Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez: Dinner Date Duo

Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez: Dinner Date Duo

Nick Jonas leads rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez through the crowd outside of Phillipe Chow restaurant after sharing a dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening (February 2).

Earlier in the day, Nick, 17, made his rounds around the city, promoting the debut of his new album, Who I Am. He even gave roses to his fans in Sherman Oaks!

The twosome were also spotted out earlier this week, driving home together after Nick recorded his part of the “We Are The World” remake.

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  • jaya


  • ftooneta

    Nick is happy these days, just look at his tweets. I guess Selena is making him happy. Well, If Nick’s happy, I’m happy :)

  • Blibblob

    I know I should be happy for him, but I don’t care…
    *sob sob*

  • Andrea

    Have you realize that when people say “NickJonas & SelenaGomez” it’s “Nicks rumored girlfriend” but it’s never “Selenas rumored boyfriend”?

  • okkksssss


    so trueeee

  • elly

    Are the dating? I dont think so !

  • KariDD

    perfect couple *-*

  • miss

    im a big fan of selena so all i got to say is that i hope that he treats selena like a queen. because shes gorgeous and shes a sweethreat and she has an awesome personally. hes doing good so far i hope he just keeps it up(: they seem happy so that makes me happy(:

  • Sofi

    I’m so happy for them! and like ftooneta said: If Nick’s happy, I’m happy!

  • http://deleted lalaloo

    Here’s a video with Nick trying to hold Selena’s hand

  • DisneyFan

    They look so good togehter! :D

  • haley

    I hope they lasts like Zanessa

  • selly!!

    I think its not true ! Selena say “never” why no one belive them ? I think they’re still JUST FRİENDS! That’s all. I think they love each other like a closed friends…

  • marty

    @elly I totally agree with you! I don’t think they’re dating, they’re simply friends and decided to celebrate together Nick’s album release!

  • nathalia Braga

    i’m glad they’ve reconnected!!
    CUTE! love them.

  • Noemiii

    Nick’s really happy this days (: So he’s happy , than i’m happy too .

  • chris

    Nick is so sweet. They are both teenagers but much more mature than most. If they are dating, good. If they are just friends, good.

  • koolkat

    @Andrea: Actually, I read an article that said “Selena’s rumored boyfriend Nick”.

  • katarine

    good god! do you all SERIOUSLY believe that they are dating? question, correct me if im wrong. They HAVE dated before, and if they broke up before, why wouldn’t they stay broken up? Girls can have guy friends and boys can have friend girls. Duh. When you break up with somebody, and you go back out, thinking that it will be better, then you remember why you broke up in the first place. Their not dating. Their friends. DUH! and nick is probably happy because he has a new thing going on, he’s living his dream. Gosh, people believe ANYTHING these days.

  • Tiffany

    That is so cute that are on a date night! I hope they are both happy. Get all of Selena’s clothes here

  • teo

    I love Nick and Selena TOGETHER!!!!
    No matter if they are just FRIENDS or something else… WHO CARES???!!!
    She is a great actress and he is an awesome singer.
    Both are talented and respectful people!!!
    THE END.

  • andrea

    i love nick and selena together!!! i prefer it to be me and nick (lol) but i still love selena and nick they are so cute!!

  • bruno


  • kristine

    i LOVE them together :)

  • lucia

    love them toguether
    happy :)))

  • oxox

    what a cute couple :)

  • Lauren

    nick kept trying to hold her hand and she was linking his arm..its cute…his album is good i have got to say

  • amy


    very true & well said.

  • Mayerling Poynter :)

    I love NELENA! <3 them are so cute! *-*

  • dina

    they are not dating! they are just friends having dinner! selena confired on the this romor that they are just friends! and she is sick and tired of those romors about her!

  • Rain

    they are so adorable together! Dating or not dating its not anyone business let them live their lives – I’m just sayin’

  • dina

    they are not dating! sop beliveing those romors! selena comfired that she and nick are friends and she is so sick orf those romors aout her and her friends!

  • Jelis

    nicks deserves so much better than her…they arent cute together at alll….nick is so much better than her in so many ways
    1. he is actually talented
    2. he has fans

  • lulu


  • aldi

    ohhh so sweet!!!! i love this pics…. definitely the best couple ever….

  • yop


  • maggie

    if they’re dating GREAT.. cuz I like more selena better than miley.. NELENA!!!!!!

  • Isabella Senne

    I love Nelena !!!

  • tweenscreaminginmyear

    Dating, not Dating!? They are just words “dating” “not dating” “just friends”.

    The point is that they obviously like hanging out together a little. Nick seems happy. Selena seems happy. We should let them be happy without having to know the exact label to put on it.

    Nick and Selena were celebrating with more of the Jonas family. Joe was there, John Lord Taylor, Mr. Jonas, Mrs. Jonas, Frankie, and other close friends.

    BTW, Big Rob rocks it as security.

    And yes, it seems as if Nick is treating Selena as a “princess” he looks back, takes her hand, waits for her to get in the car first. Signs of a gentleman.

  • BRE

    DAMM x1000000 NILEY 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vanessa

    i HATE selena gomez . & nick is okay. but she sucks; that’s just it.
    & i also hate that she’s is beautiful -.- but the rest of her is ugly.

  • Adam

    @vanessa: Get over yourself. Selena is beautiful inside and out. You’re just too much of a jealous hater to see it.

  • Bea

    @Sofi: The paparazzi says You guys are a cute couple and nick says Thank you, that means YES WE’RE A COUPLE! :)

  • Angelie

    Too cute for words… all the true fans only care about their happiness and that’s all that matters.

  • jonaslove

    I saw the video of them on OU, and I gotta say, they looked really happy and so freaking cute, I mean I used to try to figure out are they dating or not and always check sites and magazines, but once I saw their smiles I honestly didn’t care, if they are happy then I’m a 100% Nelena supporteur, I just hope they continue dating cause they are really perfect for each other, same personality and very mature for their age and if someone watches the video you’ll see Nick doing everythin he can to be next to Selena, he even pulls her gently by the arm at one point so she can take a picture with him so she’s not alone. Such gentelman!!

  • LO

    i hate her i wish they would break up hat her hate her

  • megan

    I hate Nelena

  • PaU

    oh gosh ive heard on the video somebody told nick

    ” you guys are a cute couple”

    nick said. THANK YOU!

    they are so cute!!!

  • WOW!

    Miley is so much hotter than selena!!!!!!!!

  • Pau

    nick always worry about selena on the video.. he always look back to her.. he doesnt want her to be alone so sweet!