Joe Jonas: Future Washington Party Planner

Joe Jonas: Future Washington Party Planner

While promoting in Washingon D.C. to promote the 2010 Eunice Kennedy Shriver Act, Joe Jonas ran into Politico to chat about the Special Olympics, running right off the plane and his future White House job. Check out what the 20-year-old entertainer had to say:

On his early-early morning run in D.C.: “We got off the plane, I changed in the car and as soon as we got there, we ran. It was great. I’m excited to get the word out in 2010 for the I-Win run and Special Olympics.

On his future job in brother Nick’s Cabinet: “I’d probably want to throw the parties. I’ll go with the social director. That would be my job.”

Check it out below!

Joe Jonas: Social Director
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    aawwwwwwwww :) i wish i’d in that car :p

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    Joe Jonas the Social Director and my future husband. I’M KIDDING PEOPLE. I’m not gonna marry him. At least i don’t think. I’m trying to make a friend of mine paranoid. She pissed me off by saying that she thinks they would never date a fan and they only date skinny people. OMG I wanted to whack her one. Too bad she’s only online cause I would have walked out of her house and walked home if I knew her in real life.

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    @Mathilda: Yeah too bad. I was in that car. JUST KIDDING. :D I was not in that car, but that would be a nice dream come true. <3

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