Justin Bieber: Baby #5 on Billboard Hot 100!

Justin Bieber: Baby #5 on Billboard Hot 100!

Wearing a striped blue sweater, Justin Bieber flashes a peace sign as he arrives at Miami International Airport in Miami on Wednesday afternoon (February 3).

Even though the 15-year-old musician’s next album, My World 2.0 hasn’t dropped yet, his first single, “Baby,” is already climbing the charts — it’s currently at #5!

While in Miami, Justin will be performing at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam concert with Rihanna on Thursday, February 4th. The concert will air live on VH1.

In addition, you can also catch Justin on the CBS Early Show with a four-song set from Miami on Friday, February 5th.

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  • selena

    he is soooo bloody fucking sexy. MARRY ME JUSTIN!

  • stella

    The boy cant sing. Watch when he hits puberty. he’s gonna lose that voice.

  • kara

    @stella: if he can’t sing then why does it matter if he loses it when he hits puberty?

  • nikki

    he ALWAYS does the peace sign!! SOO ANNOYING little boy

  • Abi

    Aww, i love Justin <3
    He looks amazing in these pics!
    And im so happy Baby is doing well, its my favorite song :)
    And i cant wait to hear the Hati song with Justin in it!!
    Keep the Justin news coming !! :D

  • kara

    @nikki: so does every other celebrity on the face of the planet except the ones justjared usually posts about that are so miserable they cant even SMILE for the camera nevermind give a peace sign

  • http://www.ecougg.com marco

    it is so nice now

  • vanessa

    i think hes a good singer…; and hes adorable but he seems like hes so egotistical. maybe hes letting this early fame go to his little head.

  • matt

    Sings like a girl. When I first heard his songs on the radio, I thought it was a woman…..eventually, when I found out, I had this huge mental shift of, “oooh…I get it; it’s a little boy! I guess his prepubescent voice hasnt broken yet”



  • http://justinbieber.com theresa higgins


  • Carl

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO the song fell to #25 in the Hot 100 this week. LMAOOO

  • iLove Justin B

    I love himmm soo much! Im soo glad that Baby is number 5 in the US.. does anyone know when My world part 2 is coming out ?x

  • http://ljdwfijwefj kristin roberts

    @stella: you are fucked up in the head

  • http://ljdwfijwefj kristin roberts

    i love you justin i love your songs
    love me love me say that you love me fool me fool me oh how you do me kiss me kiss me say that you miss me

  • Anthony

    Justin is, a Cool person, and I like his Music! Baby is a catchy song! :)

  • kara

    @vanessa: he’s 15 of course he’s going to be a bit egotistical but it’s nothing that every other singer/actor out there hasnt done

  • vanessa


    not true. many stars like Beyonce who are highly sucessful dont seem egotistical at all. or Taylor swift, she is always genuine when she wins an award.

  • kara

    @vanessa: taylor swift is far from genuine and even the press is beginning to notice that. i’m pretty sure she’s well aware of how popular she is right now and KNOWS she’s going to win the awards she’s up for so she needs to stop acting shocked and surprised because it comes off as really fake and i know i’m not the only one who notices. i’m not saying she doesn’t deserve what she’s getting, while she’s not my cup of tea, clearly she’s doing something right i just don’t see her as being genuine. as for beyonce, you must not know about the destinys child days because a lot of people say her ego and family are the reason they changed members like people change underwear.

  • kara

    @matt: how’s your musical career going, i’m just wondering

  • http://www.draugiem.lv jb_best fan forever

    omg your so nice and hot and everything
    so i just love you for ever!!

  • http://www.theentertainmentempire.com Trey

    @kara LOL! :)

    All the haters need to just leave him alone.
    HE CAN SING apparently if he couldn’t sing why would he have a #5 song & a blossoming career.
    He’s just getting bigger and bigger and that’s how its gonna be.


  • http://aim.com Katho

    <3 <3 <3 u justin!!! and who the heck is saying he cant sing!?! DREAM ON u motherloversss. ur just jealous cuz U cant sing. obvi…

  • http://tutti.l.blog.163.com tutti

    lol!look !hes so cute~ lov u JUSTIN!! ;)

  • http://lovu baby girl

    hey, Justin Bieber i lov u and u have very cute eyes …………

  • Justin Bieber`s #1 Fan

    Hey Justin Im Ur #1 Fan!I Luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://myspace marisela

    I love u justin beiber!!! I am your #1 fan.

  • merry kate

    I love you justin bieber.you are my futer …………

  • http://justinbieber merry kate

    i love you justin bieber i love you so much and you are my futer…………

  • http://justinbieber iona

    i love justin so much to i want to marry him to bad i love him more then you bitch sorry for you

  • http://justinbieber iona

    i love justin so much to i want to marry him to bad i love him more then you bitchis cant have him sorry for youz

  • emma

    h,justin ur so cute

  • http://twitter Shandel

    hi, justin bieber i love you so much i like your body

  • monica

    ola amo soy tu fan justin tengo todos tus discos

  • Sean

    What is the brand of that sweater he is wearing and where can i get it please?

  • justin bieber trop beau


  • http://www.devyani.com devyani soni

    hi justin ,he is so quit.he look very handsome this picturs.i love him.
    i like him songs.i thout he iscool &very good singer in the world.