Miley Cyrus: Meet My New Mate

Miley Cyrus: Meet My New Mate

Miley Cyrus is all giggles as she walks with her father Billy Ray Cyrus and their pack of dogs around the neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon (January 27) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 17-year-old actress blogged on her official site about her new puppy.

Miley shared, “Its so great that Mate is a puppy so I can take him everywhere but it won’t be long until he’s his full size! He’s a German Shepard and will get up to 125 lbs! Ahhh! It’ll be a bit more difficult to fit him in my Prius haha!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Miley’s new pup, Mate? Are you missing Sofie?

25+ pics inside of Miley & Mate

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  • nick

    Love Miley!

  • lic_merry

    :D miley lol

    follow me @Lic_MerRy

  • bebe

    adorable! love her too

  • kiki

    miley is so pretty!! she is my role model!! she has her flaws but hey we all do and we cant deny it!! i want to meet her so bad..its my dream!
    awesome pics!

  • bridget

    love mate….kinda miss sofie….but LOVE Miley<3

  • Dihsfsdgzfs

    Eww gross!

  • chloek

    An Australian slang word for her dogs new name? I wonder what her influence was? ;)

  • Vanessa lover

    He is so adorable!

  • elle

    Woah, Mate is cute but what exactly is Billy Ray wearing?

  • wow

    it must be cold in LA – she has real clothes on today. I miss Spofie – I guess new guy = new dog so sofie can’t be seen out with her now since Sofie was always seen with Miley & Justin. Poor Sofie. I also miss her mom – where is she these days?

  • Hilary

    He doesn’t look like a German Shepard

  • em

    what happened to sofie?

  • kruzzzz

    G’day mate.. hehe. im australia i love the new dog and its name.

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    omg mate is so cute! (: but is missing sophie 2! :(

  • haley

    love miley! true disney queen!

  • Tiffany


    now come on, was that comment even necessary? srsly if u dont like her than dont look at posts about her

  • lifesgood

    <3 mate is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    awww i love her look<3 laid back but still gorgeous!

  • naomi

    Where’s Sofie?
    it doesnt surprise me..

  • Smacky35

    Awwwww Reminds me of bolt.

  • Julia

    aw he’s so cute! doesn’t look a german shepard..then again my dog looks nothing like a maltese haha. mate is probably mix?

  • billythekid

    Ok I don’t think the whole sunglasses-at-night look is working very well with Miley. She doesn’t exactly have the sort of face you want to hide from, so I don’t get really get the point of the specs. Too many of her moments these days in the spotlight – wanted or not – have this look of a rocker trying to shun the spotlight, and I just don’t get it. I understand the occasional need for privacy etc, but she is slowly becoming a teenage recluse behind those specs on the one hand, and not being willing to be open to her fans on the other. I seriously see this girl as becoming withdrawn within herself.

    Personally, it’s a hard thing to say considering that she has been constantly open to attack and ridicule these many years, all the while under the constant scrutiny of media and fans alike. However, she chose this life and she really ought not back out of it now just because it’s becoming a little monotonous for her. I really don’t know what she is hiding from these days, but she really ought not to hide from the obvious fact that she has great looks and abundant talent. Embrace it yes, but not from beyond a dark pair of shades!

  • wut

    If that dog had a black thunder on its side, she should name it Bolt.

  • Miles

    Mate is WHITE german shepard obviously check for pictures for this type dogs in google and you will see…
    Miley is gorgeous and I LOVE her <3

  • haley

    yeah the dog looks like bolt

  • katie baby

    i think this pup is adorable. I’m glad miley loves him as much as i do :) :). It’s also nice to see a biggger type of dog with a celebrity instead of a little typical chihuahua or something. besides, i like her dog muchhhh better!


  • Jasmine

    Bellissima <3
    Italy loves you, Miley <3

  • http://google Selena Gomez

    bluh,bluh.miley is ugly!!

  • http://google Selena Gomez

    so stupid ,walking with many many dogs.hehehe.i hate miley actually

  • Miley fan

    heey, at pictures, they are with 3 dogs – Mate, Tex and … ?

  • idontknow

    What happens to all these dogs shes been seen carrying around? She used to carry around a yorkie, then sophie, and now Mate……what happens to all of these dogs?

  • tinsky

    dude, it’s spelled “german shepherd”…. this is why you have to go to school…. but who needs school if you’re already earning millions, right?

  • sarah

    it looks like BOLT and wheres sofi? im soo confused and the fact that she named it MATE “GOOD FRIEND” in Austrilan language umm thats a FACT for sure that her and LIAM are DATING! yesss

  • lili

    cute dog, it reminds me to Bolt too.

    but..could anyone tell miss Miley that white german sheperds don’t exist? people used to confuse them..they are just white sheperds…

    you can check it here

  • eva

    how adorable! is it just me or does Mate look like Bolt (the dog from the disney movie)?!? its super cute! & i love miley!

  • dsaf

    What happened to Sophie?

  • Jenni

    OMG its the same kind of dog as bolt! Ha i love that dog so cute! Oh and Miley is awesome dont care what you haters say i will always luv her

  • jonasfreak

    lolz i love that new mate!!:D mate is like bolt!!:D

  • zoe

    OMG CUTE DOG ..,. it looks like bolt

  • amy


    I feel like this Liam guy is in some way controlling her & she is becoming more of a recluse in comparison to before. I understand it a times, but not attending the People’s Choice awards when nominated & winning is a disappointment to the fans & very out of character from before. Becoming a recluse at the height of her carrer is not wise in this business because one can quickly become irrelevant, so unless she wants to change the dynamic of her carrer it makes no sense except for the Liam control factor. Sorry, but I don’t like the guy – something about him does not ring true.

  • MileyBrazil

    So cute ….!

  • MileyBrazil

    I want that puppy! So cute!

  • me

    @Selena Gomez: LOL, typical selena fan you are.

  • curly girl

    hey katie baby
    i so agree-wats with the tiny dogs when you can have the cute bigger dogs to play with!

  • http://miljanadinic miljana

    miley i love you!!!! i living on the swiss!!!!!!!!!!!! IIIIIIIILLLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE YYYOOOOOOUUUU!!!!

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