Meet The School Gyrls!

Meet The School Gyrls!

Check out the cool new poster for Nickelodeon’s upcoming movie and new girl pop group School Gyrls!

Starring Mandy Rain, Jacque Pyles, and Monica Parales, the movie centers on the three as they venture through school and celebrity. The flick, written and directed by TeenNick chairman Nick Cannon, also features cameos by Kristina DeBarge, Pete Wentz and Justin Bieber.

In addition to the movie, The Gyrls‘ first single “Something Like A Party,” hits air waves on Tuesday, February 2nd and their debut album will drop on March 23. But that’s not all! The Gyrls also have a teen book series and comic book coming out soon!

School Gyrls will premiere on Sunday, February 21st @7PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

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  • 2bedatcool

    awesome i love ther song
    i think they have a song with justin too but there not gonna leak it

  • Alya_jb

    gonna watch it just because of Jbieber.
    but think its stupid

  • viviana

    ya tha only reason i wanna watch is becuz of justin bieber…. i luv him!!!

  • 2bedatcool

    its not stupid
    that blod girls was in justin music video one time and now she in the group on the same record label island def record they only put good ppl on that record label so uhm shut up

  • Kaylie

    Wow, how stupid. They should really just stick to Big Time Rush. Now THAT’S a good show.

    And the fact that Justin Bieber is in this only makes this trash worse.

  • Tash

    Omg it looks and sounds like the cheater girls. Probably gonna be just as bad

  • jessica

    this movie looks stupid and no big time rush is not good at all. i mean i was almost falling asleep just watching the new episode.

  • Anisa

    Hhaa i’m so gonna watch it
    i’m friends with jacque
    can’t wait

  • http://WWW.TWITTER.COM/COURTNEYXXX7 @Courtneyxxx7 from twitter

    Okay so the olny reason im watching it is because Justin Bieber its a stupid movie!!!

  • Denise

    I saw they are doing a show on therobredstoneshow .com on Feb 16Th at 7PM pacific time. Its gonna be on Ustream but the site above has the link.


  • Denise

    Rob is looking for questions for his show, email them at

  • Yemi

    I dnt think u should watch a movie just bcuz Justin biebers in it. I wanna watch it cuz it seems like a cool movie. N if u really think it’s that bad of a movie y r u wasting ur time commenting about it or is just the fact that u have no lives? :P

  • Brie

    hi every body!! i love JUSTIN BIEBER so much im looking forward to seeing him in SCHOOL GYRLS!!!! i can NOT wait he is soooo CUTE :) MY DREAM is to meet justin bieber HOPE it comes true!!!!!!!! OK I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER U ARE THE CUTIEST GUY ON EARTH!!!! OH, I LOVE UR SONG BABY LOL BYE EVERY ONE AND watch SCHOOL GYRLS OK I LOOKS GOOD PEACE OUT

  • brie


  • brie & jb = love :)

    the only reason im going to watch it is caues JUSTIN BIEBERis in it and i love him so so much he is so CUTE my dream is to meet him hope it comes TRUE!!! i love jb PEACE OUT!!!

  • annemarie13x

    the only reason i am gonna watch it is JUSTIN BIEBER is in it yay he is soooooo hot :)xx i lov him so much i would do anything to meet him :) xx

  • EW

    This movie is gonna be bad,especially since it has justin beiber and soulja boy ETC…stupid teenybopper fluff
    P.S justin beiber looks like a girl and sounds like one to…i cant believe girls around my age actually like him!

  • jbluver

    i luv jb n wen i watched him he was so HOT! good movie 2! :)

  • IZZY

    i saw the movie its amazing i loved it this is going to be my favorite girl group and there song something like a party is soooo fun to dance to there ganna be the next big thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jaciee

    Wow..dang i missed it..any 1 know when nickelodeon will replay the movie??? please answer i wanna watch it =]



  • school gyrls fann!!!!!!!!

    OMG I love the chool gyrls Jacque is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Does Anyone Know When This Films Next On I Missed It And I Really Wanna See It Cz It Looks Really Good Plz Reply xxxx


    Oh #17(EW) dont bother commenting if tht wot your gunna say i dont see why people do tht you if you dont like the movie or some of the people in it why are you wasting your time commenting it pethetic i think justin has a really good voice and i love his music and lyrics there great and have real feeling if your gunna put comments like tht then your just sad i mean wot has justin actually done to you he deserve good comments not some of the comment on here just leave him be its unfair xxx

  • SoccerChick0422


    your friends with Jacque, hook me up! I want to meet her!:)
    I’m a bigg fan!


    I LOVE that movie and i know JUSTIN BIEBER AND I HAVE HIS NUMBER its awsome me and him are lyk best buddies

  • SchoolGyrls#1Fan!:)

    OMG.I Seen The Reel Jaque Pyles today at the store ,I waved and she gave me her autograph and she signes my book and movie Iv’e Met all of them except Bambi though I hate her part >:(

  • http://Schoolgyrls Jacquefan2010

    Jacque is my age and I have a crush on this chick she can dance and is a bad gyrl LOL

  • sharkman

    I’M a boy yes it’s weird but I love the movie I LOVE Jacque she is soooo pretty and beautiful shes awsome and my role modol i LOVE DANCING My favorite music is hip-hop I’m in love with jacque. please reply

  • http://twitter iyanna

    i think that jaque girl did date justin bieber but any ways i dont blame her he is the cuttest boy i ever seen and shes not ugly though but she makes me mad all over him but im not a hater cuz im going backstage at his concert so it really doesnt matter anyways ttyl.

  • http://twitter john cena

    @viviana: justin bieber SUCKS! he is lucky im older.i dont know why you girl like justin? you only like him because he has money.

  • http://twitter amy

    well i love justi also school gyrls

  • Epicman1234


>>>>>>> staging1