Taylor Swift: Grammy Noms are a Gift in Itself

Taylor Swift: Grammy Noms are a Gift in Itself

It just dawned on Taylor Swift that the 2010 Grammys are THIS Sunday, so what better way then to catch up with Rolling Stone for a quick chat.

The 20-year-old musician, who’s up for eight awards, shared about her own predictions, “I predict that I will be there. I’m planning on performing, and that’s really all that I can predict. You never know what’s going to happen. I like being nominated for eight, I’m not going to lie. I like that feeling. It makes me smile. All I know is that I’m a really, really happy person, thinking about being nominated for eight of them, and I think that’s a gift in itself, so we’ll see what happens in L.A.”

Taylor also dished on her inspirations, saying, “I’m always going to love Keith Urban, I’m always going to love John Mayer. I’m always going to love people like that, who I feel are truly authentic, and that’s not to say that my music will ever sound like theirs, but I’m inspired by people who I feel know exactly who they are, and that inspires me to continue to figure out and inform who I am as an artist.”

Check out the rest of Taylor‘s interview at RollingStone.com.

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Photos: Jamie-James Medina/Rolling Stone
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  • JBStands4Bieber

    Aweesomeee… I hope she wins AT LEAST one!!!
    Go Taylorr!

  • ness

    she can’t even hit a substantial high note…horrible “singer”!!!!

    i hope she doesn’t win anything.. if she wins with her generic music.. i will definitely believe that the music industry is going to CRAP!

  • Anna

    taylor, sweetie, the only reason you are nominated for eight is because people STILL feel sorry for you. they’re sympathy awards.

    she’ll probably win em all too. ohhh great.

    but don’t get me wrong, i love her music. it’s just nobody can deny she’s only getting ALL of these awards because of the vmas.

  • winter101

    Taylor is an amazing talented song writer and singer. She has sold more albums than any other artist in the world for the past two years. She writes, sings, and coproduces her own albums. She is also an amazing person to look up too and she respects herself and others. Taylor began winning awards before the VMAS. Kanye just gave her a little boost in fame. GO TAYLOR! YOU ROCK and totally deserve to win every award you are nominated for.

  • Misa

    SHE WINS ALTLEAST ONE ILL BOYCOTT THE GRAMMYS. Grammys used to be talent.i know she wirtes, but it like 11 year old Diary. & Dont talk about record sales, her fans are using YEAR of allowance. There are many other artists who have GREAT Vocal and Writing skilss beyond Taylor. 8 Nom. my A$$ kayne is also GENIUS BUT DIDNT GET A SINGLE MNOM JUST CUZ HIS POPULARTY WENT DOWN @ MTV!? Wow. JustWow….

  • kami

    the thing that sets taylor swift apart, aside from writing all her own music (incredible lyrics), is the fact that she speaks well. she is very articulate, which is something you don’t see in people her age. she must have gone to a good school and had great teachers as well as nurturing parents. you never hear her saying, “like i really like am going to like go to the like grammy’s like you know this year.”

    of course because she is very successful there is going to be that segment of people who will hate here because she is successful.

  • naomi

    She writes beautiful songs but she’s a bad singer.

  • winter101


    I think you need a lesson in learning how to spell and write. Kanye probably wasn’t nominated because of how he acts in awards situations and no one wants him there. He also writes about his ego and how great he is. How is that talent. He has acted out at other awards ceremonies before the VMAS. He can say he is sorry but does he really meant it. People do not trust him. He needs to go back to whereever he came from and never come back.

  • Don’t go there swifty!!!!!!!

    Get ready for Taylor Mayer! Sounds weird and is weird…………

  • john

    I am 55 and not a die hard Taylor fan but I do thank she has a lot of talent, she wrote Fearless at 17-18, what were we doing then?

  • connie

    she’s soo genuine that why I love her so much~ she deserve to be nominated for eight!she’ll win at last

  • Sue

    She’s a great songwriter, she relates to her fans, but her problem is she has a limited vocal range and her live numbers fall flat. What is the point of all that on stage production if you aren’t hitting the notes or staying on pitch?

  • emele

    gosh i hope she isn’t dating that douche. she is a great musician though, why should it always be about who has the best voice. to me music is about connecting with the song, and i find that is why taylor is so successful….because we can all connect with her music. people can have a strong voice but still be bad musicians because they lack the ability to connect with fans through their music, something that taylor does NOT lack.

  • Tiffany

    I hope she wins a Grammy! Get T’s clothes here http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=905

  • nathalia Braga

    she’s amazing and she deserves to win a grammy. she’s really talented.

  • zanessa4life

    She’s a true genius!
    I adore her music and really cant wait for the 3rd album!

  • http://www.stargirlx4.webs.com meena

    I hope she wins all 8 awards :) She’s an awesome singer :D

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