Nickelodeon Has A Secret Crush

Nickelodeon Has A Secret Crush

Stars of iCarly, True Jackson VP, Big Time Rush and The Troop gather around the ultimate Nick guest star Victoria Justice in this new shot from the upcoming Secret Crush Weekend.

During the weekend of February 5, viewers will not only see new episodes of their favorite Nick shows, but also go behind the scenes with Miranda Cosgrove, Keke Palmer and more as they spill secrets about first crushes, worst pick-up lines, and what they look for in a guy or girl.

It all starts on Friday, February 5 @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. Check out the schedule inside…

Nickelodeon – Secret Crush Weekend

Friday, February 5

8PM iCarly “iEnrage Gibby” — After Gibby (Noah Munck) introduces his new girlfriend Tasha to the group, tempers flare when Gibby finds Tasha and Freddie (Nathan Kress) in what he misunderstands as a compromising position. Gibby vows revenge and challenges Freddie to a fight. Meanwhile, Spencer’s (Jerry Trainor) art career really takes off when the local paper incorrectly reports his death.

8:30PM Big Time RushBig Time Love Song” — The guys all chase the same girl, causing problems in the band for the first time. Gustavo wants the guys to sing a syrup-y love song as their next single, but their journey through love, fighting and heartbreak lead them to record the song as an anti-love song. Lorenzo Llamas guest stars as the kooky Dr. Hollywood who has to treat James when he has a mysterious allergic attack.

Saturday, February 6

8PM iCarly “iEnrage Gibby” (Repeat)

8:30PM – True Jackson, VP “True Valentine” — True (Palmer) decides to ask Jimmy (Robbie Amell) to her school’s Valentine’s dance, but only as “friends” to spare her feelings if he says no. But Jimmy’s own plans to take their relationship to the next level are ruined when he takes True for her word and thinks she only wants to be friends.

9PM The Troop “Speed” — Jake and Hayley (Nick Purcell, Gage Golightly) must pretend to be a couple in order to catch the Eris Fairy (Victoria Justice) that’s been running around the school breaking up couples in love. Felix (David Del Rio) works furiously to trap the Eris Fairy only to realize how much he relates to her situation.

9:30PM Big Time Rush “Big Time Love Song” (Repeat)

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  • mONET

    i just realized how pretty everyone on nickelodeon is lol there isn’t one non-gorgeous person in that pic with all the cast.

  • taylor

    Can’t wait to see it!

  • ashley

    Nick stars are so much better than the Disney stars!

  • Danii

    just cant wait for it !

  • katy

    disney kids have sooooooooo many scandals,nick stars are more controled and matured and those kind of people to look up to.<3
    thank you nickelodeon

  • Lu

    Whoa. That is so true. I never noticed that Nick stars never have scandals, unlike everyone at Disney.

  • ems

    its suprising how nick stars do things together
    and disney stars don’t :(

    i think disney need to make a new channel for TEENS, coz even though there is playhouse disney you see children watching hannah montana and such – they need shows like icarly and things

    whereas nick is mainly for teenagers and i like that because there nick junior and children watch tht

    all iam saying is disney needs to take risks, do better shows, that can interest teenagers coz in my school only like 10 people watch disney channel

    nick is getting better and better….

  • Lisa

    if nick and disney combine into one channel it would be soooo cool. Disneylodeion!!! Haha that sounds wicked! Lol =P

  • sophie


    i agree!!!

  • Stella


    So true. But modern disney just sucks in general. The only good shows are the ones that they didn’t make, just happen to air. (Ex. Boy Meets World, although they stopped airing it as far as I know)

  • asdf

    nick rocks. disney suuckkss

  • Kristi

    @Lu: no scandals? What about Jamie Lynn Spears?

  • Lisa

    @sophie: hahaha idk I just came up with dat. Disney and nick stars should date too. That will be cool. But drama. But it’s never happened be4.

  • http://nickolodian jam

    who is Miranda Cosgrove dating

  • http://nickelodeon alayna112233445566

    i have a crush on a guy named drew!!!8)!!!!!!!!! how do i know that helike like me!?!?becuaes i really really like him!!!!!!!we kissed i kindergarden!!!!!8)on the play ground!!!!!!!8)know he has a friend named patyon!!!!!! he is the meanest guy i have ever met in my life i just!!!!!!!!!!in the midle of lunch they started counting!!!!!!!!!what’s pu with that!!!!!!!!!i sat next to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is really cute!!!!!wheni mean cute i mean HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE realy kissed me frist!!!!!!!!!can some one tell me what to do!!!!!oh and if drew is on this blog !!!!!!!if you tell patyon what i said!!!!!!i will kill you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i mean it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will !!!!!!!!!

  • http://nickelodeon alayna112233445566

    @asdf: I LOVE DREW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Perez

    I agree with that

  • http://facebook jessica

    when was your first date

  • Travis

    i have a question i like a girl but idk if she likes me back and i want to ask her to be my valentine please anwser this on nick so i can hear

  • natalie

    Are Miranda and James dating? They make a really cute couple!

  • keN

    . . . . “who cares, I got a lady makin me pie” . . Sam

  • Allie

    omg! that guys last name is Llamas!!!!!

  • Hannah

    carlos pena is soooooooo hott!!!!!!

  • olivia

    hi big time rush

  • brit

    I love carlos pena he so cute and a good actor!!

  • http://none abigael

    vanesasa is really pretty and omg cant wait

  • http://none abigael

    omg cant wait

  • Amanda

    Honestly Gage and Miranda need to stop getting their hopes up… James doesnt like them

  • http://Carly Carly