Taylor Lautner Talks Valentine's Day

Taylor Lautner Talks Valentine's Day

Taylor Lautner recently sat down with TrailerAddict to chat about his upcoming role in Valentine’s Day. Check out what the 17-year-old actor had to say:

On his character Willy: “Willy is your normal high school student. He’s the star athlete. He’s got a beautiful girlfriend and things are going good in Willy’s life.”

On doing his own stunts: “I jump over one hurdle [on the track] and totally face plant. I wanted to give it a shot and they were worried at first, but it turned out really well.”

On how he got involved in the film: “I’ve only really done one comedy before and then I’ve been doing the Twilight films. I wanted to challenge myself to something new and there’s not a better way to do that than with Garry Marshall.”

Taylor Lautner on “Valentine’s Day”

“Valentine’s Day” Clip #1 – Taylor Swift & Lautner
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  • James taylor

    Haha And people thought his name was tyler shows you that don’t believe anything until you see it yourself

  • Lu

    Since when is the star athlete a “normal high school student”?

  • SAra hicks

    you are amazing!

  • faye

    goes to show anyone can be in a movie.
    she should stick to singing.

  • nikki

    He isnt that good looking.. if u acually look at his face… and plus he is barely even in the movie… maybe a scene or 2… nothing special the only way this movie is gonna make money is all the other HUGE star names like bradely cooper and stuff

  • sara hicks

    we should watch this together hun!

  • Alice

    She’s awesome! That was hilarious! Love her

  • xoxo

    ahaha lmfao!
    “you’re still hot baby you’re still hot!”

  • why

    i watched a screening of V-Day a few weeks ago and i SWEAR it is SO BAD! especially taylor/taylor sctory, they are so robotic when it comes to the kiss, i wanted to walk out of the theatres, i dont care there are al these famous people in it, it is a terrible story/stories, like a Love Actually gone horribly WRONG! dont waste you $$$$!

  • jackson

    @why, I wouldn’t be surprised if the film is bad, but it was still a good step for Lautner to do something other than Twilight. Hopefully, his other movies are good.

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