but not anymore since she changed.
    Hey demi
    “You walk and talk
    Like you’re some new sensation
    You move in circles
    You don’t need an invitation
    You spend your money
    You can’t get no satisfaction
    You play it right so you can get the right reaction
    It won’t be long my darling
    Pick up the phone
    Nobody’s on it
    You (you)
    When you’re falling down
    The world starts spinning out
    You (you)
    When you’re falling down
    Now it’s not all about
    You (you)
    When you’re falling down
    You know I’ll be around
    When you’re falling down, falling down
    What’s out of place when you look into the mirror?
    The truth is blurry but the lies are getting clearer
    Your eyes are fixed, your smile is so elastic
    You gave me roses but they’re all just made of plastic…
    Smile for the camera, everybody’s looking at ya
    Smile for the camera, cause they’re all about to trash ya
    Smile for the camera, camera, camera, smile for the camera
    Who’s gonna catch ya?”
    Demi= The real Miley 2.0 (she tries so hard to be like her)

  • tweet

    what did selena and her cousins do to demi?

  • its kind of a shame they were friends their whole lives and now that they’re both famous they are fighting.

  • Lilo

    I guess this is what Hollywood can do.

  • steffanie x

    This make me so pissed
    They used to be the cutesstt bff ever.
    But what happen
    Demi really change,
    Icould see it.
    I use to really love her,
    But im not so sure anymore :(
    Ihope they’ll be back to be bff again,I miss them .!
    Demi also haf a attitude now too,
    Well I know she’s more talented at singing & stuff.
    But ya-_-

  • Nicole

    Demi was probably hurt because Selena spends more time with Taylor than her. She’s a human being, too. A lot of people also feel that way.
    Demi can’t always pretend that everything’s okay. It’s better to stay real than act like a big fake.
    But on another note, I guess we shouldn’t judge. We don’t know the real story between them so maybe we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. People should stop bashing just because they don’t like her comment because they don’t know the real story.

  • Sa5m

    so sad i like their friendship >>>

  • meagan

    HATE demi


    Wow, that was kinda rude. The fan was just asking a question. She didn’t have to give such an attitude like that.

  • lol

    OMG she looks HORRIBLE!

  • a.m./p.m.

    I’m gonna have to side with Selena on this one. I’ve tried hard to still think of Demi as a great person but lately she’s been nothing but drama. And now she finally shows her true personality, and it’s not likeable at all.

  • caroline

    If their friendship is over, then why is Selena still following her on twitter? Obv. Demi posts a lot and Selena does, too. They would get each others tweets. If I was kind of t’o'd at my BF I would unfollow her because I wouldn’t want to read anything she had to say.

  • gabby

    it is not immature for Demi to say that. Selena was her best friend and Taylor comes in a steals her away from Demi like it’s nothing. I am no Demi’s side completly.

  • Jason

    Wow, she’s ugly and mean. xD This bitch needs to get over the fact that Miley, Selena, and Taylor are incredible HOTgirls and she’s not!

  • Sam

    Thank goodness she has a voice cuz her personality and looks are not helping her…

  • Kia

    I like Demi and Selena And I already knew that their friendship was over. it wasnt that hard to figure out.

  • Georgina

    @JOjo So true!!
    demi has changed a bit since not being around selena anymore and with miley. Miley is a great person and so is selena and demi but i just think demi can be influenced easily by others around her i just hope she doesnt go bad like other child stars. she has an amzing voice i hope she keeps it up she is truly talented.

  • lulu

    @bebe: what’s been happening with selena and her cousins?

    i always thought they’re was something funny about selena, you know with that cute girl image she always has? not saying it’s her fault, but yeah.

    but i hope it’s just a phase, and im wondering if that’s why selena has been going to nick’s concerts, she seemed upset in the park and he seemed to be comforting her x x x

  • zekemaster


  • pouty

    sh really thinks she’s some kind of superstar or something. but really she looks like marilyn manson. she’s talented but sooo stupid

  • Heythere

    my gosh…Taylor didn’t “steal” Selena away. She’s in Nashville most of the time for Christ sakes. That’s a really far away place from LA which makes it rare that the two of them even get the chance to hang out.

  • jian

    i guess bec of the hectic sched. its difficult for them to hang out like before..dont judge them..time can heal it..they just need a break..
    DEMI, she’s not perfect so let’s not judge her easily..and of course, we dont know the real reason why its happening in their friendship..but we hope they can fix it soon.. we love them let still support them..

  • SONY

    SCREW THIS GIRL! She was really REALLY cool when she first came out in Camp Rock but now I’m getting so sick of her! All the drama and the bitter comments, she’s worst than Miley! And she’s not even that famous yet. I’m done with her.

  • emmy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t that close anymore. Not many people stay best friends with other people they meet in like elementary school. It’s natural to grow apart. For example, my older sister, who’s graduated college, used to hang out with her BFF (who she met in like jr high) all the time, but by the time they graduated college, I never saw or heard about her old BFF anymore. People change, and to be honest, Selena and Demi don’t really seem that similar anymore.

  • Jon

    *crosses Demi off “Favorite Celebrities” list*

  • pouty

    @JOjo: exactly!!! that’s what i’ve been saying for months but no one believed me! THANK YOU! jjj hire me!

  • Kaya

    Oh my gosh…guys!! I agree with Demi and Selena, at some point in time friendships need a break! Me and my best friend have been friends for 10 years now, when we were 16 we stopped hanging out with each other cause she found a ‘new’ best friend and started going out with her rather than me, however as time passed we realized that it was all a huge misunderstanding and now we’re friends more than ever. So please, stop trying to figure out what’s going on and let them be!!! They’ll be friends again in no time!

  • laury

    @ bebe

    Agree, Selena and her cousins need to stop acting all bitchy

  • sam

    What is up with her? She’s been acting all bitchy and looking all scary lately while Selena has been keeping her class and has blossomed into a gorgeous young woman. It’s kinda sad to see one fall while the other rises as a friendship burns out.

>>>>>>> staging1