Miley Cyrus is Grammys Gorgeous

Miley Cyrus is Grammys Gorgeous

Miley Cyrus stands out in a navy blue Herve Leger dress as she arrives at the 2010 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (January 31).

The 17-year-old actress/singer will be presenting an award during tonight’s ceremony. Miley completed her Grammy look with a Judith Leiber bag, Lorraine and Ofira Schwartz jewels and Balenciaga shoes.

Miley‘s dress will be auctioned off after the event tonight to benefit relief efforts in Haiti. Stay tuned for more details!

Over the weekend, Miley was spotted out with puppy Mate and lil sis Noah at the recording studio — here’s hoping we here new music from Miley soon!

15+ pics inside…

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Photos: Larry Busacca/Getty
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  • Bella

    She looks pretty… but could have looked so much better!

  • leesha


  • caroldonato

    wow, she looks so great!

  • Krista

    she looks really pretty but a lil too much makeup.



  • Lesly

    she looks great and I am loving the dress :D

  • lolelole

    she looks amazing
    I always love the way she dresses, she’s great

  • anna

    yay first, i think that’s a cute dress and very age appropriate! kudos to her

  • Letty

    Oun, Miley minha diva perfeita toda absoluta *-*

  • KariDD

    what the fuck is she wearing? O.o

  • leesha

    @KariDD: uh a normal dress DUH!!

  • hellllooo

    frankly, her hair looks like a wig & the nude lipstick is not working

  • Anna

    she looks STUNNINGG .

  • azalea

    nice dress, she looks GORGEOUS =]
    love you Miley !!!
    she RULE

  • LUCY

    She looks totally gorgeous!!! Love the whole look from the dress to the hair to all that amazing jewellery, I love this girl!

  • Katty

    Finally! A dress that doesn’t make her look trashy, and it actually looks good on her. A little too much make up, I agree.
    I think she has a fat face, I don’t know why, it’s just not symetrical. Weird.

    I DO like the dress, do you Miley, for picking something that actually looks good on you.

  • whitney

    Beautiful!!! I hope Liam is with her!!!

  • Amber

    WOW I think that dress is AMAZING,GORGEOUS dress I love her dress, her hair and everthin’ she ROCKS =-]



  • me.

    o: she looks AMAZING and FIERCE! I like it! (:

  • Iliveinbeverlyhillz:)

    A little WAY too much makeup but love
    her dress :) her mom looked hotter than her tho. But I still love
    miles. Where’s Liam? He’d be her perfect accessory :)

  • aldi

    ewwwwwwww what is that???? hahahaha gorgeous??? yeah rigth is that ugly travesti looks gorgeous everybody does…. definitely fans never can be honest i mean she looks so gross and trashy, ewwww this time she look a real travesti, look at her mouth wth she pout like that try to hard to be sexy but you definitely NOT are sexy, hahahaha i just can laught afeter see this horrible and funny pics…. seriously i think that this is a joke hahahahahaha

  • aldi

    oh and btw wtf is that hair??? hahaha i mean it looks like a lion hahahahaha but thanks loser you make me laugh and i reall nedd it…

  • Anna

    Love the dress; she looks so pretty! And it’s something modest. (:

  • kicking&screamingggx3


    you’re just too much of hater to appreciate anything. really, why don’t you suck it up & go to selena’s post. oh wait, she wasn’t invited to the grammies. oops. oh well (:

  • Sam

    Love the dress!
    Hate her….

  • Kickingyoutothecurb

    Okay, there is NOTHING AT ALL wrong with the dress. NOTHING! The dress is completely hot and it looks AMAZING on her. BUT!, she can not pull off nude lipstick at all. That is what is throwing people off. Nude Lipstick has to be banned in this country for all eternity. It doesn’t work for almost everyone.
    She could have lighten up on the makeup but that is it! Everything else is amazingly perfect.

  • tia

    for once she looks STUNNING buuuutttt damn how much make-up is she wearing?! shes one of those girls who isint naturaly pretty in the slightest. Like without the 19 layers of makeup and hair extensions she really is not a cute girl. but she looks great tonight.

  • jessica

    shes soo pretty. and i am so jealous of her gorgeous legs. i would do anything to have em.

  • kelly

    she looks ok, but she has WAY too much make up on and i think she needs a hair cut, it looks like her hair weights her head down…and im not a big fan of the dress

  • hot mess

    She can’t sing

  • nathalia Braga


  • Vic2763

    Luv the whole look. Miley’s eyes really pop against the background.

  • Justzgirl

    Miley looks BEAUTIFUL as always
    She’s so pretty
    And im really happy to see her helping out Haiti so much!

    and all the haters DONT BE JEALOUS , leave her alone

  • Cassidy

    @hot mess: Yes she can sing.


    SHE’S beautiful.

  • missdestinyhope

    Awww, Miley looks so pretty and natrual even the HATERS CAN’T STAND IT. Oh well, They’re the reasons why she’s one of the MOST TALKED ABOUT CELEBRITY ON THIS SITE. Why don’t haters just get a LIFE?

  • midishd

    wow miley just looks STUNNING! love that dress, hair, makeup, everything. PERFECT.

    AND WTF with the haters? they keep telling lies, exagerating like: oh her hair looks like a lion, when is NOT. so, you haters failed tonight cause she looks GORGEOUS. stop defecting her
    you are all saying things you know it’s not true, haters. She does looks wonderful but you can’t admit it. so shut up ok

  • Cassidy

    @tia: She IS naturally pretty. Are you blind?!

  • MissMileysFan1

    OH MY CYRUS! I am watching the grammy awards in streaming on internet just ’cause I wanted to see her <3
    And here it is about 4 am xD
    You rock, Miley!

  • rachel

    if she lost 5 layers of makeup and took out the ratty extensions, she would actually look nice.

  • sarah

    Her lips are effed up, what the hell is wrong with them? eeew

  • oh yeah! Your mom.

    You pown bby.
    haha honestly @aldi someone needs to stop drinking her haterade.
    && release all the anger in hatred in her heart and let in some wonderful
    trust me bby girl it’ll make you a better person.
    Overall the dress is PURE PERFECTION.
    shoes are GREAT.
    Make-up well let’s just say does not look GOOD on her completion.
    Then that makes her hair look messy.
    but in CONCLUSION Miley Cyrus is an inspiration && a beautiful talented young lady && hope her all the BEST.

  • just me

    ok i love her dress, her hair, and basically her outfit….but dude she needs to tone down her make-up she looks unlike her age (she looks in her late 20′s or early 30′s). but i can understand that she wants to grow up quickly and will realize soon enough that being in the teens is an awesome age (haha i should know my parents keep telling me to stay my age and treasure it because once you get older it’s way to fast).

  • Megan

    both and miley and her mom look gorgeous!! mileys dress is stunning!!! and she deff got her good looks from her mom(: tish looks greatt!!

  • Goosip Girl

    U know what’s wierd? People like Miley and Demi don’t need tons of make up, but they ware three layers of it any ways. But Miley still looks gr8t, but her make-up artist needs to be fired RIGHT A WAY. WAY TOO OVER THE TOP.

  • mileylover33

    what are you guys talking about? her makeup looks really good, as does the rest of her!

  • Katie

    she looks GORGEOUS

  • bruno

    shee looks insane HOT! we all love u mileyy

  • jenna

    Fierce fierce fierce. Love her.

  • Nessa:)

    She looks pretty i really love the dress:)
    im starting to Like her again also goes for Taylor Swift….but yea had a problem with them before but they better not ruin it for me haha b