Joe Jonas Hugs Taylor Swift at Grammy Party

Joe Jonas Hugs Taylor Swift at Grammy Party

Joe Jonas suits up in a Simon Spurr white corduroy suit as he attends the Salute To Icons Honoring Doug Morris held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday night (January 30).

The 20-year-old musician was spotted around the party with his brother Kevin and new sister-in-law Danielle, plus rapper T-Pain and ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

E Online‘s Ted Casablancas tweeted that there was even a hug between the former couple, “Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas just hugged it out on the carpet. how Miley and Nick of them!”

10+ pics inside of Joe Jonas

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty, Adriana M. Barraza/WENN
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  • inji


  • Bea

    Ohh! Jaylor ♥

  • Noemiii

    I’m so happy because they’re talking again (: . I can’t wait for the Grammy’s tonight <3 Good luck TAYLOR!

  • suchacrap

    no no no!!
    wheres taylor put her brain. she said that she never gonna making up with joe. thats confusing me
    joe looks hott anyway, but wheres taylor?

  • winter101

    Just because they hug doesn’t mean they are dating. They probably forgave each other for what he put her through when he broke up with her. Taylor would be stupid to take him back. I am more curious about Taylor and Cory Monteith. They were photographed last night at the party sitting next to each other. That is the second time this week they have been together. Cory even mentioned in an interview that he has a crush on Taylor.

  • Louley

    Oh-kay Joe please leave Taylor alone.

  • juliaaa

    Awesome. It’s very nice to see them put their difference aside and act like adults.I really love them both.

  • janet

    The both of them are 20 years old now………..they have matured. In life, there is nothing wrong with forgiving people, clearly Taylor has forgiven him. It is not uncommon to start talking back to someone who you had a terrible experience with. They had some time to cool off, so just because Joe and Taylor were seen hugging does not mean in any way, shape or form that they are going to date again. Think about it, they work in the same industry and are at the same events so it’s better to forgive and move on, instead of wasting energy having all this animosity. Look at how many celebs even married ones have disgusting disputes but are able to be civil after. I do not see these two getting back together.

  • chris

    Kevin actually looked much better than his brother Joe. Joe only hugged her for the attention he would receive.

  • mina

    What?!?!?! That’s not good!!! How dare he?????? After what he did he’s acting like nothing happened! Well shame on you Joe! You need some ‘back in time’ to do. =@

  • rachel

    he’s getting more and more unattractive by the day.

  • @Raquel__

    Why is everybody against this? It’s not like they are back together. They are trying to be friends again. No one complained when Nick and Miley reconnected..

  • ceren

    NO NO NO

  • Just Me


    Jaylor RETURN ????????!!!!!

    I dont know How I feel..But I gonna say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They dont suit each other!!!

  • Trev

    I gotta feel bad for Taylor. Any time she has a picture taken with a guy or hugs a guy, she’s automatically dating them. Then when it comes down to someone asking what’s going on, Taylor can’t confirm nor deny anything for PR reasons. So basically she “dates” a new guy every week, which is complete crap because she has said numerous times that she is in the mind-set of staying single. Also, she is very much aware of what people are discussing online and she doesn’t complain because she understands that it comes with famous and she asked for it.

  • Michelle

    he hurt her but she was pretty hard on him afterwards so I guess they’re even and it’s good that they’re talking again, they are both really cool people and they’re on their way to being grownups, it looks as if they both have matured.
    happy for them :)

  • SSR

    They just forgave each other and put the past behind! They are just gonna be frnds now cuz who wants to be like mad at each other for breakup so long ago! I mean every star breaks up with some1 but they always remain frnds!

  • mac

    It’s a hug!!!are you serious?it’s not like they’re back together.they were both immature:Joe for breaking up with her that way and Taylor for letting everyone know about it not once or twice but multiple times making it a little much.glad to see they’ve seem to have become mature.

  • mimieux

    Aw I want joe to be with taylor again. Joe looks gorgeous and very dashing here. Could have shaved a little more though. I don’t want to see any hair in the beard/mustache area. ;)

  • mac

    It’s a hug!!!are you serious?it’s not like they’re back together.they were both immature:Joe for breaking up with her that way and Taylor for letting everyone know about it not once or twice but multiple times making it a little much.glad to see they’ve seem to have become mature. Though I understand where the people who are not pleased about this are coming from.

  • fearless

    joe pls shaaaaaaaaveeeeeeee!
    i knew he was going to have some contact with taylor, they are all grown up now;)

  • brazilliangirl

    “how Nick and Miley of them” That made me laugh… hahaha
    Well, it’s not a big deal… I mean, they hugged, just that! But I think it’s great for both of them, but I hope they don’t get back together… I think they both were really hurt the first time they dated and stuff… If they make up, I hope neither of them get hurt this time…

  • http://none judy

    joe looks verrrrrrrrrry hot

  • oopsie

    ok, I’m all for letting go of bitterness and maturing. That is THE RIGHT THING TO DO. I just hope they have no intentions of ever getting back together. It clearly didn’t work the first time. so why would it the second time??? now miley and nick are a different story….

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    ooooooooh Joe looks VERY HoT in the white suite (: awwwh
    ok it’s only a hug….not like there getting together lol

  • chelsea

    EEEP!! Yay i’m so happy.

  • ms. a

    im soo happyyy =) i wish they would get back together. but Taylor herself has said, she doesnt go back to old boyfriends once they have broken up. =( i love them together thoo :)

  • ms. a

    JARED i want a picture of them hugging =) lool.

  • laly

    Jaylor together^^


  • jonaslove

    A big part of why I don’t like Taylor, is because of her fans, seriously you guys are bitter, just because they hugged they are suddenly together and now you think Joe is the bad guy (AGAIN) they were both immature and the breakup is long forgotten cause newsflash, they’ve been apart for OVER A YEARR and some fans still make a big deal out of it, it’s not like Joe broke up with you guys, he broke up with Taylor, and she moved on, which is something I can’t say about most of her fans!! Jeez grow up

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @chris: Chris, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!! He’s way more talented than Taylor Swift will ever be.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @jonaslove: Whew. I love you. jonaslove. Thank you for saying that.

  • Kikimi

    Does anyone have any visual proof of the hug.
    I mean, anyone can SAY or TWEET about it but it doesn’t necessary have to be true.
    We had video footage of Miley and Nick hugging so that was obvious…
    For all I know it DID happen, don’t get me wrong, it would be nice if both of them would finally bury the fight and act normal instead of bringing it up a million times so people feel sorry and buy your stuff *cough*taylor*cough* or just because you feel like being a bitch about it during concert songs *cough*joe*cough*
    But I need visual proof before I believe anything.

  • Melissa


    How dare he??? He isn’t the one that did all the hurting here. Let’s not forget that Taylor publicly burned him multiple times.. He isn’t acting like nothing happened because you we all know that Taylor won’t let him forget it and Joe wouldn’t either. He is friends with all of his ex’s. They are aloud to be friends you know.

  • Melissa


    AGREED!!!! Fianlly someone that has the same thought about them as I do.


    ooowwww ilove tis couple :’(

  • Ella

    Joe looks like a Royal Prince in this white suit. <3

  • nikk

    I saw a video of Joe’s whole time on the red carpet during this and the only person I saw with him was T-Pain……

  • nathalia

    i’m happy they’ve reconnected

  • mandy

    nick and miley are cute friends haha

  • EMMA XX_JONAS XX_bieber XX

    joe shouldnt get with her again all the things shes said about him on talk shows an thaa monaloge :( an i would love a 27 second phone call off joe jonas would wouldnt love you joe <3 <3

  • siajonas

    bliax i hate taylor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i don’t want joe to date her again!!!!

    joe is the hottest guy ever!!!! i want him to be single

  • mrs.josephadamjonas

    how could that be??? JOE IS MINE!!!!

    even when he’s ugly he’s cute….:* ***********************


    yo this is so poping


    @rachel: lol


    @@Raquel__: no because know one cares about what they do with there life


    @shamilah: yo right he really do look hot in that white suite. yo I will bagg him


    @judy: yo I just said that I will bagg him

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