Miley Cyrus: Not LOL-ing with Noah

Miley Cyrus: Not LOL-ing with Noah

Miley Cyrus heads into a studio with her younger sister Noah and their new pet pooch, German Shephard Mate, on Saturday afternoon (January 30) in Burbank, Calif.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Miley will be playing the daughter of Demi Moore in the new movie L.O.L.: Laughing Out Loud (directed by Lisa Azuelos).

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus heading into a studio with Noah and Mate

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Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: Flynetonline, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Lilian

    they both looks gorgeous, as always.
    i think mate is getting too big to carry, but he is so adorable <3

  • Aileen

    Miley and Noah both look gorgeous<3(:

  • tweet

    there goes miley with her infamous short shorts.. lol
    still love her!!!! :)

  • lovemiley

    GORGEOUS! I love this girl to bits! Noah is a wee cuteee too! I love you Miley!

  • Jenny

    Miley’s short shorts have grown about a inch or two in size lol still love her she lookes gorgeous

  • sam

    Beautiful sisters

  • good-one

    A shame, because Noah could have taught Demi Moore a thing or two.

  • lizzie

    i love how she still makes time for her sister (:

  • bebe

    She looks gorgeous

  • missdestinyhope

    YAY! MC is in action again!

  • kara

    i feel so bad for noah, she is so unfortunate looking and miley is dressed like a hooker like usual, don’t her parents see how she is influencing noah i mean come on, she has a child lingerie line?

  • LC

    why does she always carry her dog around? probably cause he’s such a cutiiie but he can walk?! :)

  • bebe

    since when is wearing shorts and a shirt mean your dressing like a hooker? I guess majority of teens who dress in shorts are hookers…

  • alyssa

    1. child lingerie line are you retarded? since when does that exist.
    2. how is miley negatively influencing her sister at ALL…
    3. wearing shorts doesn’t make you a hooker.

  • good-one

    Perhaps Mate is being conditioned to be accustomed to paparazzi.

  • meg

    They are both gorgeous:)

  • maky

    hehe i wonder if its a coincidence that her BF is aussie and her pup’s name is mate…like G’day mate? aussie slang…probs just me :)

  • jasmin

    She dresses weird. I wonder what her sister is going to be doing when she gets older.

  • jasmin

    But I don’t hate.^^

  • jasmin


  • http://justjared oliviaa

    hahaa. i find it quite hilarious how miley cyrus thinks shes all rebel and old now and she thinks she dresses like edgy chic/casual…and its really not. just a tad bit trashy. still think she has majorr talent tho.:)

  • justsayin’

    Why is she wearing shorts? It’s January.

  • Ashley

    It’s not that they’re shorts. It’s that they’re leather. She’ll learn. I hope.

  • lucy

    i don’t like her music, tv show or movies and i couldn’t care less about her but I think she’s pretty and the best of the whole ”disney business”

  • missdestinyhope

    @kara: since when does wearing a tank top make u a hooker dear? Miley is dressed causaully can’t u just admit that? Seriously, if u don’t like MILEY, STOP READING HER POST

  • rachel

    lol @ them thinking they look good. poor kids.

  • Nelle

    I’m tired of her. And her Fifteen minutes is slowly dwindling down

  • lily

    They both look like hookers

  • fearless

    hooker fam

  • bebe

    wow at the jealousy of these comments and no shes more popular than ever and shes been on top for 4 years now no one can repleace her

  • Tiffany

    @lily: look the word up before u call her that , she dressed fine, haters srsly need a life

  • Katty

    Miley seriously looks like yesterday’s trash.

    A few years ago, I was like, okay, this girl could be alright. But now? No. Dating twenty year olds when you’re sixteen is not cool, it’s a felony. Getting a tattoo when you are eighteen isn’t popular, it’s bad parenting. That Hannah Montana movie was a joke, they should have ended the series with it, because now the series is pointless, and the series got plain stupid three seasons ago, when I stopped watching.

    Her voice isn’t great, it’s average, and it is working for her now, but it won’t take long for her raspy voice to be known as just that. Her acting is okay, but okay doesn’t last long in this business.

    She is making all the wrong choices, and it’s not good for her. I mean, pool dancing at the teen choice awards was stupid. Dressing like this when little kids look up to her is horrible. It’s a bad example, and I know she didn’t ask to be a role model, but she is one, and she should accept it.

  • Katty

    (I didn’t mean to press submit yet)

    And, wearing those shorts is a mistake. I mean, when your pockets are longer than your shorts, you just look like an idiot.

    Finally, fine take than dam dog with you everywhere, but it’s a German Shepperd, let it walk! Actually, stop taking it with you everywhere, it’s not cute anymore, it’s annoying! It doesn’t make you seem professional where ever you are going, geez.

  • Anne

    Wauv, huge marc jacobs bag Noah’s carrying! It’s almost her size!

  • N

    gotta love them !

  • Nora

    she cant wear watever she wants! and lots of teens wear shorts!
    she is dressed casually and I think she looks pretty! quit hating and appreciate her talent!!

  • crystal

    she already said she named her dog mate because of her bf….


    Spot on Katty. Agree with everything you say.

  • missdestinyhope

    @Katty: in case u don’t know, Liam is 19. The only 20 year old she ever dated was JUSTIN. And frankly it is none of ur biz who she chooses as a soul mate

  • sofie cyrus

    Wow Noie is getting so tall looking like a very pretty young lady! Miley, Noie and Mate looking so cute in the photos!
    Everyone check out Miley’s dog Sofie Cyrus Follow us on twitter @sofiecyrus
    Teacup Toy Maltese Maltepoo Morkie puppies from CELEBRITY DOG BREEDER (

  • missdestinyhope

    @justsayin’: just because it’s winter dosen’t mean it’s cold in all areas. Here in Orlando, it still gets up to 80 degrees here. The only time it is actually cold in Florida is in the morning, and it probably is the same in LA too

  • Fish

    Miley is gorgeous she is gunna be such a heart breaker! but Noah omg the child is ULGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think one of there parents liked Noah hasnt got the same parents as miley its impossiable!!

  • Cloud

    i’m sick of BAD GIRL MILEY

  • Gabriela

    Omg, she looks amazing. Love her! :)

  • kathi

    I like miley really, but what is in the head of Noah and isn’t mileys dog able to walk?!

  • kym

    she does hav a child lingerie line
    there is even a post about it on this website
    where were u

  • kym

    i luv her style
    but i think she is copying avril lavigne a bit with the rocker combat kinda boots and like a feminine punkish style

  • dylan

    miley is my world and my roll model BUT HER AN NOAH ARE soo goregous Lol LOVE BOTH OV THEM too BITS ALWAYS X X !

  • dylan

    noah cyrus is realy hoooooot Lol .. but miley always ROXX. x x

  • dwekrjhv

    they are both hideous! hahahahahha! noah looks ugly!