Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone & Anna Kendrick: Vanity Fair Vixens

Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone & Anna Kendrick: Vanity Fair Vixens

Emma Stone peeks behind Anna Kendrick to flash a smile to the camera in this behind-the-scenes shoot from their March 2010 Vanity Fair cover shoot.

Dolled up in J. Mendel dresses and David Yurman jewels, the girls of up-and-coming Hollywood tell the magazine where they come from and just where their going.

Emma‘s bit: “Emma Stone, 21, emerged from the Judd Apatow comedy crew, having held her own in Superbad, as Jonah Hill‘s way-cool, super-smokin’ home-ec partner, and she struck gold with Zombieland. But her comedy credentials go all the way back to Arizona, where she grew up idolizing Gilda Radner and Molly Shannon and cut her teeth with a local theater troupe. At age 15”after giving her parents a PowerPoint presentation about ditching high school for a career in acting”she left with her mother for Hollywood, where she grew into that alluring raspy voice and the Jessica Rabbit looks.”

Others featured in the March 2010 issue include Kristen Stewart, Evan Rachel Wood, Abbie Cornish, Mia Wasikowska, Amanda Seyfried, Carey Mulligan and Rebecca Hall. 10+ pics inside…

Vanity Fair March 2010 Behind-The-Scenes Cover Shoot

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Photos: Krista Smith/Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair
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  • nathalia

    first?? looooved them

  • Sarah22

    Kristen on the cover…STUNNING!

  • nathalia

    i meant **love and not loved haha (:

  • danigirl806



    omg! I LOVE SO MUCH *-*

  • honey

    Anna Kendrick and Amanda Seyfried are my favorities :)
    Kristen Stuart looks totally bored in all the pictures, can´t she smile once??
    And where is Vanessa Hudgens??

  • peggy

    Where is Gabe a surefire Oscar nominee, or Zoe Zaldana. I could go on.

    Where’s Vanessa Hudgens – with 2 major films coming out by two major directors one of which with Abbie Cornish, raves for her performance in Bandslam and major covers this year (Allure, In Style) Inc.

    This issue is “YOUNG WHITE HOLLYWOOD” they should have had te guts to call it what it is.

    I wrote the editor

  • olivia

    kristen’s legs looks sooo sexy……….she is sooo lucky to be bella swan

  • russian girl

    GREAT cover!
    Kristen Stewart and Carey Mulligan has sooo interesting, beautiful and smart faces.
    Perfect choice.

  • Celia

    It’s definitely fair alright. Not one minority included at all.
    They usually try to include at least one token black or hispanic actor, but not this time. :(

  • c

    Kristen, Anna e Carey are beautiful.

  • good-one

    “… she struck gold with Zombieland.”

    Yeah. She did.

  • joboots


    V still has a ways to break from her HSM image,IMO!!!

  • annasaurus

    @honey: Sadly the world does not revolve around Vanessa Hudgens. She’s not in the new wave of Hollywood and like joboots says, she’s a long ways away from breaking free of HSM.

  • annasaurus

    @Celia: Are you serious? This is Vanity Fair. Just look at the previous young hollywood issues.

  • xxx

    What major movies does Vanessa have coming out? Beastly? That isn’t major. She hasn’t broken out of Disney yet. Neither has Ashley Tisdale and all the HSM lot.

    Abbie has been the next big thing for a while. Everyone knows why Kristen and Amanda are there. Emma Stone seems to be up and coming as does Carey and Rebecca. Anna is getting great reviews for Up in the Air. Mia has Alice In Wonderland. Don’t know why Evan is there though.

    What black actresses could be on the cover? Gabourey Sidibe? Can’t imagine her on the cover.

  • annasaurus

    @peggy: Vanessa Hudgens’ 2 major films are not nearly the critically acclaimed fare that the young ladies on the cover have done. One’s a teenybopper version of Beauty/The Beast which we don’t need and the other is a mishmash of 300 but with girls. Gabe has only been in 1 film and Zoe Saldana is too old, she’s 31, and the oldest girls on the cover are 27.

  • Jess

    Kisten is the more best of all!! she is unic!!!

  • mony

    Vanessa Hudgens? No she isn’t near these bunch, she has to break from the HSM image and she hasn’t done much to do that. She has some ways to go. Although Emma stone hasn’t done much for me either, but I don’t choose them.

    Mia is definately the one to watch out for this year out of that bunch. Amanda Seyfried is another one I like.

  • ninnia

    I like Amanda Sayfried, Carey Mulligan and especially Kristen Stewart.
    She is amazing.

  • honey

    No one would recognize Kristen Stewart if it werent´t for twilight….and i think there is no great difference between twilight-fame and hsm-fame.
    But correct me if i´m wrong……nessa and selena gomez were recently featured in a vanity fair issue, weren´t they? Maybe thats the reason why nessa isnt on the front page with all the others ;) (jjj also posted about this photoshoot)

    For Amanda Seyfried and Anna Kendrick: i like those two, they are pretty and both very talented girls :)

  • mka

    Vanity Fair doesn’t have a great track record with its predictions… Will be interesting to see which of these young women has a lasting career and which ones will fade away. Versatility and intelligence are absolutely key. Abbie, Mia, Carey, and Amanda are some of the ones who are likely to remain prominent in five years.

  • annasaurus

    @honey: The difference is that Kristen Stewart is a legitimate actress who gets recognized by the critics for other works outside of the franchise both before/after she did it, like Into The Wild and Welcome to the Rileys.

    Your Lochness may have been featured in Vanity Fair but she is no way considered by the people who matter to be in the next wave of up/coming actresses.

  • annasaurus

    How many times has Kristen Stewart been on the cover of Vanity Fair? 2
    How many times has Vanessa Hudgens’ nudes been leaked? 2

  • Celia


    I did and I noticed at least one minority in every picture.

  • Celia


    Hey Peggy, I wrote the editor too. But I have to disagree with you about Vanessa Hudgens. I think Mila Kunis would’ve been a better choice.

  • honey


    i don´t care what you think…..the only person on this cover i can´t stand is kristen stewart…she can´t act, she always makes the same face in the twilight movies (strange look, mouth open)…and oh my good her hair..

    I do like most of the other girls and i only said that i wished nessa was on this thing too…theres no need to be so aggressiv against her or persons who say their opion about the cover

  • Zoe***

    They are all beautiful, but all the girls are white!!!
    what the heck….there is no color lol
    its boring…
    And kristen stewart is not a good actress…Vanity Fair should take her out haah
    just my opinion.

  • annasaurus

    @honey: If you don’t care what I think, then it doesn’t really matter how aggressively I respond back to your sad Vanessa Hudgens comments right? If you really wish that she was on there, you could always photoshop her in there…

  • annasaurus

    @Celia: That was like in the one from 2008 right with Zoe Saldana and America Ferrera? Sadly, that seems to be the exception. Just look at the early Young Hollywood issue from 1995 onwards. Very few exceptions. You also need to look at the demographic Vanity Fair caters to.

  • Flor

    @honey: Vanessa’s career ended with HSM3 baby. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vanessa but let’s face it: she’s relevant because she’s ZAC’s girl. That’s all =(

  • flor

    @honey: I totally agree with you but Selena is still a Disney girl working in Disney Channel and Vanessa’s career started and ended with HSM. Even when I like Vanessa she’s not going to be a great actress, she’s just relevant because she’s ZEFRON’s girl, that’s all!

  • flor

    @annasaurus: C’mon in into the wild she was there for like 3 minutes! You can’t count that as a performance!

  • flor

    by the way I love Emma and Amanda!

  • toni

    To the comments, it’s not about having Vanessa Hudgens or Gabby or Zoe on the cover, it’s the fact that to many minorities including myself, the cover shows not one person of a minority. There’s not one Asian, Latino, or African American on the cover. I don’t know about the other posters, but my feelings were deeply hurt when I saw the cover and not one minority was on there. It hurts me to know that with a black President in office and a latino as a Supreme Court Judge, minorites are still not shown equal opportunity in Hollywood.

  • annasaurus

    @toni: Life is unfair. Hollywood is run by rich white ppl whose marketers and financiers tell them that young and white sells. Visible minorities get less opportunities. If you really want a change, you would go to movies that have visible minorities as a lead and push that towards blockbuster success but that isn’t happening. Don’t blame Vanity Fairy which really is catering to their rich, white demographic.

  • annasaurus

    @flor: She was handpicked for the role by Sean Penn himself and based on that, she was able to get lots of other critically acclaimed roles as well. When Vanessa Hudgens takes on more serious dramatic roles I will take her more seriously.

  • good-one


    another example of a short appearance counting for a lot is where amber heard was in Zombieland, (as 406), for just a few minutes, where she is extraordinarily memorable.

    In the television mini series Hidden Palms, amber heard redefined the meaning of teenage vixen. Despite her limited screen time, Zombieland would not have been the same without her, no matter how good the performances that Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone turned in.

  • honey

    Oh man…don´t be so negative about Nessa…she barely had the time or the projects to show off her acting skills yet….as it is for beastly i´m not sure myself that this was the right choice to make but i´m excited for suckerpunch…i´m sure she did a great job there and will then be able to step away from HSM …

  • Jayckson Lucy

    they all look very beautiful.
    And one thing: Kristen Stewart in an amazing and talented actress, one of the best, especially for her age. She has an awesome style.
    And please, dont compare Twilight with HSM. The Twilight scripts are much deeper, and developments of characters are much better and detailed. Twilight just has a huge fan base.
    Cant wait to get a copy of this issue :D

  • sonia

    I love Kristen Stewart and Carey Mulligan. :)

    Kristen would be recognized no matter of Twilight, she is talented, Twilight didn’t make any good to her.

>>>>>>> staging1