Anna Margaret is a Ball of Sunshine

Anna Margaret is a Ball of Sunshine

Anna Margaret sings into the mic as she premieres her new song, “Sunshine,” at Radio Disney in Burbank, Calif., on Friday afternoon (January 29).

The up-and-coming singer has two new songs featured on the StarStruck soundtrack — “Something About The Sunshine” and “New Boyfriend” — which hits stores on Tuesday, February 9th.

Check out our exclusive videos below from the set her music video with RD’s Jake and her acoustic performance of “Something About the Sunshine!”

Getting To Know Anna Margaret

Anna Margaret – “Something About The Sunshine”

Anna Margaret – “Something About The Sunshine” Official Music Video
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Photos: Patrick Wymore/Radio Disney
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  • andrea

    i like her voice but the sing is kind of… well i don’t know boring… but she has a great voice!!

  • Georgina

    Does anyone know her age?????
    hopeful new comer??? maybe ??

  • Anna

    I can’t believe that I actually enjoy this song a bit…it’s catchy.

  • 2bedatcool

    she was in the mcdonalds commercial sining the excellent source of happy meal in her lil girl band she been writting for a while waiting for voice to mature a litte bit and thease songs on the starstruck soundtrack are kinda like an ep for her anyway she ok her music is like jordsn pruitt and she is about 13/14

  • lulu

    Don’t like the song but she has a nice voice and is very pretty x x x

  • jlcdiver

    she should have auditioned for the role of hannah montana. too bad she would have been too young. she has a way better voice than miley cyrus and she’s a lot prettier. just putting that out there.

  • lola

    Wow… so unintelligent. Pretty though!

  • tonytiger

    she is HOT… totally
    song chezzy …but what do you expect from disney movies
    voice is great…at least she can really sing
    Gonna watch movie …just to see more of her.

  • athena

    She a musical friend of Corbin Bleu’s I think she’s 15 or 17 now.

  • latracia

    hey she is the girl from American Girl..

    i got her doll like 2 years ago and totally remember her

    She is only like 13 and she sings great .

    cant wait to see her in Starstruck


    She is absolutely amazing! JJJ When are we going to see more of her? She is so beautiful! And I love her voice!


    She’s from American Girl magazine! My friend was in it, and I remember looking through it and seeing her! OMG!




    How old is she?

  • catelynn

    i love sterling knight he is hott and danielle campbell is pretty

  • lamont

    bought the starstruck sounds track and anna is really good
    new boyfriend track is crazyyyy and anna looks so hot in her video cant wait to see her concert come to my city


  • ALEX

    She is 13

  • karina

    estipd girl bish

  • jbone401

    hey anna you totally rock. i love your music .you have a beautiful voice , i want to tour with you when i become a singer when i grow up.

    best of luck


  • Ugne

    I saw her vid ”somethin’ about the sunshine” and I thoght WOW SHE’S AMAZING. And she so is!!! She’s only 13 but her voice is great. She’s one of my fave celebs now xD

  • annm24

    The song is terrible! Her voice is ok but there are so many better voices in the world! She’s trying way to hard to be like other famous people. If she stops trying to be really famous and stops acting like others like Selena Gomez, then she’d be 10 times better!

  • bob

    her hair is sooooo beautiful. i love her

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