Vanessa Hudgens is Ecko Extended

Vanessa Hudgens is Ecko Extended

Vanessa Hudgens gets twirled around in this new extended cut of her last Ecko commercial.

Featuring “Tickle My Spine” by Looker, the ad follows the 21-year-old actress inside a hip club with friends — a real night out complete with writing on the bathroom mirror in lipstick and getting cake in your face. Check it out below.

Also check out new HQ stills of Van‘s upcoming flick Beastly below. We previously posted these, but the new pics are super high quality. Beastly hits theaters on July 31 — are you ready?

Vanessa Hudgens – Extended Ecko Cut

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Photos: CBS Films
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  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I’ve been ready for ‘Beastly’ ever since I heard that Vanessa and Mary-Kate were in it !! Gosh, still like 5 or 6 months away.. =S ..I’m sure I can wait, but anyway, oh, a longer version. Baby V looks HOT, HOT, HOT !! :D Alex as the ‘Beast’ looks so creepy.. I can’t wait !!!

  • Agu

    i love her so much!!!
    that’s why i can’t wait to see this movie!

  • Patricia


  • Jess!

    love the video

  • Vanessa lover

    I like this one better than the one that came out. But it doesn’t matter baby v was in it so it made it a great commerical. <3

  • PAO


    I love’ it wOWW !!


  • xara

    yay! she’s sooo cool!

  • xara

    i love you nessa!!!

  • Katty

    I already saw the commerical on but I’m glad V got a post. Anyone have news JJ didn’t post? Haven’t heard from V in a while, but she’ll be on that George Lopez concert Thursday! (With Z)

  • Katie T

    love this so cute! btw does anyone know who’s picking her up in this, it looks Cary Heart, Pinks husband?

  • Carol

    OMG she is so gorgeous!

  • Tiffany

    I love the commercial! Thanks JJjr for sharing. Get all of Vanessa’s clothes here

  • Jess!

    and HQ!! yay
    thanks JJ!!

  • Skylar

    I absolutely love it!

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  • blairr

    i love this videeoo!! :D
    i loove the two words from the video;; live&love!

  • lol

    hey guys!
    I just Heard a rumor that said that zanessa is going to be in spider man
    vanessa Mary Jane
    and zac Peter Parker
    and it`s going to be a new story
    I don`t know if this is true

  • lslsharon

    Sooooo pretty!!
    Can’t wait for Beastly!!!

  • kgg

    The guy picking her up and twirling her around is none other than Mark Ecko, owner of Ecko brand company. He really likes V. Speaking of which, V looks sooo cute and sexy in this video. Love her!

  • fearless

    @kgg: nice right:)?

    @lol: lmao hell no

  • mike

    vanessa is very sexy as usual i love the commercial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yets

    i love it!!!
    so excited for beastly.

  • SSR

    What kind of bangs are these!!! Please help :)

  • mike

    vanessa is very sexy as usual i love the commercial longer version is better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess!

    @Katie T:
    ia… looks like him

  • Smacky35

    @lol: It’s been confirmed about zac but I think vanessa in it is just a rumour at the mo.

  • Justzgirl

    I saw that commercial yesterday :)
    Yes Vanessa is AMAZING!
    She’s such a sweetheart and she’s so pretty
    She’s one of the best talented stars out there.
    She puts a smile on my face
    I look up to her and she’s my idol.


    ILY Vanessa!

  • cookie

    the bitchy pouty thing she is doing with her mouth at 0.13. hate it. otherwise fine. she looks cute as usual.

  • daniel

    @ lol: is just a rumor and I saw the video is COOL
    can’t wait 4 beastly

  • Soni Hannigan

    I have been wondering if Zac was at the Ecko shoot? Sometimes he goes to her shoots.

  • Boji

    Is that Marc Ecko himself? Wow, Vanessa does charm people wherever she goes. Love how vivacious she looks in this advertisement. Reminds me a little of that ” Tic Toc” Video.

  • Jasmin

    Love it. She looks gorgeous!!! Can’t wait for Beastly

    I thought Ashley Green is replacing her?

    Thanks for posting

  • Jasmin

    Oh btw, I don’t see Zac as spiedy… Sorry.

  • a-love

    @SSR: they are just front bangs but a bit longer so they can be swept to the side

  • Jasmin


  • honey

    Yey Nessa… so excited for Beastly…and i love her looks in this video, she is such a beauty :)

  • juliet

    She should break up with Zac nad meet a person loving and caring her with harboring the will to marry her

  • suzy

    love her.

  • babyG

    GO V! :))

  • qtwattann

    Glad there’s not so many V haters here. Support V! :D

  • sofiaxmen

    she is so gorgeous love you ness

  • http://Justjaredjr Trey

    Wow.she is the pretties of them all and i just so happen to see this huge board with her advertising mark ecko outside jorberg when u take the freeway.she is so beautiful that its not fair on most definatly going to b the first person in cinema for this moive cant wait for 15 october.This South African fan love van to death

  • vh only

    yeah, i heard and read about the news that zanessa will be in spiderman. is it really true? i wish it is!!! it’s another new movie. im sure that it will be a blockbuster if zanessa will really play the roles. if zac will have another partner, i dont think that its gonna be hit but if it’s vanessa, yeah, it will be totally a hit (no doubt!!!)

  • http://Justjaredjr Trey

    And about this spiderman moive i dont want vanessa to do it.i mean there was the same rumor on TeamHudgens about van being in this film.i think it was about last year.

  • jess

    wow, I love this!
    she’s so gorgeous and sexy!
    and thanks for the HQ pics :)

  • kami

    that’s a cute commercial and vanessa is beautiful as always.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    I LOVE HER ♥

  • Jess!

    really?? cool

  • Jess!

    It’s just a rumour

  • vanessa

    she is amazing, i have the same name as her ! :) wooooo! haha shes sooo beautiful :) really gorgeous.

  • soffi

    beautiful ♥

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