David Archuleta Sings Prayers For Children

David Archuleta Sings Prayers For Children

David Archuleta just didn’t have a message for his MTV viewers and fans during last Friday’s Hope for Haiti telethon, he had a song.

MTV correspondent Jim Cantiello is the one to thank for the impromptu song. He posts on the Newsroom‘s site, “I casually tweeted that we had witnessed a spur-of-the-moment mini-concert from Archuleta, and within seconds my Twitter was inundated with pleas from David diehards desperate to see the video footage that I had just bragged about. What started as half-joking bribes of cupcakes snowballed into a virtual cupcake drive.”

Jim finished up, “By Tuesday afternoon, a generous group of fans had raised $3,850 in mine and David Archuleta‘s names!”

You can check out the virtual cupcake drive timeline at Peace.Love.Cupcake.

David Archuleta – “Prayer of the Children”
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  • Kaitie

    Love David SO MUCH! That song is heart-wrenching.

  • Annie

    This is wonderful in every aspect – David, his fans, Jim! Awesome! Love it!

  • GGdoorsfan

    david is a class act all the way… wonderful song, wonderful singer, all for a great cause.

  • Laura

    SO AMAZING <3 What a beautiful singer.

  • IluArchie

    Omg That was Amazing

    I l<3 David

  • nancy

    Thank you Jambajim for this. Too bad he couldn’t have sung this during the telethon. It would have been amazing! The song and what he had to say was so heartfelt. David has the kindest heart and most beautiful voice ever recorded. I love this guy.

  • Cindyw

    Very heart felt! David is so sincere. If only he could have sang the whole song that night. He sings this beautifully and hauntingly!!

  • erika

    his voice is so peaceful .. i love it :)

  • mhae

    David is so amazingly talented!!!! Thanks to Jim for posting the vid!!!

  • masbonita

    AMAZING!!! love the sincerity of his voice..

  • Jess

    Thanks for posting the video.

  • alana

    I love David, he is amazing.

  • http://fansofdavid Gmax4

    : Have you ever known someone who can bring your heart such peace, and inspire your heart to feel so much with just a few words and a smile.
    That is the beauty of David, his voice and his heart!
    What an amazing effort by David’s fans!!! Great job!!! Thank you Jim for making this all possible!!!

  • Ashley

    David’s soooooooo amazing!! <3

  • http://fansofdavid.com Kathy

    Since David communicates his best thru music I’m so glad he was willing to spur of the momemt sing such a heartful rendition of Prayer of the Children, and accapella no less. Simply amazing!

  • http://fansofdavid Jane

    David is soooooo amazing . I love this song, when he sings it, it brings a person to tears. His voice is so sincere and he sings it accapella. Not to many people can just do that… Thanks for posting. It wonderful!!!!

  • Trudyfod

    I was blessed to see David perform this live during his recent holiday tour. Such a soulful and heartfelt song. It would have been amazing if he could have shared this with all the viewers of the telethon. But thank you Jim for getting this video for us fans and you can always count on Archie fans to step up and help out…it is a great feeling to help other people in need.

  • shelbie

    David’s so real and sincere, very touching rendition! Thanks for posting this, great find.

  • casey

    Brilliant! David has a heart of gold!

  • babda

    This is beautiful. David is beautiful. More people should see this. This little clip inspired me to donate more than anything I saw during the telethon. (I saw this, went online and donated and am back to say thank you for posting). Thank you David!

  • Kingston

    I like it. He seems a lot older than when he was on American Idol.

  • lucy86

    Beautiful song :). Love him

  • sarah

    David is the best acappella singer that I have known. Such a gifted vocalist. You know that his nick name is a ‘ walking jukebox ‘, right? You give him one word, then he has a song for the word. I am glad his heart is always right. When he sings, you can tell he is telling a story from his heart even in this short clip of video.

  • Mary

    Beautiful. Surreal. Thank you David for everything.
    Thanks for posting guys.

  • sv18

    he is so talented!!

  • Chickee

    Bravo David – another example of your shining, brilliant talent.

  • cathy

    Thanks for posting this! Wow, this song brings tears to my eyes because of how beautifully David sang it and also because of the sad situation the children in Haiti are in! David is such a beautiful person inside and out!!

  • pouncer84

    Virtual Cupcake Drive has raised $4,525 and its still increasing. Thank you one and all for donating.

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