Selena Gomez: Taylor Lautner is Still Amazing

Selena Gomez: Taylor Lautner is Still Amazing

Months after Selena Gomez shot down all the rumors about her and Taylor Lautner dating, she still thinks he’s amazing.

The 17-year-old actress opened to KIISFM’s Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this morning about her relationship with the 17-year-old Twilight actor and BFF Taylor Swift.

Selena had nothing but kinds words about Lautner, using the words “awesome” and “amazing” several times.

She also joked about the philosophies she and Swift share about boys, saying, “[I'm] very lucky to have her in my life. [She's always telling me] we’re going to look forward to getting our heart broken, because now the other person gets the junk food.”

Check out the full broadcast at KIISFM.

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • mac

    Well they look sweet in that picture…btw did she at any point date Lautner?

  • Naomi

    I can’t even express how happy I am that her and Lautner are still close :)

  • Naomi

    @mac: It was rumored, but I don’t think they were anything official. They might have gone on dates, but at that point in her life, Selena wasn’t looking for a boyfriend.

  • deen

    i would love to see sel and nick together again. It is only my wish. Because i think they are perfect for each other, they are sweet and as i can tell they are excellent persons too. And about she and taylor lautner, I think they are only very good friends, it is what i can see in the pictures.
    And by the way, taylor swift IS amazing, love all of her songs! and love her too! ♥

  • kristine

    i listened to kiis this morning and it is OBVIOUS her and demi are not BFFs anymore.

    also…i think her and nick are back together :) they’re so adorable together!

  • mac

    Well,well, well…what do we have here?I was FIRST!well isn’t that nice…n thankyou Naomi.I was beginning 2 wonder whether these people ‘inter-date’ or smtn haha!

  • sam

    Selena always publicity and paparazzi with boys famous

  • Kia

    I love Selena… but she lies all the time.

  • LC

    she and taylor look so adorable, they’re like a match made in heaven :)

  • jessica

    I love selena shes such a good singer and taylor and her are a great couple there pefect for each other

  • tweet

    i swear i got so pissed when she didn’t talk about demi on kiis. i hate that they’re fighting.. i wish they could just make up already :\

  • koolkat

    @Kia: Selena doesn’t lie, she just didn’t deny or confirm anything. its her life, she wants it private.

  • musicgirl

    Naturally went Gold! Yayy!

  • nathalia Braga

    i love them!

  • Haleigh

    Selena and Taylor L are way too adorable to NOT be together! I’ve seen so many pictures of them together when they were both up in Canada. They always look like they adore each other. They better be together! =)

  • Jasmin

    From the beginning demi and selena acted as if they were best friends and nothing could tear them apart.
    They made youtube videos together, they laugh together, and made a movie together. Selena guest star on Demi show. They knew so much about each other.
    They said they met on the barney show when they were little and been friends ever since. Selena never even mention Taylor Swift not once as her best friend in the whole entire world at that time.

    Now when Ryan Seacrest asked Selena who was her best friend, she didn’t even mention Demi or even named some of her best friends instead of one.

    What going on? Why is this happening now? If there’s a problem between them I how they fix together. It would been sad if their not friends anymore. =(

  • lia

    wow selena ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS talks about taylor s always i can understand if you guys are friends or best friend but man i never heard taylor s talk about selena in a interview,not once man selena she is acting like taylor s is her girlfriend. =S

  • nevie

    @ Tweet:
    “i swear i got so pissed when she didn’t talk about demi on kiis. i hate that they’re fighting.. i wish they could just make up already :\”

    Really, Tweet? I love when people talk about celebrities like they know them and actually get indignant at or for them. I’m not sure whether you realize this or not, or whether you are so blinded by your irrational and frankly appalling “love” and “hate” of celebrities, but they don’t have to answer to you. Yes, they are in the public eye and are therefore exposed to the world, but that doesn’t mean people like you should make scathing remarks about them or cling to their images in a way that is honestly very disturbing. If you like or dislike a celebrity for either their talent or actions, fine, but try not to be so verbally abusive. It’s not attractive or healthy. Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but you should really think about it.

  • mia

    does she like him or does he like her.

  • team taylorswift&selenagomez

    Nick&Sel Always and forever!!!!!!!!!!i will love to see Nick and Sel together again”"”"”"”"”omg How cute!!! team TAYLOR SWIFT&SELENA GOMEZ

  • salma karina

    I love sel!!!!!!!!! She looks so super dupper cute!!!!!!!!!so happy that NATURALLY Its a HIT!!!!!!!Team Taylor Swift&Selena Gomez
    LOVE WIZARDS CAST 222222222222222

  • Liz

    Aw, I was so bummed when she didn’t mention Demi as one of her friends. :[ I was really hoping they would survive. I liked her answer to the Nick J question and I wish Taylor & her would get together cause they are too adorable! And she sounds like she really, really is into him.

    Pretty much she’s a sweetie, and I’d love to kick it with her just for one day. LOL.

  • Liz

    Oh & I think her and Logan would look cute together too. :]

  • hussam

    ALways and Forever Selena Gomez&Nick Jonas. It was a great interview ryan sel rocks”

  • cinnabon

    demi and selena seem like they are in different places right not. sometimes people grow apart as they get older and start to find their way. selena and taylor swift seem to have similar personalities, which makes sense that they would be great friends. demi seems to have a personality similar to miley, which makes since that they would be good friends. people drift apart…it happens. just because they are not BFF anymore doesn’t mean that they can’t be simply friends. it’s an awkward stage when you and your BFF drift apart, but that’s life =/

  • haley

    Sel belongs with Nick. Taylor Lautner should go back to Taylor Swift.

  • Rochelle

    I wish they still went out

  • Kim

    awwwwwww i wish they would get back together and i cant stand nelena but i luv taylena

  • Liz


    No! Taylor Squared was not a cute coule, they look weird together. TSwift needs to pick someone her own age, lol.

  • TITA


    “i never heard taylor s talk about selena in a interview,not once”

    She did: On her friendships with certain celebrities: “When I need to vent or have a rant about something that’s bothering me, I’ll call my friends Emma (Stone, from Zombieland) or Selena (Gomez), who can always cheer me up – she’s like a ray of sunshine! And Katy (Perry) always sends me the most hilarious text messages.”

  • alice

    OMG, i love them together. <3 selena gomez is my role model. xD

  • roxy

    i think they have always just been friends and never more but they are both great people so if they do get together then great for them but i doubt it more like nick but he is careful…

  • Millyrox519

    It’s a rummor people
    get over it

  • mahilovely

    hey selena u r very butful and cute and lovely.don’t fight with Demi.Be Taylor’s girlfriend .He is butful to.Don’t hide it.

  • ayesha kanwal

    sleena is very beautiful girl.