Robert Pattinson Talks Tyler

Robert Pattinson Talks Tyler

Robert Pattinson runs his hands through his hair as he answers a fan question about his upcoming flick, Remember Me.

The 23-year-old British actor shared about what drew him to the film in the vid via Facebook, “Initially, I remember reading the script and thinking that I like the flow of the dialogue. It was just different and in a lot of ways, other lead male characters in other films seem like just a vessel — naive and ridiculously innocent, so audiences could feel along with him. But Tyler didn’t feel like that. He’s a very specific character.”

Remember Me, about a rebellious young man in New York City who has a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) ever since tragedy separated their family, hits theaters on March 12.

Robert Pattinson Chats Tyler
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  • Ruth

    First? Robert is a gorgeous babe.

  • Ruth

    I read the script back in August and cried at the end. Amazing script.

  • maka

    I love him

  • ryanefron

    damn hes one ugly suckling.

  • piece of dung

    ^ yup, you said it!

  • deen

    omg! love him! he is my celeb crush ♥♥♥ i am so in love with him!

  • Diana

    his hair is growing back! woohoo! he would’ve been so much more attractive in new moon if he would’ve let his hair grow out like this and waxed his eyebrows. edward is suppose to look the same throughout the entire series! i was pretty much obsessed with him in the 1st movie, then i thought he looked disgusting in the second.

  • ap

    New Moon totally ruined Edward for me so please don’t mention that dreadful movie. Rob is Gorgeous. Eat your heart out haters.

  • Ruby

    up…Robert is a gorgeous babe he is so my first celeb crush as well i just cant help it

  • kay

    hes british??? awsum haha

  • leeloo

    i love when he;s doing that thing to his hair! love him so much and i’m so exciting for new movie!

  • sonja

    Great script , wonderful actor and nice person and there arent many of those around

  • someone

    he is looking cute as always!!!

    PS please listen ti tayla nickson on youtube….she is amazing and so much more better than miley cyrus and the other disney stars(not tthat i hate them)….i dont know her but after listening to her songs i feel people should know about her…such talent should not be wasted…here is the link

  • angela


  • Ana Castilho

    He´s so special the brazilians love him!

  • Alycia


  • Madison

    I really love him!!! He’s sooooo gorgeous and sexy…
    I can’t wait for Remember me!

  • me.

    i will love him 100x more if wasn’t in twilight.
    actually, i was obsessed with him in his Cedric days.

  • xandra

    EEEWWW .. grosssssssssssssss …………..

  • clarice

    I can’t wait to see it I hope you do well.!!

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    i love you

    eu te amo

    yasmin de brzil

  • http://primeiraopao yasmin

    i love you

    yasmin brzil

  • Tayla-Jayne nickson

    Wow, thanks… !!!
    Very much appreciate it..

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