Zac Efron is on Fire

Zac Efron is on Fire

Zac Efron is going from drama to an action spy thriller.

The 22-year-old has attached himself to two of Universal’s new projects, one of which is a graphic novel turned action flick called Fire, Deadline and THR report.

Written and drawn by Brian Michael Bendis before he went on to become one of Marvel Comics’ top writers, the story centers on a college student who is inducted into a special CIA project that tests whether training ordinary citizens to be agents can be successful.

In addition, Zac is also looking at two WB projects. One is Algorithm which the studio wants Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nick Stoller to helm.

Zac is slated to executive produce both films along with his manager Jason Barrett.

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  • Samantha

    awesome. can’t wait <3

  • Katty

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this news! I wonder what the other one is about! I can’t wait for all of this now, I need more news!
    Love you, Zac, and you’re a great actor.

  • gaby


  • lic_merry

    Zac so Hot .. sexy omg!!!
    kisses from Mexico

    FollowMe @Lic_MerRy

  • Carol

    Can’t wait

  • fearless

    sounds cool

  • kami

    from that title the little kid fans will think zac died in a fire. lol

  • Troy

    I think this is a very interesting choice for Zac and its great to see him branching out like this. I wonder if Brian Michael Bendis is thrilled with this development though. I’ve heard him on a podcast called “Word Balloon” (which features comic book writers and artists) and he comes across as a little bit of a snob where movies are concerned sometimes. I heard him say he had his cable provider block the Disney Channel so his young daughter was wasn’t watching thngs like “Hannah Montana” and “The Cheetah Girls.”

    So I can see him looking down on a Zac Efron. But then again he sold the movie rights to “Fire” which to my knowledge isn’t one of his highest profile works (as a matter of fact this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it) so probably be glad to have Zac attached (as he should be) if it elevates the book’s profile.

  • mzindochick

    awesome can’t waitt.
    ekk. he;s growing up

  • getitupgetitoutnow

    okay, seriously..who cares about zack afron anymore? he isnt even signing on for highschool music 4: college stuck up. now he thinks hes going to do more “grown up” movies. im sick and tired of all these wanna be actors that come from disney shannel? like just because you were on there doesnt mean your going to be famous forever. plus ++ that girl hes been dating from highschool musickal mellissa holding him back she doesnt even do anything with her karear except get nood.. someone needs to start posting more about someone like justin beeber. he is a way better aktor and singger then zack is most def. i kno everyone agrees but they are too afraide people are going to attak them.

  • kami


    your attempt to sound “stupid” or like a 6 yr old kid is over the top. you went way overboard with trying to fake it. you must be from that b-i-t-c-h club site and y’all are majorly pissed off cause “zack afron” has two fantastic movies coming up which means he will not be doing any hairspray sequel. get over it. get over it. ha ha ha ha ha.

  • lili

    OH EM GEE!!!….GO ZAC!!!!!!

  • delia

    Hmm…. I love the projects that Zac has done so far. MAOW being one of my favorites. However, Fire…. I dunno. It sounds like Agent Cody Banks except that instead of high school, its college. I am more interested in finding out what Algorithm is all about. I wish him the best in all his endeavors.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    He definitely is on fire.. not only because he’s hot. XD Aw, Zachary is going places. :D I can totally see him as a dorky spy or something. Haha. Go Zachary !! *sigh* He’s changed so much since ‘Summerland’. In a def. good way. :D

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ #10, you showed me you don’t even know want you are talking about. you can’t even get there names right Zac efron and Vanessa Hudgens, they both are trying to improve there acting skills and are trying different characters in different movies, they are not doing musicals any time soon. Vanessa is not holding Zac back, Zac just made a movie charlie st clould and Vanessa has done two movies back to back. Beastly which comes out in July and Sucker punch, comes out march 2011, which is a action movie directed by Zack Synder who did 300 and watchmen, and Zac’s movie comes out in June. How Zac is really going to be doing several movies and he is going to be very busy. I heard Vanessa has some protects in the works. Zac and Vanessa are always their for each other and support each other in very thing they do.Zac and Vanessa are not teenagers anymore, they are 21 and 22 years old, they are growing up, so natural they want to do more grown up roles, they have grown out of HSM.

  • Nicki

    That’s awesome news for him, wow. Glad to see him branching out in work. I normally love spy films, so this one is some thing I’ll most likely see. Another film I’d like to see Zac try out for is a Heroes type show, some thing with abilitys yah know? I like shows/movies like that. It’d be cool to see Zac use fire. I’ve never heard of this book either, I’ll check it out. Two WB projects too? Wow. Getting busey.

  • muse

    Good to know that he’s taking so many different approaches in his career. He’s young, talented and def going places. :)

  • Bemused

    “getitupgetitoutnow”: You have to be really imature to have posted that comment. Not only do you sound like you’re a whinning 5 year old girl who doesnt get her way, but you cant even correctly name the people you’re making fun of.

    If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all.

    Stop wasting your time and everyone else’s by being too young to post something that matters.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I forgot I am really happy for Zac, he deserves it and he’s really trying different parts, he is going to get better and better in his acting.I think he is doing very thing right.I can’t wait for his movie, when it comes out in June.

  • piece of dung


    justin bieber??? HAHAHA, YOU MAKE ME LOL. you see, this is why JJ is a much better site. no immature tweeds. and seriously, JUSTIN BEIBER?? oh gosh….

  • birdie

    Awesome! I really look forward to seeing Zac in these future projects.
    There are a lot of good looking actors out there and I’d put Zac at the top but what sets him apart from the rest is his talent, likability, and humility that jumps off the screen. He makes you care about the characters he is portraying and that is why as an actor he is here to
    stay and has a long career ahead of him.

  • abby

    Oh this sounds like it will be great/perfect for him. Nice to see a former Disney star really doing something with their career.

    Not a lot of fomer Disney stars have done what Zac has done. I think its great for him and he’s well on his way to becoming a big star outside of Disney and all those damn tweeny boppers.


  • abby

    @getitupgetitoutnow: Justin Bieber????????? WTF PLEASEEEE tell you your kidding me. That little boy still has yet to hit puberty thankfully Zac did that many years ago. Justin is nothing but a child where as Zac is a young man. Please don’t EVERR compare the two of them. Zac deserves SOOOOOOOOOO much better.

  • duuumm

    can’t wait, but i bet it’ll be a while before we actually get to see the movies in theatres, as neither of the scripts have been completed yet. i love CIA idea. it just puts an edge to the movie. love it!

  • abby

    @duuumm: it wouldn’t come out until most likely late 1011 or maybe even 2012. I get the feeling both of these are a quite a ways out from being in the theaters.

  • B.


  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @getitupgetitoutnow: As many have stated, you sound very immature with your attempt at a comment where you don’t even make sense and can’t spell the people your ‘mad’ about correctly. It’s ZAC EFRON and VANESSA HUDGENS, not ‘zack afron’ or ‘mellissa hudgens’; then you go on to say that he is being ‘stuck-up’ for not being in HSM4, how is that possible? If you think about the title it’ll probably say ‘High School Musical 4: College years’ I think if they joined this project it wouldn’t even make sense because how can you be in college while doing something about high school, your argument there failed; he also didn’t expect to became famous the minute he quit Disney, but he worked hard to gain the respect and be where he is, I think if he did expect to have it so easy people wouldn’t like his attitude so much, plus he doesn’t ‘think’ that he’ll do some grown up movies- from the info jjjr posted he knows he will do some more grown up and has already done some, and Vanessa is not holding him back, you don’t get attached or rejected because of your partner, both of them are working hard in getting up the ladder and establishing a name for themselves so your argument against Vanessa is quite childish.

    Last but not least, Justin Bieber?? Really?? He is still a teenager with not so much acting experience, I think it’s not quite possible to compare him to Zac because Zac has had more experience and let’s face it- he is a better actor than Justin.

    So seeing from your comment, you sound like a child, so wait a few years when you’ve learned how to spell and grown up a bit to comment again.
    (Sorry for the looooong comment :D )

    P.S I’m glad for the new projects and can’t wait to see more info about them!!!

  • LG

    @getitupgetitoutnow: That is the funniest comment I have EVER seen! First of all it’s Vanessa Hudgens not Melissa Hudgens, Second of all not signing on to HSM4 does not make him stuck up, and lastly Justin Bieber?!?! You can’t even spell his name right. You are just….. I hope your getting an education. I really do.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    *the name of the people
    * to a project

    (noticed some typos)

  • bhelle

    @getitupgetitoutnow: lol .. who the hell told you that bieber boy is better than efron guy .. and btw its VANESSA HUDGENS Not MELISSA HUDGENS .. compare your bieber than our efron .. and there is no HSM 4 ,,lol!!! did you learn some spelling lessons?? geez man!!

    –im not telling i hate bieber, i like him but not as the way i like zaccy .. lol

  • Hanna

    Zac is such a cute boi! i love him and i am glad to see him in an action spy thriller!

  • babyG

    awww..goodluck Zac! xD

  • Pauline

    Wow! I love that!

    Four projects on the road, it’s awesome! I’ve never heard of Bendis before but i’m french so… But i love Marvel’s comics so i think he will write a good script without any cliché that we find usually in this type of movies.

    I have no opinion about the other projects because i don’t the directors or the works they do before but i think zac usually make good decisions in films’ choice, so i’m worried about the fact that these movies are going to be great!

    I like that these projects are completly different from each other. Zac is learning and is trying do make his place in hollywood’s world, so he has to do different type of movies to break his image, to show what he is able to do, to find a new audience different from HSM (because the hsm’ s audience is still teenagers for the most part). Then big directors will trust him enough and will trust in his abilities to include him in their major movies!

    Zac is a smart guy, he knows what he has to do to build his career. In ten year he will still be there (maybe whith an oscar or a golden globe)!

  • Pauline

    I mean : ” I don’t know* the directors or the works they do before but i think zac usually make good decisions in films’ choice, so i’m not* worried about the fact that these movies are going to be great!

  • Pauline

    @Pauline: I mean “i don’t know* the directors or the works they do before but i think zac usually make good decisions in films’ choice, so i’m not* worried about the fact that these movies are going to be great!

  • Kellsey

    This will be amazing<3
    I can’t wait until he really confirms it himself though.
    God I love you Zac!

  • pam

    It’s two projects not 4 – 1 with Universal called “Fire” (hence, the very eloquent JJJ title) and 1 with WB that is a combination of 2 stories that the studio was starting to work on. You people need to start reading the actual sources, since whomever wrote this entry didn’t even bother.

  • Jamie

    Bendis is on twitter.

    If you go down to Jan 22nd he mentions his movie star pal..aka Zac.
    I think they will get along well, he sounds pretty excited to have it picked up by a studio and he and Zac went round the studios together last week. All good as far as I can see. Besides Zac’s a huge comic book fan so they have a lot in common. It’s win win really. Most comic book fans have had a positve reaction to this as well which is cool.

    Fire is a really good book and no doubt with Bendis himself doing the screenplay, where the novel lacks he will be able to flesh it out and change it to how he wants it and you can’t get much better than that. This is the kind of movie that Zac really needs to break into and it’s a very good starting point. He and Bendis will make a good team I think.

  • Katty

    If you go to there is a lot more information on the movies. They sound interesting, I’m happy he is branching out but not going too old and losing his core audience. It’s very smart.

  • Boji

    Shouldn’t this be posted on the Main JJ page? Oh well, anyway, I’m really happy for Zac and he gets to have executive control, wow. This says alot of his abilities.

  • honey

    Yey Zac ^^ You are the best :)

  • gossip-girlssx

    @getitupgetitoutnow: LMAO! This has GOT to be the most pathetic and hilarious comment ever! “Melissa Hudgens” woww you REALLY know what your talking about there hun ;)
    And your on about wannabe actors (not aktors hunn) coming from disney channel when you sound like a 2 year old yourself. High School Musical 4? He isnt even in it, lol you make me laugh.
    First off, learn how to spell
    Second, get your facts right
    Third, once youve done that, THEN comment so people can actually understand what your talking about :)

  • tena

    That is great news for zac and that is probley why he has been so guit lately , he is a busy boy :)

  • lilli

    succesful,hot and pretty lucky.(->vanessa♥).what does he want more ..?

  • Latifah_jbfan4ever

    Yeaa go Zac, he’s gonne rock it out like he allways does best Actor Ever love him

  • Athena

    I can’t wait to see these films! He and his manager are executive producers….wow,what control…I wish the LOTS of success on these projects! Can’t wait to see them already!

  • Karen

    The getitupgetitoutnow person is only being cynical and wanting to make a snide comment to get people going. He/she is not uninformed or some little kid. They are simply mad or jealous over what Zac has in the works.

    BTW, great going, Zac! This is all wonderful news.

  • Karen

    This is from

    “I was watching this movie on a plane and I’d never seen this guy in anything before but he looked like this really interesting kid – ZAC EFRON. He definitely had some good moves.” MATT DILLON predicts big things for the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL star.

  • Athena

    Jamie, thanks for the info on Bendis. I’m not much of a comics fan, but find this project exciting for Zac and M. Bendis. I’m going to check him out on twitter. Thanks for the link.

  • nikki

    @getitupgetitoutnow: hahaha that little kid is annoying!!!

    YOU GO ZAC EFRON!!!!<3333!!!!

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