Nick Jonas Helps Haiti with Selena Gomez

Nick Jonas Helps Haiti with Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez sits shotgun next to Nick Jonas as they arrive at the “We Are The World” remake held at Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (February 1).

The new “We Are the World” remake will go towards benefiting relief efforts in Haiti. The recording session took place almost 25 years to the day since the original song for African famine relief was recorded.

Among the notable names in the remake: Among the voices in the 81-member choir were Pink, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Jordin Sparks, Jason Mraz, Miley Cyrus, Julianne Hough, and Gladys Knight.

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Credit: Karl/Tony; Photos: INFdaily
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  • denise


  • Anna from Style bakery teen

    Wow, so many stars on one song – can’t wait to hear it!!

  • renu

    definitely together :)

  • bruno

    cool!!did u read that the reason why selena and demi are not friends anymore cuz nick jonas n taylor swift :(

  • http://- Mellz


    soo happy..Nelena baby..^^

  • mandy

    enough right?

  • http://- Mellz

    YAY !!!
    Nelena Baby ^^ So happy ^^

  • Yasemin. :)

    They’re sooooo dating! :)
    I love them <3

  • frube

    Why did she go? Is she in it?

  • ftooneta

    So Selena and Nick will record the song or what? I don’t get it xD

  • dina

    they are not dating, he was just giving her a ride home! demi is still friends with nick, she went to his concert! nick and selena are just friends!

  • dina

    a boy and a girl as friends can give eachother rides it does not mean anything! selena can;t drive yet!

  • dina

    so there is not nelena anymore! just friends!

  • lala

    so you wanna say Demi won’t be Nick’s friend anymore when he is dating Selena?!

  • brenda

    noooooooooooo! i hate nelena :( selena is a bich! :(

  • ervina

    wowwwwwwwwwwwww , it prove if selena and nick are BACK ON !!!! sooo happy for them ((:

  • ash

    They are just friends
    if they are together that’s the most BORING & PATHETIC couple on the earth

  • leeloo

    WOW GUYS! Nelena is back?????

  • Kim

    I don’t like the “Nelena” thing. I only like them as friends, Nick can have everyy girl he wants. Selena also can. But I don’t like them together ;(

  • Aileen

    Selena looks like an ugly dude
    Nelena is gross

  • Ellie

    Dina, you know nothing. You are just wishful thinking. Selena didn’t even record on the song, so there was no reason for her to even be there except to accompany Nick. Just get over it. They are together, and he’ll never date you. They haven’t claimed to be just friends, so I don’t even know where you’re getting that. They are both avoiding the question, and by now, you ought to know what that means.

  • Aileen

    Selena looks like an ugly man.
    Nelena is gross.

  • melany

    @Aileen oh really? plz dont be so stupid and pathetic teenie… if selena is ugly what do you think you are??? oh and your idol always looks like a travesty, yeah thats right travesty vyrus hahahahahaha
    and plz dont make a fool of yourself!!!!

  • mika

    Nick and Selena are idiots

  • mika

    Nick and Selena are so FAKE

  • aldi

    @Aileen you are so stupid and pathetic teenie….
    plz selena is the most gorgeous girl in disney and talented… and if you wanna to talk about gross think better look at travesty vyrus post ok???

  • Ellie

    Aileen, shouldn’t you be in kindergarten now? In 10 years when you’re older, you might understand how immature you’re being right now. It’s pretty pathetic, really. Or is that word too big for you to understand?

  • aldi

    yayyyy so happy nelena rules!!!!!

  • amy


    You seriously need some very strong glasses! First of all – Selena in NO way looks like a man! Second – Selena is one of the most gorgeous young stars today! Third – you are either very jealous for some reason, or you are saying all this hate because you THINK Selana & Nick are dating. I don’t care if they are dating or not – one thing is for sure, they are friends. Bring your nasty comments elsewhere.

  • Cris

    this for a good cause… and you all think is “Nelena” :(
    i get it.. i want Jemi to happen, but i think Haiti is more important, dont ya think? :)

  • aldi

    @amy i couldn´t more agree with you…. love ya…. hehehe

  • ashlee

    Nick is a bad person, Miley was there and Selena was not invited for “We are the world”

  • ms. a

    soo glad they are using their celebrity status for helping Haiti :D

    And sooo happy they are dating againnn (at least, i hope so!) Cutest couple around <3

  • xxix

    NILEY forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NILEY forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NILEY forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NILEY forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dina

    demi is still friends with nick! There is no nelena anymore! selena and nick are just friends! nick is still single and selena is single! he was just gving her a ride!

  • bebe

    aldi yout=r the pathetic teenie if you think selenas the most talented shes the worst singer on disney by far and is average looking!

  • pouty

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! they’re back together! In your face Miley!

  • chris

    They are teenagers. They are spending time together, enjoying each other’s company. Good for them.

  • http://NO TAYLENA 4EVER





  • bebe

    pouty you do know Nelena is for publicity and selena said Nick changed her for the worse she would never get back to him… And Miley could care less she dont need Nick.

  • Lety

    Nick and Selena are soo FAKE man!!!! The photos of them together, they are never looking happy and other serious people .. this question is even for the fans of Selena! She really has good voice to sing “We are the World” with all these artists? I dont think so

    I think the Sel should not have returned with Nick because he broke up with her to stay with Miley again and when Miley didnt want anything with Nick… then he went back to Selena and I think her is much better than that! She deserves a person who likes her for who she is! And it seems that Nick likes it so much!!!

  • Danni

    My question to you is how do you gusy know what’s going on in their personal lives to be making such claims as if you were there when all of this stuff went down?

    And just FYI, Miley has a boyfriend for quite sometime now…why is her name being thrown around in this?

  • Lety

    Nick and Selena are so FAKE!!! I THINK THEY’RE JUST FRIENDS!!!!Selena deserves someone who likes her for who she is !!! I think Sel shouldnt have returned with Nick because he broke up with her to stay with Miley again and when Miley didnt want anything with him … then he went back to Selena and I think it is much better than that! She deserves a person who likes her for who she is! And it seems that Nick likes it so much!!!! Nick wants Selena to be like Miley …. That same Sel said when she interviewed to talk about his music! She said the ex-boyfriend ( Nick ) thought only the former and that he wanted that she was equal to his ex…

  • http://none ale THE WHOLE JONAS WERE THERE:D!

  • aldi

    @bebe sorry idiot i thin you are in the wrong post, you mean miley travesty rigth????’ hahahahaha cause that ugly bitch definitely is average looking

  • aldi

    @bebe oh really? sorry stupid but you are in the wrong post…. obviously you mean miley, cause that ugly travesty definitely is average looking

  • bebe

    no aldi i got it right Selena is the one who is average looking

  • lisa

    nick and selena are morans. selena did she even sing or go there to stick it in miley face who could careless what morons

  • Shel

    Nick and Selena ARE dating. She couldn’t deny it on Ryan Seacrest. And I also think she deserves someone better, like Taylor Lautner, Gregg Sulkin or even Justin Bieber. Someone who will treat her like she deserves.

    Nick broke her heart to go after Miley, and now that she’s with that dude, he runs back for Selena. Very convenient.

  • Trey

    Good, but you guys could have listen JUSTIN BIEBER was in it too and recorded the opening verse!