Joe Jonas: Taylor Swift Deserves a Grammy

Joe Jonas: Taylor Swift Deserves a Grammy

Joe Jonas sits down to chat with E! News about what he’s been doing during the Jonas Brothers‘ mini-break.

The 20-year-old musician got a chance to send words of support to former flame Taylor Swift.

Joe shared, “We’ve been kind of reconnecting, which is good. I hope she gets a Grammy. She deserves it.”

Taylor is nominated for several Grammys this year including Record and Album of the Year. The 2010 Grammys air THIS Sunday @ 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

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  • jaylorsucks

    I love them apart, hate them together. No way they’re gonna get back together, Jaylor fans stop dreaming.

  • http://deleted ana

    i love them!!

  • Nkeeyah

    I am glad they are talking. I wonder if they will sit together at the grammys? Love tay and joe

  • Duma

    What`s up with these Jonas Boys and always using the word ‘reconnecting’. :P

    Haha, but that`s good that they`re letting the drama go. 2010: The year of no fear. ;)

  • chii

    idk.. but that’s good to hear.

  • Ruby

    Oh i really hope they become friends again. I love them both sooooooo much

  • Kia

    I don’t like Joe… He’s just a bad vibe, And I don’t know why he’s growing his facial hair I mean you work for Disney pp are not going to take you seriously.

  • Dani!

    Sorry Joe I love you, but I think NOOOOT!

  • LC

    they’ve reconnected since Sel’s with Nick :)

  • Anna

    Awww! :)
    I’m so glad they’re ‘reconnecting.’ Even though I’m not too big of a fun of JB anymore, I’m glad that Joe’s reconnecting with Taylor, and that Selena and Miley have reconnected with Nick. :D

  • Darius


    There’s a point where a young man’s facial hair starts to grow very quickly, and unless he’s shaving constantly it’ll be noticable. Joe’s reached it, its not his fault. He’s 20, not 15, its nature.

  • Michelle

    Liking the new look..

  • Danni

    Taylor Swift is such an overrated country artist it’s beyond ridiculous. Like are you kidding me….Taylor needs to send Kanye West a thank you basket and immediately.

    What is it with pop culture these days?

  • chii

    there’s too much ‘reconnections’ going on with the JB now.

  • Sarah

    hey. i do love joe.. i DO NOT love his facial hair :/
    Please :)

  • http://jjj bebe

    Taylor was big before kanye, get it into your brain…A thank you to kanye? Are you kidding? Everything has been wrong with pop culture for a long time.

  • your mother

    You obivously have been living under a rock and woke up when Kanye came in. Taylor Swift had an successful tour and her album was #1 in 2008. That was before Kanye. Do you honestly think Taylor wanted Kanye to come up on stage and diss her? No. It just happened. People need to move on and stop making everything bigger than it actually is.

  • fannah

    @Kia: None of that made sense, sorry.

  • lulu

    aw, i love joe, he’s so sweet. i hope he doesn’t get with taylor again, she’s really annoying, but she is talented. i hope he’s with hilary, she’s gorgeous! x x x

  • Natalie

    Im no a big fan Joe but he is right Taylor deserves to win. Its nice to see them move on…

  • Louley

    thats nice ! but i hate him and his stupid music !! he is so annoying i hope they don’t date again she deserves someone better !!

  • Alexa_r

    @jaylorsucks: I’m with you!!! =I

  • ad

    he seems like a nice guy

  • xoxo

    he never said they would get back together…but since they are in the same profession, getting along would be nice…it is possible to be friends with your ex ppl…everyone makes mistakes. Leave them alone

  • jonaslove

    Joe is SOOO sweeeet<3 he has nothing but good things to talk about Taylor, but honestly I don’t think Taylor should win a grammy, yes she is incredible and I love her songs but ALOT of people noticed her after the Kanye thing, yes she was famous before it but she got MORE famous after it cause most people felt bad for her, so I’m starting to get kinda get sick of her. NO offence to her fans I don’t mean anything, but we are here to say our opinions and that is mine.
    but overall I love Jonas,Selena,Demi,Taylor and Miley <3

  • Amy

    Um Taylor hates his guts so anyone thinking they’ll get back together can forget about it. I bet all they said to each other was “hi” and Joe is saying they reconnected lol. Anyways, he is right about one thing…she deserves to win at the grammys. It is hard to sell records these days but she still managed to sell millions of records last year.

  • nathalia Braga

    i’m glad they’ve reconnected!! love them

  • ugh

    I love how once they reconnect, they’re automatically back together..

  • Cecilia Peres

    AWWWWW! I absolutely love them

  • eamon

    classy, joe. joe’s a really good guy

  • Divine Goddess

    This shows what a nice guy he is. After all her whining and bashing cuz he dumped her last year, he stll takes the high road. I’m sure she will win something, she does have like 8 noms. That’s ridiculous for such a young girl. Good luck to her

  • danni

    I don’t care if she was famous before the Kanye dibacle. At least she was popular on her talent and merit and not because some ignorant grown man took a mic out of her hand.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    At the end of the day, Joe is a gentleman and he wont never ever say anything bad about an ex…

  • Bob Brown

    Love that “Jaylor” configuration.

    Hats off to Joe for not responding to Taylor’s diss on SNL and other swipes directed at him. Joe took it and held his own. Ya Joe deserves slaps for dumping in text.

    But yes we don’t know know ALL the details. Was Joe and/or Taylor controlled by Clingy issues? MomManager issues? Talent agents?

    Reality is both have talent, self worth and are more aligned than fragmented in goals, values and ambition. God bless both and I hope both camps find peace.

  • hola2

    reconnecting dosent mean that they will become boyfriend girlfriend that means they could be friends…..ilove joe

  • carly

    im so over taylor swift right now! she is so full of it “he broke up with me over a 27 second phone call” give me a break, she just wants everyone to feel sorry for her. after all the crap she has called joe hes still goona like that fake girl. if he gets back together with her, IM DONE LIKEING THE JONAS BROTHERS!

  • erika

    he’s rocking every LOOK! he’s so HOT!

  • chelsea

    It’s not that I want them back together, it’s just that I hate fighting. Especially with this new thing between Sel and Dem. I hope it’s not true that they’re over.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Danni: LOL I love you, Danni. Only cause I agree with you a 100 percent. Besides she got famous when she started trashing Joe which WAS NOT COOL. I never liked her and made me not like her even more after she trashed him after the break up.

    Oh they aren’t following each other on twitter yet either. So that’s a good thing. I said yet. So we will see. Taylor is annoying.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @jaylorsucks: LOL totally agree but they could be reconnecting as friends and that’s it. They better be or there is gonna be a lot of hate going after Taylor. :D I won’t be doing it. Okay I’ll be doing some of it. Sue me if I do.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Nkeeyah: Doubt it. They are only friends.

  • katie

    well i like joe and taylor swift both and i want them to reconnect again

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