Taylor Momsen Doesn't Care About Being a Role Model

Taylor Momsen Doesn't Care About Being a Role Model
  • Taylor Momsen is whatever
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  • Brittany

    you go girl!

  • good-one

    Do you really wanna open up that can of worms, Jared? Are you going to trash Taylor Momsen, too, mimicking the celebrity scandal-and-dirt sites? Do you want a full-on confrontation over her? I would have her back, in such a battle.

    Taylor Momsen is being trashed across the Internet, over her Haiti remarks and that is politics outside of her responsibilities. I’m more than willing to delve into the threats to life-as-we-know-it by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton under the guise of helping Haiti, that is sinister beyond belief. We can go there and explore exactly why Taylor Momsen has been targeted for ridicule, but it won’t be pretty. I’m perfectly willing to stop everything else I’m doing, if need be.

    It’s up to you. Of course you could ban me. But I hope you see that there is at least one voice here speaking up (LOUDLY) for Taylor Momsen. She has been getting a bad rap.

  • lulu

    I like Taylor, she’s just being herself. We don’t need anymore role model, but girls who’ll stand up for themselves. Personally, even though she doesn’t want to be, I think she’s a better role model than most female celebs- she’s not 2 faced, acting all sweet in the camera and being a cow backstage. She’s admitted she’s not all that great, and she says that parents should keep their kids away from her. She’s cool, and came straight out with it! x x x

  • athena

    Well, Taylor Momsen is just young…she may think she’s mature, and she may be in some respects…and there’s many issues she isn’t mature on….so, her tending to look or sound ignorant is a prime example of her youthful immaturity.

    Don’t be offended young ones…this is a nature of reality on growing up…learning to be adult and having opinions no matter how wrong you may sound or be. That’s Taylor Momsen…and if she wants to claim to be adult…she has to take the punches that adults do too. No way should she be seen as a role model…and I agree with her there.

  • annasaurus

    She’ s just bitter she lost out the role in The Runaways to Dakota Fanning. As she should. As she should.

  • jessica

    @annasaurus: if thats true then thats just sad.

  • mac

    Hollwood Hollywood…so I’m guessin the girl has always been abit…different?a rebel,sort of?and I get the feeling she’s not plannin on changing a thing about herself based on the mere fact that she’s now thrust into the Hollywood spotlight.if that’s how she’s always been then I say it’s safe to assume she’s heard these comments of her not being ‘proper’ before…kind of helped her put up that kind of defense mechanism where she doesn’t give a damn…well I don’t think there’s much we can really do about that.I won’t lie and say I love her style because I don’t.I’m a tad conservative but she believes she’s got every right to be herself and dress and talk and act how she pleases no matter how much it affects anyone around her and I don’t disagree but I think u have to have boundaries.I personally hope it’s just a phase and she’ll come to realise she does need to watch what she says not always throwing all caution to the wind.I think that she’s someone who says what and how they feel and does whatever they please.that may never fully change…it is her after all but I hope she does come to consider…but I do love that she’s herself!

  • Samantha

    Eh, no doubt she’ll be doing drugs and stuff next year.

  • bob

    taylor is coldhearted to say that she doesn’t even have time to think about haiti and that she doesn’t take her role in the public eye maturely. she makes miley look prude.

  • good-one

    She should have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  • elle

    Honestly, I Taylor is a freaking teenager. Relax. She most likely feels sorry for what’s happening in Haiti but she isn’t going to hop on a plane and volunteer, and neither would you. Be honest. Most (all) of us are teenagers, the last thing you want to do is worry about things that shouldn’t be our concern because we are kids. Especially because it’s Exam Week where I am.

    And at least she’s honest. She doesn’t want to be a role model so at least she gave us all fair warning when a sex tape shows up. She’s not looking to be a role model, she’s looking to act and do what she does best.

    If only Miley would get right up and say that, then at least we wouldn’t have cared about the whole TCA thing.

  • lisa

    taylor is awesome

  • http://thetaylornation.com Chelsea

    @elle: Wow what you said right there was the biggest load of shit. Teenagers don’t care about Haiti or humanity? Where do you live!? You’re comment is the kind of thing that makes me lose hope for my generation. I’m 16 and I’ve enough of a heart not to care about Haiti. No one told her that she should “get on a plane” to Haiti, as you put it. She could’ve said she’s deeply sorry for the tragedy, yet all she had to say was “I have more stuff to think about.” It was exam week for me too, but I still cared.

  • Divine Goddess

    Eh, don’t like Momsen’s attitude at times, especially her indifference towards Haiti. Makes her seem like a hearthless b!tch. But I do admire that she realizes she doesn’t have to be ANYONE’S role model. She’s just a 16 year old girl living her life. She can curse idf she wants and wear what she wants. Celebrities are for entertainment NOT for raising your kids. That goes for even Miley Cyrus and all those other Disney stars that claim to be role models. They aren’t perfect and most of them are under 25 so they WILL make stupid mistakes. That’s just life. Parents need to grow up and start taking responsibility for their kids.

  • http://tutti.l.blog.163.com tutti

    she haven’t grown , i think

  • Jessica

    What a fucking tool. Acting like she’s something when she’s not.

  • legaminfrais

    if Taylor Momsen doesn’t care then why in the world is she talking about it to interviewers??! if you don’t care, don’t bring it up

  • Summer Anggie

    i dont care wht ppl say bout her, she still be my role model
    go taylor you rock !!!

  • elle


    She could have said she was sorry & I wasn’t defending her actions for being so passive about the situation. I’m saying kids are kids and they’re going to be kids. She said shes not going to be a role model so she isn’t expecting anyone to do what shes doing. Shes being real about the situation and that’s just her. I’m trying to try to explain her, not defend her.