Sterling Knight: Zac Efron & I Weren't Always Friends

Sterling Knight: Zac Efron & I Weren't Always Friends

Sterling Knight wasn’t always friends with Zac Efron, he admitted on The Bonnie Hunt Show today!

“I had auditioned for High School Musical and this movie, The Derby Stallion, that he had done, and I was really frustrated,” the 21-year-old StarStruck actor explained. “This kid, Zac Efron, is booking everything I’m auditioning for!”

Sterling also told a funny story about how he got upset with Zac and he remembered it a year later when the two met on the set of 17 Again!

Thankfully, they’re really good friends now, Sterling said in the video below.

Sterling Knight – The Bonnie Hunt Show
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  • Lydia

    Aaawww i love them. Zac is all 4 me!

  • starlight

    he looks so flippin cute with his short hair. love him to death CANNOT WAIT FOR NEW SWAC!

  • yep pep

    he looks so flippin cute with his hair all short. cannot wait for new SWAC, i love him to death.

  • gaby

    hahaha i love this video.
    he’s adorable.
    i cant imagine anyone yelling at zac. lol gotta admit though, would have LOVED to see his reaction.

  • Joochi

    I just love Bonnie Hunt, she’s hysterical to watch. It’s amazing that Sterling is such a gentleman just like Zac, glad that their friends.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21
    he’s awesome..
    I can’t picture him as Troy or the kid in The Derby Stallion, but its pretty funny how things turn out..I can’t picture him yelling at Zac or anyone for that its cool..

    can’t wait for Starstruck..

  • fearless

    aaw:) i love they are friends

  • Justzgirl



  • blairr

    he is adorable! haha

  • Luis F. Gomez

    hahaha man that was funny and awkard at the same time “I might enjoy it” hahaha hahaha… Now to get the record straight, Zac Ffron is Zac Efron and Sterling Knight is Sterling Knight… you get it right?

  • nikki

    aaww but zacs sssoooo CCUUTTEE<3!

  • emmy

    It’s nice that him and Zac are friends, but it seems like that’s all Sterling seems to talk/get asked about. I’m not trying to bash him, but it’s just weird that Zac’s name seems to get brought up so much whenever Sterling is featured.

  • lalala

    i love zac efron but i dont like sterling knight is a wannabe sorry but yah

  • Kristy

    hes hair looks like zacs

  • Gina


  • jhazmine

    @Kristy yeah it look like zac..i can’t imagine if he get the part of troy? will be zac and vanessa love story?…

  • anonymous

    he looks so young, such a cutie for a 21 year old.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    he’s so cuutte and adorable ! love zac and sterling!

  • Silentp

    This video literally made my day.

  • ANNE.

    “was that you?!” hahaha, sounds like Zac!

  • Jasmine P.

    Sterling is so awesome! Can’t wait for the more Sonny with a Chance and the new movie, Starstruck! :)

  • Divine Goddess

    So glad Zac got the part of Troy instead of Sterling! Zanessa wouldn’t exist!

  • vh only

    no doubt, Zac is hotter and better than Sterling.
    I cant imagine if he was the one chosen in High School Musical.
    If he was chosen there, so he will be the on-cam partner
    of Vanessa Hudgens? OH NO! Thankfully, he wasn’t. :]]

    But, he’s good huh.

  • katia

    damn , that story is so funny I LOVE ZAC , i can imagine zac’s face when sterling told him that they’re met before

  • mzindochick

    haha. that’s soo funny. haha.
    wouldn’t it be akward telling that story to zac? haha.

  • Cassandra

    Love him.Sterling and Tiffany are the reason why I watch SWAC

  • blah

    aww i love him!!! hes amazing!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • brooke

    I love Sterling to death. he is such a gentleman and is so adorable. I love his hair and I am super excited for new sonny with a chance episodes. he was amazing in starstruck and i’ve already watched that movie 4 times. I can’t picture him yelling at zac either, but it would have been pretty darn funny to watch.

  • rotem

    Sterling is so Hotttttttt
    I love him So much

  • alexandra

    osea sterling sos lo mas lindoo q conosi sos lo mas tee adoroo y el flekillo hacia arriba no te sienta te qda mejor el flogger =) bye … =I)
    XP =P

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