Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore are L.O.L-ing

Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore are L.O.L-ing

Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore are teaming up on the American version remake of L.O.L.: Laughing Out Loud, Variety reports.

The flick follows a 15-year-old girl who, dumped by her more sexually experienced boyfriend, sets her sights on his best friend. At the same time, her 40-year-old divorcee mother is struggling to move on with her life.

Lisa Azuelos, who directed the original French version, is set to write and direct.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the Miley and Demi mother-daughter pairing?

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  • nathalia Braga

    i think it would be great!

  • AJ

    I hope they change the title of the movie, but if it’s based off the original they probably won’t.
    Demi and Miley are believeable as mother/daughter though, so I would watch it. Also because I adore Miley! :D

  • Prettigurls

    That’s awsome jj I would go see it for sure I love Miley. and Demii<3

  • tay


  • rachel

    no. they need to cast someone with talent.

  • Tiffany

    I love both Demi and Miley! Get all of Miley’s clothes here

  • lol

    That will be funny; Miley playing the sweet innocent girl. Want to bet she will pull strings to get Liam the part of the boyfriend in the movie. Probably the only way he will get a part. It has been profiting him so far dating her.

  • yay

    i think it sounds great, love both of them.

  • Margot

    I think Demi Moore will be perfect, but i don’t agree for Miley Cyrus… She’s beautiful and all, but we see her everywhere!!! It’s good to see other teenagers in teenmovies.
    And for the record, in the french version, the teenage girl is faar from the innocent girl ;)

  • sean92

    dats awsome lol butt hope she wont hav 2 much kissign scenes cuz i hate it wen my gf kisses anoffer dude lol :(

  • Mathilde

    It would be awesome ! I’m french and I know the original movie : it’s very funny and so true . It’s about teenagers : how they live with their friends, parents, boyfriends and girlfriends … This is the new generation’s life .
    I think Miley could play it well, and of course Demi too .

  • Mareike

    They do kind of look a like

  • amanda

    i love miley and demi moore.
    this is will be good story. yay … !

  • Mathilda

    they can’t beat the original, it was a huge & great movie :) very funny, i wonder who they’ll take for Lola’s love interest?!
    The title won’t be changed cause the girl’s name is Lola, and her nickname is Lol.
    I’m french, France rules once again ;D

  • haley

    I hope Taylor Latuner will be Miley’s love interests :D Or Kellan Lutz

  • rania

    I love Miley

  • Roman

    I’m fench too and i love the original movie!!I hope Miley will really star in the remake!I hope the movie will be kind of different too,not too different,but not the same as the original.

  • Charlotte

    I’m french, the french movie was great but it won’t work as well with an american version. We’re faaaar too different… It might be good but definately not the same spirit.

    Love your blog btw ;)

  • sarah

    Euh … sa va être nul si miley joue Lola –’
    Trop Mauvaise Actrice =$
    LOL est mon film Préféré <3

  • Sasha

    Miley you need to stop making movies

  • sam

    Amazing! I love miley and demi moore

  • Julie
    The French version <3
    The Best =p

  • Lauren

    i haven’t heard of the original, but they could definately pass as mother/daughter and they’ll both be great in it

  • Adeline

    I’m french too and i think it’s a bad idea to do a remake of this movie. I love this movie and the french version will stay the best, they can translate the movie and put american voices like we do in france for american movies!
    And I think miley is a bad choice for the role of Lola. I can’t imagine this movie as an american remake!

  • Aurianab

    I’m french! But I don’t agree for Miley in Lola! OMG! NO!
    I don’t love the acting of Miley apart Hannah Montana!
    But Demi Moore is a great choice…:)
    NOT MILEY for LOL please! xD

  • tena

    This will be so good for miley :)

  • Juliet

    I didn’t see the french version but what bother me is all the girls claiming “I’m french”. Really no one cares. Your only point is to show off with your “english skills”, not commenting on the film’s news.No wonder why people all around the world think that we, french (yes, because I’m french too, happy I said it?), are pretentious. Because your comments did sound pretentious. And of course they’ll do the movie differently because our culture and language are different. That’s all I had to say.

  • Joochi

    I love the movie, and for the life of me, I don’t understand why they’d want to remake this movie, it’s original. If it’s a money thing okay right! are they using her because of the younger crowd who’ll brainwash their parents to spend their hard earned money to see the movie because of her! Please find someone else then Miley, she’ll ruin the movie and what it I deemed is the classic. Please find another talented girl to fill the part and who is worthy of the part, not Miley.


    i reeeaaaaaalllly want to see the original french one… but i cant find it anywhere with subtitles :’(

  • mony

    Demi Moore has really fallen down the pecking order huh. Now she is starring in these types of movies. Sucks for her.

    Miley? hasn’t proven to me she can remotely act at all, so who knows how this movie will turn out.


    Miley is amazing and is a great choice..she is funny and a great young actress :) People need to get over her success and stop picking on her..Miley is here to stay..she is only gonna get more popular and get used to it. Miley has a bigger fanbase than ever ..her career has only begun:) Congrats Miley:) And to something positive with your life..all the hate you throw at Miley won’t make you feel better about yourself:)

  • jilly

    anything with miley in it will be awesome i can’t wait

  • Chiara


  • Kaaatyyyy

    LOL (Laughing Out Loud) is unique because of the french context and the actors that WERE BASICALLY UNKNOWN TO THE PUBLIC except for Crysta.
    Lola is one of those amazing characters that only has a SINGLE face and it’s Crysta’s. Same things for the rest of the friends…
    And Miley wouldn’t be as wild, perfect or lost as Crysta.
    I think they shouldn’t do it
    don’t get me wrong i like Miley.. but not for Lola.

  • naima

    Saying stuff like ‘no please don’t pick miley’ is pathetic.
    Let’s be honest who gives a shit if you don’t want her in it
    just don’t watch it and fuck off.
    haters are just lifeless losers.

  • yaymiley

    yay miley it would be gr8

  • mileycyrusrox

    no she doesnt sasha.
    cant stay stuck play hm for the rest of her life. sasha is goofy.
    jealious of her sasha?

  • Aesma

    I wonder what it will be like. American remakes of French movies aren’t typically great. They always chose films so French that they’re not remakable anyway. In LOL, the girl smokes pot, her mother smokes pot, a cop smokes pot. That won’t make it in the American version. One of the funniest scene is when she takes a bath with her mother who is horrified to see that she shaved her crotch (I had to change the word I used, it makes my point) : won’t make it either.

    Won’t be the same film, so why try ? It’s not like French were making remakes of American movies (except the odd lousy action movie) !

    BTW the mother is played by Sophie Marceau, not exactly an actress who has problems finding work.

  • Vic2763

    That the French would think Americans would ruin ‘their’ movie is no surprise. Of course it would have some cultural changes in the narative and humor palate. Miley & Demi would make a good pairing.

  • Adeline

    “our culture and language are different” I agree with this but in france we always watch keep the american version of movies even if our culture is different!
    It would be great if american people can watch the franch version of LOL, they would see how teenagers are in France, what is different between french and american.
    An american version of LOLwould be like every teenage movies in america.

  • ashley

    This is a bad idea. I can’t image Miley playing the role of Lola.
    I think the french version will stay the best. Who could ever replace Jérémy Kapone? ANYBODY. Absolutly not the same spirit.

  • lol fan


    I agreee!! Jeremy kapone is soooo hot!!!
    But not only, the movie is amazing. The song called “little sister” is SO GOOD… You should listen to it (

  • Anne

    Why do they always have to make a REMAKE of a very good movie (it’s a bad american habit)?? Why can’t they just release the original one with subtitles or with english voices?? Sometimes I think the USA are racist towards work of foreign coutries & really don’t care about them, very narrow-minded & selfish.
    I recommend you all to see the original version with sophie marceau which is great.

    And for Miley & Demi as mother/daugther duo they’re look alike & they would be great together.

  • celine

    @Mathilda: agree we rock ;D

  • alice

    omg, no way??!!? that’s soo cool. can’t wait. <3

  • TWILIGHT_fan

    i think the idea is stupid.
    i saw the orginal and it’s great and now they make it again with miley cyrus and demi moore? -.-

  • Peyton

    sounds really good
    Loved the French version, too
    Can’t wait for this :’D

  • yas

    the original movie is one of my favs, but i freaking hate the idea of making an american version, especially with Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore ): ): eww
    and i wonder whose gonna play Mael, probs some other talentless actor :’(

  • Ro0ona

    WOW l can’t even wait for the movie i mean miley cyrus and demi moore are in the same movie together wow that’s gonna be great love you miley and demi too good job girls

  • Lollipop

    @Adeline: totally agree!!!