Demi Lovato Takes on T4

Demi Lovato Takes on T4

Demi Lovato poses with a fan and a gift outside her hotel in London before heading to Heathrow airport on Friday afternoon (January 29).

The 17-year-old singer/actress received the drawing from a fan waiting outside who had the portrait framed. Demi was so astonished that all she could say about the gift was, “Wow.”

Did everyone catch Demi on T4 this afternoon? If you didn’t, here’s a short clip from the program where Demi flaunts her “Hispanic” accent below!

10+ pics inside…

Demi Lovato – T4 Clip

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Credit: Ringo; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • amy

    Lol she makes me laugh x)

  • LC

    she always looks so white on the pics, but in the studio she looks normal…kinda weird

  • nathalia Braga

    she’s pretty but pale

  • LC

    yeah she’s gorgeous, love her style

  • Jenny

    Demi was amazing i saw the whole interview the host asked which JB she would like to snog and Demi thought she said Sh*g and was shocked lol but the accents were sooo funny btw i think Demi needs a bit of a tan but not too much

  • demi


  • Darius

    That accent was uncomfortable, almost like she was making fun of it. Definitely sexy though ;)

  • jessica

    lol i guess that was kind of a good accent.

  • jessica

    even though she doesnt even speak spanish.

  • Misa

    @LC: As an italian, ( and demi being half.) it kinda our skin complexion in the winter, so. yeah.!

  • Beverly

    @jessica She does speak Spanish, isn’t Selena the one who doesn’t? Which seemed kinda weird to me because she looks more Spanish.

  • ree-ree

    That’s meee!!! wickeddd dayyy, so glad I got to give it to herr :)

  • danni

    lol…love demi!

  • Zena

    Demi used her hispanic accent for an episode of Sonny once, and it was such a laugh out loud/brilliant moment! Though, it was even funnier seeing her do it in an interview setting.

    She looked incredible for this interview too! Rock on Demi.

  • swiftfan

    I dominate both languages (english & spanish) but as a latina i say that what demi is doing in this video is offensive rather than funny. I´m sure she has fans who are latinos as well,and it seems to me that she is making fun of how they speak…and F.Y.I Demi does not speak spanish, it is more than evident in her spanish version of “this is me.”

  • marissa

    where can i find the full interview?

  • http://deleted romina

    I am from argentina, and I found it funny!!! becouse is true. don’t make a drama!!!!
    demi love her fans of everywhere!!!!!! so we love you dem!!!!

    she got style!!!

  • Sofifreydel

    She´s so funny, looking gorgeous as usual

  • Andrea

    She looks so beautiful what a good gift
    love her

  • Diana DLF

    Ahhh nice accent demi´s hilarious :)

  • maddie

    she’s dresses a lot like Miley……wasnt she unique? what happened?

  • Juliet

    I really wanna meet her. She is my idol, since Barney. (Yes, I watched Barney, Angela ♥) Love her.

  • Luvd80s2

    @swiftfan: Go to L.A. and you meet alot of people that speak that way! I have cuzins who dominate both spanish and english and have that accent! I thought It was FUNNY and dead on! Rock on Demi!

  • danni


    Seriously! Her and Miley’s still aren’t that similar.

  • ashley

    she so beautiful!!!!!!!

  • bella

    demi she is amazing
    ,ella es la mejor ,ese es otro de sus talentos ,demi es una diosa pop rock and roll ,belleza americana ,es una diva artista innata ,talentosa ,tiene muchisima suerte disney ,DEMI PLEASE ven a latinoamerica ,se te extraña diva ,la nueva teeen star y la única que canta y hace reir ,miren la entrevista super genial ,demi I love it gracias

  • swiftfan

    I know there are people who talk like that (I am aware of that) and that is why it is offensive. It´s funny when someone like George Lopez or someone like that makes fun of Latinos because he actually represents us but not when someone like Demi (who knows nothing about latinos) does that… But if you like it well, that is your opinion!


    She actually has latino cousins. So really get your facts straight before spouting s–hit and while you are at it, take that stick out of your ass and chill the hell out.
    Love her accent.

  • Just Me

    wow she looks really pretty in the video

    and omg chill out im salvadorean and people do talk like that and it was funny dam

  • swiftfan


    ahaha yeah latino cousins…what like fourth generation that don´t know anything about their roots…and Demi can´t even say (“el baño”, she says “la baño” in PPP)…yeah that´s what I thought, I know what I´m talking about…and this is just my opinion if you don´t agree then just ignore it, because I am not offending anyone like you are!

  • MAry sue

    @swiftfan if you can’t laugh at the stereotypes, then you are taking yourself far too seriously
    seriously USA is a weird country where people are getting offended by anything

  • Luvd80s2

    @swiftfan: You’re an American who lives in America an is having a heart attack because Demi doesn’t know how to say bathroom correctly cause she don’t know her “ROOTS”! Im first generation Mexican/American and trust me I don’t go around telling people your not latino enough, and for your info we are not Latinos or Hispanics thats a stereotype given to you by the white man! go to college and take Sociology 101 and you will know what I mean! An FYI Im offended by your ignorance!

  • Luvd80s2
  • Luvd80s2

    @WHATEVER: Don’t be offended by Swifty, most of us can take a joke when we see one! Im surprised she hasn’t attacked the taco bell dog, since the voice was done by an italian man who plays a mexican cop on Reno 911!

  • Luvd80s2

    aww jjr you didn’t post my comment! I was only giving her the correct info for the term Latino and Hispanic!

  • Julia

    Hmmmm, I have those boots. Except I think I have the Steve Madden version and hers are probably the ones by Free People. They’re very similar though!

  • amanda

    she looks like michael jackson :O
    i like him, but she? shes just one more shits of disney :)

  • brazilliangirl

    Ok, what I just don’t get is: why is she wearing sunglasses?? It seems like night and she is wearing sunglasses… Kinda weird… Just wondering… Well, I’m Brazillian and, I don’t know, her accent was kinda fake, but different. I liked it :) Sometimes it’s good to see her doing different things like that…


    LOOOL. Your comment made me laugh. Ha. I swear shes such a loser. Btw, i loved your comment to her.You Put her right into her place. Stupid ignorant fool. lol