Taylor Swift: White Horse Grammy Winner!

Taylor Swift: White Horse Grammy Winner!

Taylor Swift is shocked as she accepts the award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance during the pre-telecast presentations at the 2010 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (January 31).

The 20-year-old musician, wearing a mauve Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress, shared in her speech, “This is my first Grammy, you guys! I mean, this is a Grammy! I live in awe of the people I was nominated with in this category…and thank you to anyone who was a Grammy voter and decided it might be a good idea to vote for me for this because I’m so happy. Thank you so much.”

Taylor‘s “White Horse” also won for Best Country Song.

15+ pics inside of Taylor at last night’s party plus this afternoon. More to come later in the night!

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Photos: Larry Busacca/Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty, Adriana M. Barraza/WENN
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  • http://twitter.com/eliizaabeet Andrea(:

    Yay! she deserves it!!

  • jess love jb



  • faye

    @jess love jb: totally agree with you, carrie underwood is mos def the best!

  • imo

    White Horse is a great song…it was even on Grey’s Anatomy.
    And she’s not shocked. She’s excited. Good for you Taylor. Luv ya

  • Bob

    I’m sick of her oh my gosh I didn’t see this coming act. She didn’t deserve any of those two or any awards she’s up for tonight. Carrie Underwood should of won. She can actually sing.

  • Julia

    Heck yeah she was shocked! That award shouldn’t have gone to her!! White Horse wasn’t even popular. Carrie out sang everyone in that category with Just A Dream. Taylor’s voice is mediocre at best. What is this music world coming to? You would never have seen Britney Spears win a Female Vocalist award no matter how popular she was back in the day.

  • elle

    Awwww, I wanted to be surprised ! The show is coming on in an hour! I hope JustJared doesn’t keep posting the winners. I really wanted to be surprised. :(

    It’s alright though. I’m so happy for her! Even though there are better vocalists out there, i’m happy to see she won an award.

  • Misa

    @faye: Me too. all the country fans KNOW taylor’s a joke compared to carrie underwoods.Sorry.

  • jonaslove

    there are better songs, and DEFINITELY better vocalists, but congrats I guess!! Red carpet is AMAZING though, I saw GAGA looking great as always now I’m just waiting for the Jonas boys<3

  • Heathter

    yay! congrats taylor!!

  • Anna

    favorite female VOCALS?!?!?!

  • Ann

    I love Taylor Swift

  • sam

    hahaha to all the haters.

  • jen

    I can not believe she won for best female VOCAL performance again!! It was bad enough at the CMA’s and now again at the Grammy’s??! It’s such an insult to the other ladies nominated who can sing circles around Taylor. They should be pissed.

  • Smacky35

    Yay Taylor! White horse is my fave song of hers!

  • anonymous

    I’m so happy for her, this is one celebrity that I feel completely happy for every time she wins an award, almost as if she is a friend. Good work Taylor, you deserved it. Hope you pick up a few more of those grammy awards!

  • alyson

    She’s so annoying
    she didn’t even deserve either of those awards.
    Carrie Underwood blows her out of the water.
    I hate how this girl gets catered.
    She doesn’t even have a good voice.

  • emele

    Is she dating that Cory guy? this is the second time i’ve seen them together, and they look very coupley. they would make a cute couple.

  • carly

    oh my gosh if she wins one more thing im goona vomit

  • nathalia Braga

    she deserves it!! i love her!

  • Justzgirl

    Well what can i say???
    Taylor is an AWESOME girl
    and she deserved it!

    She looked STUNNING as always
    Keep it up girl!

  • Kirreii

    I’m kind of annoyed that Taylor is winning all these awards just because she’s Taylor Swift. :P
    I mean, she’s talented and her voice is pretty good, but for a grammy? Honestly, like everyone said, Carrie Underwood has much better vocals than this girl (not bashing her or anything). I just think that she is way too advertised.
    Taylor fans, please don’t start bashing and hating me and saying that I’m jealous of her. Her voice is 20 times better than mine anyways…but I’m just stating my opinion :)

  • http://twitter.com/hi_itsmelissa Melissaa

    Why are you guys being so mean to Taylor?? She’s, like, the youngest girl ever to be nominated for 8 awards, so just leave her alone. Carrie Underwood has been doing this for a longer time, so people think that Taylor should have her chance in the spotlight! Congrats, Taylor!! You totally deserve it!! Love ya. :D

  • just me

    I love taylor swift’s songs and all but i can see what people mean when they say that carrie underwood should’ve won because she has a strong vocal range and taylor swift does have a mediocre voice. She probably should’ve won for best country written songs (if they have one) cause i love her songs, with all her songs it has this story that she’s telling to everyone that can relate somewhat to your own. But i’m happy for her and she really looked very shocked with all the pictures, she definitely wasn’t expecting it.

  • fearless

    they make a cute couple and all of you are a bunch of jealous losers

  • Ashley

    You guys white horse won best song for songwriting. Taylor definitly deserved it Carrie has never written a song by herself. I do believe Carrie has a good voice but Taylor does too.

  • Roxy


  • dawNessa

    cOngrats! you deserve it taylor..! labyah!(:

  • jbd

    i agree when you say she’s getting all the awards just because she’s taylor swift.
    i’m not saying she isn’t talent or anything, i just think that there are better singers out there.
    but the grammy’s aren’t what they used to be, so i didn’t even watch it anymore. i feel that now it’s more about who’s more popular and will get more people watching the award show than who truly has the best song/album/voice…

  • swiftfan

    congrats to Taylor!…White horse certainly is a song that deserves a Grammy.

  • gloria

    taylor for vocals?
    big joke alright.
    see even she’s shocked.
    She can’t sing, much less have vocals!
    this belonged to carrie.
    i agree she deserved the album of the year, but definitely not THIS.

  • paulc

    that’s a mauve dress? someone really needs their eyes testing…

  • juan

    You have a point; but this is not a congeniality contest. Listen to the last minute and a half on “Just A dream” by carrie underwood , and anyone with a right head on their shoulders knows she should have been the winner hands down.

>>>>>>> staging1