Check out the Valentine's Day Soundtrack

Check out the Valentine's Day Soundtrack
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  • ?!mwaaa

    omg on the zac and vanessa thing i so badly wish there were pictures of that, that would be awesome
    and what did they mean by ‘roommate’?

  • cherry-pick

    We have the Academy Awards coming up, and the Olympics and the release of The Runaways, soon. What exciting times we live in.

  • ZanessaTwilightX

    Aw, Vanessa haha she’s great !
    I love her so much<3.

  • nikki

    AWW the zanessa thing :)

  • kami

    how did the tweet of “vanessa hudgens hit me with her skateboard” turn into “Vanessa even ran over someone with her skateboard” ????

    hitting someone and running over someone are two totally different things. now i can see how rumors get started and grow and grow and grow. soon zac and vanessa’s friends will stop tweeting about them.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)


    Love them! ♥

  • Katty

    I wish we had more pix… it’s good news hearing they are hanging out, though. So, those rumor starters won’t begin saying they are done.

    I want news on V’s movies!

  • Tiffany

    Im so excited about this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get all of the charaters clothes in this movie at

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @?!mwaaa: I think jjjr probably meant sterling and Ryan as being roomates, that’s probably what it was, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…

    I wouldve loved to see pictures of that but then again I’m also glad they get their privacy, but whatever, tweets are good too

    <3 zanessa

  • Katty


    Ryan and Sterling are roommates who are their friends. Understand the wording? It was a little weird. No, Zac and Vanessa don’t live with eachother or them.

  • Joochi

    @kami: I know right! It seems that JJJ are somehow causing rumors when it concerns Vanessa due to they know she gets the most hits on his site, I think it’s really pathetic for them to use her that way, it’s also a wonder that people posting always post hate comments toward her because of the wording on the captions and the story.

    Sorry Kami, I just needed to express my feelings for I’ve been seeing this for so long and I feel that it’s unfair towards Vanessa and her fans that she should be targeted like that.

  • zagiuly

    wao!! w zanessa i wish there were picture of that

  • jhazmne

    @kami who tweet about that?..

  • amelia25

    Sounds like a happy time for Vanessa and Zac!

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