Peep Taylor Swift's Greeting Cards!

Peep Taylor Swift's Greeting Cards!

Check out one of Taylor Swift‘s new American Greetings cards!

The 20-year-old singer teamed up with American Greetings last year to create cards, stationary and gift packaging using lyrics and other sayings.

JJJ loves the glittery butterfly card. Inside it says: “Here’s a glittery card to remind you on your birthday, I’ll always have your back — and love you like family.”

Taylor will be attending the 2010 Grammys THIS Sunday, January 31 in Los Angeles, where she’s up for many awards.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor’s greeting cards?

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Photos: American Greetings via US magazine, Hope For Haiti Now
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  • Danni

    I’m so sick of this chick it’s beyond annoying now.

  • none

    This is a little too much for me.

  • Shannon :)

    I THINK I LOVE THESE<333333333333333333

  • your mother

    Nice greeting cards

  • tom

    Looks like the rest of the unoriginal greeting cards out there. Some poor sap came up with the design and she gets the credit.

  • steph

    love them
    you go girl

  • http://jjj Candy

    All you haters can jump off the cliff, nobody cares if you are tired of her or not….I love them!

  • http://jjj bebe

    All you haters can jump off the cliff. If you are tired of her why keep reading every taylor’s blog. Love them!!

  • magdalena

    can someone post a link to were you can find the cards ?
    I can’t find them on their website.

  • Ashley

    I like the cards.

  • Abi

    These are amazing!!
    Love Taylor so much!!
    I need to get these ;) x

  • Alice

    You haters can say whatever you want. I’m gonna buy these for every holiday, b-day, occasion. They’re great. And she’s great. Get over it. She’s here to stay so you might as well get used to seeing her pretty face everywhere. I <3 Taylor Swift.

  • Louley

    She is awesome… love her the cards are okay !
    Fuck the haters

  • Amy

    LOL at the bitter and jealous moron hating on her. Get over yourself, you are a NOBODY. She is a brilliant, successful, beautiful and well-known artist all over the world. No wonder you all are so jealous haha.

  • Kathi

    I love the her and her cards :D

  • carley

    these are so cute.
    and they definitely have a little bit more personality than some of the other cards in the stooooores.
    well done misss taylor.

  • danni

    I’m not a hater, just tired of seeing her face. There are more talented artist in country music and she’s completely overrated.

    And FYI this is a website for teen stars…not just Taylor Swift you morons.

  • none

    why is it if you have a different opinion that you are a hater? Does that mean if someone doesn’t agree with me I can call them haters too? Wow I just think its too much. If that makes me a hater and jealious then I am proud of it.

  • Emily

    The cards are so beautiful. <3

  • serena

    im loving it.. awesome cards

  • Anothernone

    @tom and none
    Just because you have a different opinion, it doesn’t make you a hater.

    I don’t hate Taylor. Her cards are just cliched, boring, and unoriginal. That’s my opinion. If someone said they liked the color pink and I said I hated it, does that make me a hater?

  • Misa

    She using her fame to sell EVERYTHING. If she keeps this up, she’ll be washed up faster than the Hanna Montana…. ( which is ending later this year ) . It’s the Truth.

  • wildcats

    @Alice: right there with you!!!

  • Kate

    i think that they are cute. Bit cliche but im gonna print the rebellion one out and stick it on my wall! haha. I don’t think shes using it sell “EVERYTHING”…greeting cards are something shes talked about before in the past.
    I can’t hate her. No matter how pretty and talented (lyrically mostly) she is she just seems so damn nice I can’t even be jelous. I think the celebrity world needs someone like her badly. I’m just praying that she holds off taking nude photos of herself for as long as possible. Kudos to her from making the most out of her 15 minutes. With any luck she might extend her fame time and eventualy grow into a country/pop legend.

  • Becky

    My daugter LOVES Taylor Swift. Her 5th b-day is going to be a Taylor Swift party. I was so excited to be able to find these cards. Two of the ones I got ( not pic. above) were singing ones, an added bonus. Love all the cards I got.

  • Amanda

    I love these cards!!! I just won them yestarday!! I cant wait till more come outt!!

  • kk13


>>>>>>> staging1