Ayla Kell is Prom Pretty

Ayla Kell is Prom Pretty

Ayla Kell gives her full attention to Nico Tortorella in this new still from Make It or Break It.

In the upcoming episode “Save The Last Dance,” Payson (Kell) and Heather enlist the girls’ help when it looks like the Taft High prom is going down the tubes. Happy to help, the girls are thrilled with the opportunity to be regular teenage girls for the night ” especially when it involves pretty dresses and dancing.

But things get a little complicated when Carter (Zachary Abel) tries to use the evening to get closer to Kaylie (Josie Loren), Emily (Chelsea Hobbs) is surprised to find Damon (Johnny Pacar) at the prom and Lauren (Cassie Scerbo) starts to figure out who her father is dating. When the girls get the chance to live out their John Hughes prom moment, will it be everything they hope it will be?

Meanwhile, Mark and Kim (Brent Cullen, Peri Gilpin) meet with the doctor who says she can heal Payson’s back with an experimental procedure. But now that Payson is finally starting to accept her new life, this news just might bring her back down.

“Save The Last Dance” premieres Monday, February 8 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

10+ stills inside…

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  • Nanda

    the guy talking to payson is niki, not razor :) i think…

  • maddie

    i love this show

  • pimento

    Nope! It’s definitely Razor talking to Payson. Look at his hairstyle,pants, and white jacket in the picture where he’s with Damon and his group singing and look at the one with Payson.

  • http://blackwaterlovers.webs.com Ana

    Nayson is talking to Nicco Tortella, Nikki isn’t pictured :(

    Where’s the Nikki/Kaylie combo :(

  • adrianna

    i LOVE this how so much!!! emily and payson look SO pretty in the pictures!!!!

  • em

    Can’t wait to watch it!!

  • Rosiie

    OMG!!! I don’t know why, but I want Payson to end up with Razor. I just do. I think they’ll be so cute together, because they’ll balance each other like with Payson she’ll become more loose and Razor will become a little more serious. But that’s just my opinion, it doesn’t matter.

  • Just Me

    i just got into this show
    i heard alot about it last year on like EOnline but there were all these other shows too so i figured if they brought this show back they would hopefully show a marthon and they did a few weeks ago and im so frikin hooked!

  • Maggie

    Love this show! Yeah, where is Nicky? Payson and Razor. That is an interesting couple. I kind of wanted to see Razor and Lauren. Yey, Carter is trying to patch things with Kaylie. I hope they get back together :)

  • tina

    i want nicky and payson!!!!
    lauren and carter!!!