Alexandra Daddario: I Failed My Driving Test Four Times!

Alexandra Daddario: I Failed My Driving Test Four Times!

Alexandra Daddario stares into your eyes in this new shot from the latest issue of Alternative Press magazine.

The 23-year-old actress opened up about the Percy fans who aren’t thrilled with her casting, how she prepared for the role and how you can fail a driver’s test three times. Check it:

On how she prepared for the role: “I took archery lessons and did a lot of sword fighting and martial arts. Kicking wasn’t actually my strong point, though. But it was great because I got to do most of my own stunts, except for some really high kicks that I couldn’t manage to pull off. The trainers we had were amazing. I got into great shape, which I haven’t held on to, unfortunately.”

On failing her driving test many times: “I failed three times, so I’m glad I passed [this time]. The first time, I came too close to another car when I made a turn. The second time, I hit the curb when I was parallel parking. The third time, I made too wide of a turn and accidentally drove into a lane of oncoming traffic (laughs).”

On not being the ideal actress for Annabeth: “Yea, I’m aware of this [that there are fans who don't like her]…I understand that I stray very far, looks-wise, from the character that everyone had envisioned. I really hope I’ve done the character justice.”

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief opens in theaters on Friday, February 12.

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  • lovepj


  • sascha

    It’s not your looks Alexandra, it’s the fact that you’re in your twenties, yet playing a twelve- year old!

  • andrea

    in the interview she said she failed 3 times but the tittle of this is “I failed my driving test four times” i think you made a mistake

  • pouty

    i hope i’ll pass mine the first time! i’m nervous!!! eekkk

  • bob

    I didn’t like her at first, but after I met her at the Deptford Mall in NJ signing last week I realized she is nice and pretty and cool and just the person for the role. I think she will make a great Annabeth! Sascha, in the movie, the age of the main characters (Percy, Annabeth) has been raised to suit a more mature audience. I read that in an interview with the director.

  • CamTeeM

    she is a sweetie. love her… and uhm the characters in the movie are not 12 like they are in the book.

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