Nicola Peltz: The New Envy of All Girls Everywhere

Nicola Peltz: The New Envy of All Girls Everywhere

…and for good reason!

Meet actress Nicola Peltz, the newest starlet to make girls everywhere hate her.

The 15-year-old entertainer not only stars opposite Jackson Rathbone in the upcoming The Last Airbender, but she’s also booked a role in Unbound Captives with Robert Pattinson!

Nicola dished to People about her instant connection with Jackson, saying, “The funny thing was, at the audition, he completely acted like my older brother.”

The Last Airbender director M. Night Shyamalan praises the up-and-coming actress and revealed he couldn’t do the movie without her. “I told the studio I didn’t want to make this movie without her. I said that only once before in my career, and that was when I met Haley [Joel Osment] in the Sixth Sense auditions,” he said.

M. Night, Jackson and Robert!? We’re jealous — are you?

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Photos: Zach Gold via People
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  • jessica

    why would i be jealous?
    i dont really care who she does movies with. i mean robert pattison is not really my type anyways.

  • scorpius07

    She’s pretty.

    Still don’t see her as Katara though. The fans don’t give our blessing to wear the “hair loopies” to just anyone, y’know.

  • mony

    Jealous? Um No

  • Jayckson Lucy

    Yes, I am freaking jealous yeah. Man, why dont I live in the States or Uk again? She is one lucky girl.

  • me.

    ew, who would want to work with M. Night Shyamalan?
    i officially despised him when i saw the cast of TLA. he’s a freakin’ idiot! thanks for ruining my favorite cartoon/tv show ever.

  • Julie

    This girl is the daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz, and she’s apparently a terror to the staff that works at her father’s mansion.

  • daniella!!

    i love the show and i cnt wait till the movie!!

  • emma

    I saw the pre-screening of The Last Airbender in Chicago and she was a horrible actress – if I wasn’t cringing when she delivered a line I was embarrassed for her.

    I guess having your father be Nelson Peltz – a billionaire and investor – can do wonders for your career. And by “doing wonders” I mean “buying you movie roles”.

  • Janey620

    I find it funny how she’s the daughter of a rich man who’s got close connections to M. Night Shyamalan. I don’t hate the girl, I despise M. Night for choosing her of all people, just because he had some kind of feeling that it HAD to be her. Well, thanks a lot man. You not only screwed up the casting of one of the most loved shows, but you also screwed with the names, the events, the characters & worst of all you screwed with the fans. A lot of fail mail is gonna be sent and I know I’m not the only one deeply dissappointed by this disastrous live action of ATLA. PLEASE don’t make a sequel, should there be one, let some one else direct it.

    I’m sorry for the rant. This girl is wonderful and she could probably play as any other character in a different movie, but she shouldn’t be Katara. She doesn’t fit the role.

  • natasha

    She’s only fifteen????

>>>>>>> staging1