Vanessa Hudgens: Bristol Farms & A Flat Tire

Vanessa Hudgens: Bristol Farms & A Flat Tire

Vanessa Hudgens struts her stuff as she leaves Bristol Farms grocery store in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon (February 3).

Upon leaving the store, the 21-year-old actress came back to a flat tire and a little damage on the front of her Audi. Eek! Luckily, a AAA employee came out to give her a hand.

Vanessa, wearing AnloElla” skinny jeans with studded back pockets in poe, is now rumored to be participating in the George Lopez & Friends Benefit Concert for Haiti on Thursday.

20+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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  • Agu


  • Muse

    I really do admire Vanessa. No matter what he wears, she always looks amazing. Pretty jealous. I admire her as a person, an actress and passionate person. Im glad her and others are supporting Haiti course.

    Seriously cant wait for Beatly or Sucker Punch. Too bad Australia has to wait for so long.

    Love Vanessa. :)

  • Jordan

    She’s so cute. Love her outfit :)

  • Muse

    I meant *she*, no matter what she wears. My bad.

  • Jess!

    she looks gorgeous!

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    omg she looks amazing..
    woh, I can’t believe that happened to her car..

    I love Vanessa..she is my idol..can’t wait for her new movies to come..

  • nikki

    Ohh haha! That sucks! Zac will prob buy her a whole new one! hahaha

  • Vanessa lover

    She looks sexy. I love her.

  • Weber from Brazil


  • Jess!

    poor Audi… but she looks soooooo HOT!

  • Katty

    Z and V ARE going to be at the George Lopez concert.

    She looks wonderful, but plenty of people are going to say ‘what an idiot, it’s summer!’ Do they realize it’s warmer in LA?

    V looks great, love the outfit, but I wish the boots went higher. I don’t know, I think the mid-cut on boots just looks awkward, not just on V, anyone… anyways, love her anyways.

    Can’t wait until another V (+Z) sighting, or news about a new movie!

  • carly

    aw i love her =D can’t wait for zanessa

  • Kake

    see she does wear hair extensions? there’s no need to become upset…I think she’s so gorgeous… i just want to know because her hair looks like extensions…

  • suzy

    she looks good.

  • mykamicks

    Superb SEXY!

  • Katty



  • Kake

    wow B**** you get mad to fast>>> its just a question….her hair looks like extensions…you get fooled so easily…

  • liz

    im pretty sure those are extensions. they look like strings under her hair and does not match the same style as her natural.

  • Jess!

    she doesn’t wear extensions

  • zanessa

    shes lucky she has no boobs :/

  • Katty


    I really don’t care if it’s extensions or not…. you’re the one who asks every dam time V has a post. Like, why do YOU care so much about her HAIR?

    And, I wasn’t angry, just annoyed. The fact that you call me a B is insulting, rude, and shows you are the one who gets angry fast.

    I don’t get why it matter if it’s hair extentions or not? Either way, she’s beautiful, so get over it.

  • jazmin

    she looks hot…hot…hot!!!!

    Does it really matter if she wears them or not…I have co-workers that have hair extensions and they are nice and they are about her age.

    Thanks for posting

  • Liza

    shes a hottie!

    love love love

  • Jordan

    who the heck cares if she has extensions?

  • justforlove


  • Bee101

    Haha thats what I’m sitting here saying! lol

  • fra5nk (the 5 is silent)

    also on the front? woah and what happened to the right rear light??? its broken too. sux to c her nice s4 damaged. nice german car :) she looks gorgeous as always anyway!

  • PAO

    WOW!! super HOT!!!

    She looks Pretty!! I love her!!

  • go sox

    Her clothes are just so simple sometimes, but she just looks gorgeous wearing anything. I really love her hair here. Soft and flowing. But it’s always her flawless skin that glows.

  • Boji

    Picture perfect, frankly I love V’s candids more than some of the professional photos taken. She is photogenic.

  • oldblueeyes

    Such a simple outfit, yet so stylish. love her fashion

  • Tiffany

    ohh poor thing. Flat tires suck! Get all of Vanessa’s clothes at

  • ZNlover

    She looks gorgeous When she wear casually!!!(:

  • fearless

    cutie v:)

  • mike

    shes hot and im shore she will fix her car soon as she can hot girl hot car !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    She does wear extentions but I think they look good.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Anything she wears make her look beautiful, gorgeous, and just amazingly pretty. She’s really pretty todaay. ..She’s so fit too. I want her body.

  • Jess!

    I know… she looks the best in candids.

  • tina

    She looks great. Not sure why it matters about her hair. I think it looks healthy and she can make any outfit look good.

  • Katty

    The car things, such as the busted light and scratches on the front were there the last time we got a candid post, JJ just didn’t comment on it. The only new thing is the tire, which probably just happened… duh. I just think, as sad as this sounds, V isn’t the best driver. It’s not her fault, some people just can’t drive well. My friend can’t, she’s horrible, and scary as helL to drive with.. seriously.
    If the scratched and busted light are from some else, then that sucks.. maybe she’ll get a new car or something. I don’t see the reason for it, but well… I have way to much time on my hands at the moment. You see, I am supposed to be writing this story, but I have writer’s block. I know none of you care, I am just saying, this is why I am rambling on in here.

    I want news on V’s movie choices!! There has to be something in the works… I hope it’s no Spiderman 4, I just don’t think that movie will do well, no matter who does it, Zac or whoever.

  • xoxo

    little fender benders can happen to anyone..especially when you are chased by papz…thats why ppl get AAA to begin with..

  • lslsharon

    She looks hot.
    Glad that everything is ok.

  • Vanessa lover

    I hope it’s not the paps that are busting up her car. They are always following her, going so fast in their cars to catch up to her. Maybe sometimes people crash into her. For the busted light maybe someone crashed into her or maybe someone just hit her with something. For the nasty scratch in the front probably could’ve gone against the wall. Well who cares I love her, but I don’t think people should say she is a horrible driver. We are not in the car when she is driving.

  • TheIconGuy

    Looking good as usual.

  • Lucy

    She looks incredible. And such a simple outfit, LOVE IT

  • yets

    so Hottie!!!

  • Silvana

    Se ve SUPER HOT!!!! La amooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Amo su estillllloooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
    y q pena lo dl auto :S
    pero se solucionó! =D

  • jessica

    she looks really pretty. and i am lovin’ her outfit.

  • JustZGirl



    she looks really great