Tiffany Thornton is Totally Texty

Tiffany Thornton is Totally Texty

Tiffany Thornton poses with Totally Texty founder Sarah Mullican at the 2009 Teen Choice Award Pre-party late last year.

The 23-year-old actress is one among the many of celebrities who are in support of the unique haircare lines formulated and developed specifically for teens.

Keana Texeira and THIRTY100 frontman, Ryne Simmons also posed together against their soon-to-be-seen national ads for the brand. Prior to the shoot, Keana just returned from Canada where she performed in 2-sold out concerts with pop boy band WOW.

WOW will also be performing a PopCon with Selena Gomez, Tiffany Giardina and Justin Bieber in February.

20+ pics inside…

Totally Texty Campaign Shoot

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Photos: Lesley Bryce
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