Nick Jonas Keeping Things Private with Selena Gomez

Nick Jonas Keeping Things Private with Selena Gomez

Keeping things quiet and private, Nick Jonas sort of opened up to MOD this afternoon was questioned about his relationship with pal Selena Gomez.

The 17-year-old musician commented, “I think when it comes to that I try to keep it a bit to myself and keep it a bit private. We always try to find time to go out and hang out with people we enjoy spending time with and as far as that future of that relationship goes I will keep that to myself for right now.” Smart guy!

Nick also shared about his future run for president, “I think it’s fun. I think it started off as a joke but now I feel it’s becoming a bit more serious and starting my campaign now. It would be fun to be president. We’ll see what happens…I don’t know if it will be fun. It would be a big challenge I think.”

Be sure to check out Nick‘s performance and interview on Ellen below!

Nick Jonas & The Administration – “Who I Am” – The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 02/03

Nick Jonas & The Administration – The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 02/03
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  • XoXOxo

    In all honesty Im annoyed with Selena for even thinking of dating Nick again. If he was so bad a boyfriend the first time around then why take him back…publicity much?!

  • Boyi

    First ???
    I think it’s great if they were together,they’re so cute and I think Nelena is cool

  • Selaly

    It’s awesome that Nelena is really happening, I’m so happy for them, I just wish he is not using Selena to promote his album or anything like that, or even messing around with her! Selena deserves a TRUE LOVE.

  • Noemiii

    If they’re are happy , I’m happy too (: . Lovet them. <3

  • okkksssss


  • done

    Nick stop lying you have been taking selena everywhere with you interviews,concert,dinner in public for the papz to see. You have never been this open unless you want certain someone miley to see you change and now you are willing to go public like miley always wanted too and you doing it with selena to let her know. But she is going to be mad because you stared with selena. You lost your chance buddy.

    You have been with selena everywhere I don’t think that been private.

  • faye

    i don’t think being president would be “fun” per-say.

  • oxox

    wow good for them :)

  • dina

    they are not dating! he did not say anything about them dating! they are just friends hanging out!

  • anonymous

    @dina: it doesn’t matter if they’re dating or not. I’ve never seen Nick this happy in a long time. Let them be, it’s their personal life. Be happy, if they’re happy.

  • jo

    why does he keep going back to the same girls

  • tinsky

    if he didn’t want to discuss his relationship with selena to the media, then maybe he should avoid going to paparazzi-infested places with her. but they seem to be flaunting it so what’s with all the secrecy?

  • nathalia Braga

    i’m happy for them..

  • AshleyTisdalelover

    wow they are really good together!! :)

  • z

    miley is nicer and prettier but hey she has liam so whatever.

  • aldi

    yayyyy nelena really happening!!!! both are such a cute couple….

  • bebe

    hah this is obviously a pr stunt and Nick hasnt looked that happy at all when hes seen with her he seems bored. when hes alone he seems happy.

  • Rain

    honestly let him a have personal life everything else he does becomes news and if they are dating its nobodies business i’m just sayin’

  • brazilliangirl

    I don’t get it}! I mean, if they were like Zac and Vanessa, he would not need to keep answering this question! I mean, nobody bothers zac or V with this question, everybody know they are dating! I think Nick needs to start opening his relationships, then, one time, nobody would care anymore… It’s his choice, and a REALLY LOVE him, but that’s just my opinion! Because, if he do that, he’ll be able to really have a relationship, you know? Holding hands in public, hanging out more together, that kind of stuff.. Again, it’s his choice… I love him so much!!! *-* I’m happy just because he’s happy, but I’m sad because he’s not single anymore… Ok, weird feeling.. haha

  • lulu

    @bebe: i know, he always seems bored when he’s with her. I don’t like her anyway, he could do so much better. I wish he’d date someone who’s not famous and loves him for who he is. I may be wrong about her, but I think she likes the attention, but that’s just my opinion x x x

  • Harry Potter FAnatic

    i wish nemi would happen!
    demi and nick are sooo cute together!

  • koolkat

    @bebe: Um, did you even the video where Selena and Nick were in a car? Nick was SMILING with his TEETH! So they both seem to be having a good time! start at 22:00

  • aldi

    @bebe oh plz just shut up!!! you´re so stupid, really do you think he seems bored? hahahaha poor jealous hater…. did you see the video whe hes dinner with her? you see that she all the time smile and waiting for her and touch her hand? even when he performance in ellen show she smile so cute when she ask him for sel…. you dont say stupid thing, oh and donpt make a fool of yourself….

  • Becca

    homeschooling and the office of US Presidency do not go hand in hand. you have to know every country in the world, not just your brothers names. JUST SAYIN

  • bebe

    umm aldi your an idiot you always reply me. Its my opinion and yes hes only smiling when there is a paparzzi around. they do not look like they are in love at all sorry

  • ZoE

    i agree, home schooling and being president!? Doesn’t work unless he’s going to do some relevant degree at a top university, don’t see that happening.

  • pup

    They sure look cute together, if they’re dating.

  • Anna

    =( Iu nick&selena Noooo … that orror .. =) Hahaha

  • jessica

    who cares about nelena. and if he ever does become president, fuck i am moving out of the country. lmfao! who does he think he is thinking he could become president. thats the last thing this county needs right now.

  • yvonne


    uhmm… yea.
    have you seen the last video on @oceanup.
    he was such a gentleman to selena. he would like make sure the people didnt like trample her or something…

    BORING?! wtf…
    there are so many videos & pictures out there that you probably havent seen, man..

  • andrea

    @Selaly: i can’t bealive you would think that nick would be cabable of doing something so horible!!!

  • salma karina

    I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!! so excited

  • katarine

    cheese and rice i’m gonna puke the next time a fan says “AWWW THEIR SO CUTE!” i swear to god.

  • yadhi

    YAY NELENA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justzgirl


  • luvselena

    Noo!! I luv selena more with taylor lautner! They’re so cute together (even though I’m kinda jealous to taylena) @dina: r u jealous at nelena???

  • katarine

    like i said, GONNA HURL!!!! GUT UR FActs straight! he dated her once then broke up. if this “nelena” is really happening, it will be over in a matter of weeks. This is hollywood and they are teens. don’t get excited ladies. trust me.

  • Charley

    @Becca: that’s not true at all. i’m homeschooled and i’m graduating two and a half years early. homeschoolers actually get better educations than most public schoolers. just because someone is homeschooled, doesn’t mean that they are stupid or unfit to go into politics.

  • andrew

    hes a lucky dude” I love you sel

  • bravo51

    so many sad nelena fans still believe they are dating? seems like they are over already since lil’nick never went to any of her new england concerts his cd is out and failed and now selena is the winner in the publicity dating.

  • cami

    a mi me encanta esta pareja se ven muy lindos =)

  • http://facebook. amy f.

    @bebe: yeah i do agree with you on that, they are just friends who likes to hang out. and nick is still single and happy without selena or miley.

  • http://facebook. amy f.

    @dina: i seriosly agree with you. 100 percent. we are in november and he is still single and happy with out selena or miley. i have no clue why are people are still talking about this crap for. do anybody ever seen them together recently. no they havent. therefor they are just friends, and nick and miley are just friends also.

  • http://facebook. amy f.

    @bebe: i totally agree with you.

  • http://facebook. amy f.

    @lulu: i seriously agree with you on that. dateing someone thats not famous is so much better then dateing someone who is famous.

  • http://lfkjg lolasosa

    dont lie nick every one likes being your fan if you dont want them to then keep lieing if you want them to then sotp i will tell selena to not like you if you keep lieing i mean it