Nick Jonas Fuels Up & Gives Back

Nick Jonas Fuels Up & Gives Back

Nick Jonas matches his Harley Davidson Special Edition Ford truck with a Harley sweatshirt while he refuels his truck on Thursday (February 4) in Los Angeles.

The 17-year-old gave photographers a peace sign before heading back into the car and tapped out a beat on his truck’s bed liner.

Later in the day, Nick ran to the L.A. Regional Foodbank and volunteered his time! Check out his Twitter for a picture of the group after they helped out!

20+ pictures inside of Nick Jonas refueling…

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nick jonas gas station 01
nick jonas gas station 02
nick jonas gas station 03
nick jonas gas station 04
nick jonas gas station 05
nick jonas gas station 06
nick jonas gas station 07
nick jonas gas station 08
nick jonas gas station 09
nick jonas gas station 10
nick jonas gas station 11
nick jonas gas station 12
nick jonas gas station 13
nick jonas gas station 14
nick jonas gas station 15
nick jonas gas station 16
nick jonas gas station 17
nick jonas gas station 18
nick jonas gas station 19
nick jonas gas station 20
nick jonas gas station 21
nick jonas gas station 22
nick jonas gas station 23
nick jonas gas station 24

Photos: GSI Media
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  • lic_merry

    OMG! Nick sexy!!! lol

    Follow Me @Lic_MerRy

  • ceee

    jus sayingg! ahaa

  • Alexa_r


  • nia

    where’s his mustang??

  • takeabreathXO

    wow..who knew that nick jonas pumping his own gas would be so hott?! Ha! Really though.. he is too cute. GAH his converse GAH his baggy pants.. GAH his hair. GAH his hair.. GAH his face. GAH him!

  • emily:]

    he is perfect in every single way <333

  • fan#1

    OMG !!!

  • fan#1

  • diane n.

    what a cutie! (:

  • jaka

    is he dating selena now? bcuz i thot gregg sulkin was dating her but i think he has a diffrnt gf now

  • Tom

    Wtf? Hes just refueling his car… next there gunna make a big deal on him losing his wisdom teeth or picking up a dollar bill from the street or something stupid.

  • abby

    LMFAO that truck is HUGEEEEEEEEEE lol. Aww hes so cute. Now THAT is a JB who has talent.

  • Sarahh

    Thats a niceee truck right there..

  • selaly

    He is the only talent JB.

  • yvette

    After his appearance and interview on Jimmy Kimmel last night, I now adore this boy. He made me laugh and he looked adorable. Joe…step it up. ;)

  • ilovethewholejbs

    he’s a really nice guy..good lookin and multi-talented :D love those curls in his hair <3
    i wish him good luck with the new record :)
    and yes he is talented..but why are you guys saying that he is the “only” talented one ?
    being talented doesn’t mean writing songs and singing only(and yes he plays like more than 4 instruments :) )
    kevin is great with his guitar
    and i know u’re talking about joe..stop hating on him..
    i hate how everyone is hating on him these days :’(
    he is talented as well..he can sing and play guitar and keyboard please if u’re a true jb the whole jb bunch :(

  • chris

    The news here isn’t that he can put fuel in his truck. It is that once again he went and did work for charity, helping out at the local food bank. Not only is he cute, he is extremely giving. Hope everyone bought his CD to show your support for such a talented person.

  • allison

    he looks like a five year old who is helping daddy fill the gas tank on his big ol’

    still love him

    who needs that big of a truck in L.A? is he goin’ muddin’ or off roadin’?

    now me- i would LOVE to have that truck…. but the paint wouldn’t be so shiny after a few weeks w/ me behind the

  • yadhi

    CUTIE PIE!! wonder if he texting SEL??????

  • jonaslove

    I am a hardcore JOe fan, but I gotta say, Nick is definitely hot and not to mention a very great and caring guy for him to be helping out with everything, not just personality but he looks aswell I mean, seriously I never loved a boys hair like I love Nicks natural curls, they’re just too cute :)
    PS: Might sound like a pervert but I totally kept starring at his ass in that picture of him bending forward :) but it’s not my fault, it’s just.. there, I had to stare. Dude be legal already

  • Sarah

    Poor guy can’t even get gas without being photographed.

  • sds

    what the heck….GAS GUZZLER.

    WHAT HAPPEN TO THE Campaign SEND IT ON. not helping the earth much NICK

  • Andy

    haha good thing here in jersey we don’t have to get out of the car to fill up our own gass!

    I still love you Nick J!

  • ceee


  • c

    ughh why dont they wear tight pants anymoreee?

  • kay

    lol. i do not like him driving that giant thing around. be careful!!

  • j

    Why on Earth does a 17 year old need a truck that large in Los Angeles?

    So much for the Send It On Promo and other environment issues…what is that a ‘Do as I say not as I do’ kind of thing?

    Must love Ford and not want to work with Chevy again…

  • Ella

    Kevin, Joe & Nick are all wearing GAP lately.. ;)

  • lulu

    he’s so cute! :D x x x

  • Tori

    Is it just me or he not wearing his purity ring?

  • gabbbby

    @fan#1: he has it on his necklace

  • lily

    where is the cobra?????
    talking about the mustang, his beautiful mustang. And where is the freaaking purity ring?!

  • fan#1

    Where’s his purity RINGGGGGGGGGG

  • fan#1

    @gabbbby: Thank you very muchhhh! gabbyyyyyyy :) I was so Scared, really ahahha :S
    & why he don’t wear in his finger anymore?

  • fan#1

    Nick’s purity ring is on his necklace.
    Don’t be Afraid.
    thanks gabbbby.

  • cassandraxo

    uh oh someones not wearing their purity ringg
    and yeah i agree, that thing is such a gas guzzler.
    not helping the environment much, nick.
    its ok i still love youu

  • njj fan

    hi! nick i’m your # 1 fan , your so cute

  • esmeralda

    @lic_merry: you are so stuped girl because nick don’t lake you he likes meeee hahahahahhahaha you are stupeeeeeeddd sorry but this is the life hahhahhahha

  • cydney(nicksgirl)

    god i love him but i kinda feel bad that he cant go get gas without being photographed but he is so awsome what happened to his mustang and his challenger
    love him so