Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Robek's Juice Jubilant

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Robek's Juice Jubilant

Ashley Tisdale cuddles into boyfriend Scott Speer as they stop at Robek’s Juice for some smoothies on sunny Saturday afternoon (January 30) in Los Angeles.

After picking up their smoothies, the darling duo heading over to Blockbuster to rent some movies to watch for the day.

Ashley was wearing a Enza Costa Rogue oversize crew in black.

Be sure to check out the Itty Bitty Art SaleAshley designed one of the cards. Can you guess which one?

10+ pics inside of juicy couple Ashley and Scott

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • Matheus

    AAAAAAAAAaaa ashley is so beautiful and hot!! love her so much!!!

  • taylor

    I love how she’s been looking so sad lately, but then she goes out with Scott and it’s all smiles ;)

  • smiley290gurl

    awwwww…they luk soooo cute together….

  • VhuddyRiSH

    @Matheus: ooohh .. we have the same surnamee!! haha


  • Gonzalo


  • John

    she looks better smiling

  • Nicole

    Ahh! She’s adorable! I love her and Scott together! They’re so cute! :)

  • SSR

    Awwww…. She is smiling and glowing again!!!!! I am happy she has Scott.. I love her!!! :)

  • Courtney

    They are adorable together!

  • sunni

    their soo cute
    ther not the best couple but
    at least they act like onee
    ilove you miss tisdalee

  • b

    Aww I really like Ashley with Scott. They look so cute together.
    Zanessa and Scottashley ! =)

  • Shiko189

    they’re cuuuuuuute :D luv u ash!!

  • haley

    whatever…Nelena is much cuter.

  • lucia

    it seems to be a really great couple I am so happy to see Ashley smiling it just make my day
    love her SO much

  • cynthia


  • Jannii

    There she is…. I love her.. she is sooooo cute & pretty.

  • imo

    ahww cuttiee *-* (L)

  • amy

    As cute as they are, i think they sometimes they play up for the cameras. Its not really necessary!
    Don’t kill me please :)

  • maui

    so sweet

  • maui


  • bells

    ı think perfect

  • bells


  • bells


  • bells


  • miranda

    ı love them

  • miranda

    they are tooo nice

  • zaaac

    ı love ashhhhhhhhhhh

  • zaaac

    woooooow so coool

  • Marine

    How cute they are ♥.
    They play up for the cameras, they simply act like any couple on this planet. The only difference is that they have paparazzi who follow them all the time. You know hugging her boyfriend is normal, she’s in love with him and there is no reason for her to hide it from everybody, don’t you think?
    I love to see Ashley smiling :) she’s sooooo beautiful :d

  • Marine

    Sorry I made a mistake: they DON’T play up for the cameras

  • Selenafan.


    Really? lol ok then.

  • amy

    @Marine: Lol seriously?!

  • Marine

    @Amy: yes I don’t think they play up for the cameras. Do you have a boyfriend? It’s normal to hug your boyfriend don’t you think? The only difference, between Ash/Scott and a normal couple, is that there are paparazzi who follow them. In the street, if you see any couple together, you’ll see they do the same thing…

    @Selenafan: I don’t even know why you keep going on Ashley’s threat. All the time you post comment it seems like you don’t appreciate her. If you don’t like her, then don’t post a comment and go away :).

  • Taya

    aaaa Cute <ee
    very cute <333


  • Shiko189

    luv her 2 DEATH!! :D

  • Ashley T fan

    so happy to see ashley Smilnggg
    awwww look how Happy they are together :P

  • Ashley T fan

    @Marine: I AGREE WITH YOU :]

  • Joochi

    @Marine: My goodness, she is just posting her observation of what she sees as her view, I don’t think you fans have the right to be so obsessive and tell people to not got to Ashley’s site and not post, the site is for everyone to post so just read and move on, how silly.

  • erin

    @Joochi: Everybody has a right to post their opinion. Don’t say Selenafan has the right to post his/her opinion no matter what it is, and in the same sentence tell Ashley fans they don’t have the right to post whatever they want. It’s completely hypocritical.

  • amy

    Dont get me wrong im a big ashley fan, i just think its more real when they keep to themselves like for example zac and vanessa. I just prefer when there more reserved and save it for off the camera. I think the fact they have cameras following them around means they should probably show less PDA but whatever im not hating or anything, and its not really this set of pictures that back up what im saying but yeh anyway :)

  • Marine

    @Amy: Why when people are talking about couple, everybody brings all this Zac and Vanessa talk? Especially when it’s on ashley’s thread? They’re not the only example couple/’famous’ couple on the earth but whatever…
    Maybe she prefers to show more PDA to her boyfriend, I think now she doesn’t care about paparazzi anymore she lives with that and she has no choice. She’s not the only ‘celebrity’ who show PDA.

    Well you have your own idea, I have mine, we’re not going to argue about that :), it ‘d be so childsh don’t you think?

  • nina caplan

    love love love i want your love

  • amy

    @Marine: Okay then, i only stated my opinion. If it makes you happy i’ll agree with you, i was just saying what i thought about it.
    But yes there is no point arguing about this, lets just forget about it!

  • Joochi

    @erin: You know what, I’m not hypocritical by any means, it’s as easy as I said, each and everyone who posts on any of these threads have the right to comment on what they see and say what they see, It’s also not nice to keep saying not to post anything if they don’t like the celeb. Come on, it’s a public site, you can say don’t post, but who are u Ashley fans anyway, it’s getting really tired of you fans pushing people away just because they choose to say what they see and feel, it’s a wonder the same people keep posting comments for Ashley and do it 4 x’s 5′x just to build up the count of the comments, it’s pretty lame. People are always going to say not so nice things of your favorite celeb, read it and move on, defending it is just nonsense. I like Ashley, I don’t always agree with what people say about her, but it’s life, you can’t please everyone.

  • lily

    Love cute are they!

  • lily

    Amy..why do they have to hide it if they don’t want to? They are out in public..they can do what they want..leave them alone.


    LOVE HER!!!! <33
    omg they are the cutest couple everrr :D

  • ZJ207

    just so inlove!
    so glad to see my Ash all happy and smily again :)

  • zc

    so sweeeeeeet

  • zc

    ı love ash