Miley, Demi & Liam Dine at Jerry's Deli

Miley, Demi & Liam Dine at Jerry's Deli

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato lead Liam Hemsworth out of Jerry’s Deli after they dine in Studio City, Calif., on Tuesday night (February 2).

The girls, both 17, have tons coming up later this year. Miley and Liam will both be starting on The Last Song promos while Demi has a plateload herself.

Demi tweeted yesterday afternoon, “Just home home from work… but now I want to do more work… SO excited for this year! CR2, Sonny Season 2, new album…? More surprises? ;) Who knows what’s gonna happen this year.. I guess it’s kind of up to me, huh? So awesome.”

Remember, Demi and Joe Jonas will be at Epcot next Thursday for a private concert.

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • feroggieri

    cool x

  • jasmine Lim

    now LOOK!
    see what i told you was the main problem between Selena and Demi?!!

    and why the hECK is Demi wearing so much WHITE make up on her face?…. gosh…

  • nick


  • Selaly

    I’m team Taylena forever.

  • Kim

    Miley and Demi.. huh??

  • joycey

    That’s sad that they have gone close since Demi & Selena had dramas with they’re friendship. I just wish they all loved eachother & were Three Bestfriends. I love them all! (: xx

  • me

    oh demi, all that make up on your face? just no. you are so beautiful without it….

  • oxox

    I love you miley

  • marine

    demi demi you re so beautiful but why are you so white ???
    You can be pale without looking sick , just sayin …

  • LEAH

    They look happy :) but demi please put some blush on your face . We re not saying that to make you feel bad but it s the truth

  • Maddie

    Why is demi so white lately ? Can someone tell her that it doesnt look good . Gosh , she should listen to us, we would say the same thing to her friends or sisters . She looks like the adams family . Its not halloween girl .

  • Shane

    More surprises……yeah, you and your best friend of 10 years fell out. I miss Semi moments…….

  • Noemiii

    I love this girls <3

  • ashlee

    Miley and Demi are so funny and beautiful, I love Memi

    Liam is HOT HOT!!

  • Shane

    More surprises……like a fall out with a friend of 10 years? I miss Semi moments.

  • ashley

    yeesss ! i love them as friendss<3

  • Annischatzi

    It is totally normal, that friends are arguing….
    But I think they will recover their friendship someday and maybe all of them will get closer…
    I mean they are just like every other teenage girl, their is no difference between a famous 17 year old and just normal girls…
    And demis make up maybe a little bit to much, but if she likes it. It is her life =)
    As on of my friends would wear so much make up, I would say something..

  • Danni

    I think Demi said she stopped tanning, so that could be the reason she’s so pale. I’m glad Demi is smiling…she hasn’t had a geniuine smile on her face in weeks. If she needs to be around Miley to do so than so be it.

    I like Miley, Demi, and Selena.

  • Danni

    @Shane: Get over it…what happened between her and Selena is between her and Selena.

  • Serena

    Demi wears too much makeup, lol. But I hope it had been Selena instead of Miley.

  • ash


  • heather

    I love Demi and Miley’s friendship <3

  • katia

    Thats what we re saying she said her fans are her friends then as a friend I think she is too pale , tanning bed is not the only way to make a person look healthy I am just saying dark hair doesnt help.
    I was telling the same thing about miley when she had her darker hair and I am glad she is back to lighter hair . Miley looks great .

  • N
  • MC

    demi is beautiful but sometimes she puts too much make up and the pale face and the dark hair doesnt help either… she looks sick. Its good that she doesnt care what others think about her but this time i think demi will agree she doesnt look good at all. she is so beautiful and she has so much potential, she would look awesome if she wants to. I think not wearing black all the time is a progress. She could be unique, stylish and looking good at the same time. Maybe someday she will realize that talent is important but have a good image is important too in hollywood. I am her fan and always will be i just think she should care more about her appearance.

  • N

    AND LIAM =)

  • louise

    she must love being white cause she is paler and paler eveytime .
    I dont get it , cause this girl could be so hot if she wanted to . I wish she would listen to us for once . I am not hating on her I think she is awesome but I wish she doesnt look so white .

  • =)=)=)

    awwww . i love demi and miley yayayayaya their finally going out and demi met liam for the first time yay . i wonder what she thought when she looked at him hmmmm . anyways love them all three !! cant wait for the last song !

  • carrie

    She said she was more herself cause she has darker hair , she is pale and wear red lipstick so I guess she prefers herself not looking good . Her choice… but seriously the people who dye her hair in brown were doing a favor to her . Its a shame she doesnt realize it .
    I know nobody is perfect , but this girl has such a nice face , she could be so much better .

  • Lilo

    Does she think we hate on her when we are saying she looks better with brown hair and with a little blush on her face ??? Cause we dont , we are just saying the truth . I totally understand , she wants to have black hair and wear red lipstick but how doing a little effort to not look as white as she looks now will change her and her personnality??? I never saw a girl lose herself cause she wears a little blush on her face . I would say the same thing about anyone . If people are saying it there must be a reason .

  • Taylor

    I like her with lighter hair and tanner but if she likes herself like that I dont think people will change her , its been awhile since people keep telling how white she looks , it doesnt seem she listened . I hope its just a phase and she realize that we re saying that cause we just want her best and we want her to look the best .

  • aLICE

    Did she fall on flour or something . Do you remember the scene in camp rock in the kitchen well her face look almost the same . lOOK at Miley she looks so healthy and doesnt wear too much make up but it looks good :) love this girl …Btw Miley looks better with lighter hair as well . I am glad her hair is back to this color .

  • martha

    @jasmine Lim: er i dont think is the make up..i think its the flash from the cameras…

  • Mariana



  • sandra

    <3 miley 4eva

  • Andrea

    Demi looks gorgeous as usual, she´s the best
    love her

  • bella

    demi and miley son hermosas ,las mejores cantantes ,voces diferentes ,pero cada una es buena en su estilo y lo imporatantes son talentosas ,demi she is amazinf forever

  • Sofy freydel

    I´m glad that Demi´s having fun with Miley (i´m not a Miley fan) but the two of them seems to be more alike, anyways if Demi is happy i´m happy for her she´s an awesome and talented person

  • ervina

    oh Demi . . why u do that to Selena .?! just stay away from Mileyyyyy

  • mimieux

    Well they all look cute. However, demi needs to get some vitamin d in her. Aka sun..

  • jADE

    demi needs sun RIGHT NOW …

  • haley

    I love demi and miley. Miley seems to keep Demi grounded while Liam is keeping Miley grounded!

  • lol

    Liam is so ugly. he kind of looks like a prop here out to dinner with the two of them. kind of reminds me of the time Miley & Justin took Demi & Selena out to dinner. Bye Bye Liam, can’t wait for your ugly face to be gone. as soon as TLS premier omes you will be gone. ha ha

  • haley

    and they both bring car keys…lucky girls to have their own car at that age.

  • missdestinyhope

    people u need to get over urselfs.
    Selena was a BAD FRIEND to DEMI
    Selena and Demi have MOVED ON and it is time for their fans to do the SAME

  • mariah

    wonder if she feels like a third wheel cuz thats the first thing i thought when i saw this post

  • Matt

    Miley and Demi are both awesome. Just get rid of Liam and they’ll be all set.

  • wow


    Looks like Liam is the third wheel, not Demi

  • cam


    Totally agree!

  • Clémence

    Oh yes, because you know them and you know that selena is a bas friend. hahaha

    Demi, really, you’re face … :O It’s so white !
    Miley is awesome.
    And stop saying Liam is ugly, if she’s happy, we’re happy too