Taylor Swift: Come Behind The Scenes At The Grammys!

Taylor Swift: Come Behind The Scenes At The Grammys!

Taylor Swift blows a kiss to Ellen DeGeneres while backstage at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (January 31) in Los Angeles.

Ellen sent the 20-year-old musician a Flip Video camcorder to record her entire Grammy weekend experience – and now you can go backstage with Taylor and see what it was like to be there!

Tay won four Grammys in all – what an amazing night!!

Taylor Swift: Backstage at the Grammys
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  • nikki


  • alycia

    she performed awful at the grammy…she was worse then usual.she’s an amazing writer.she should just write great songs and have even better vocalists sing her songs.

  • mag

    her perfomance was not good at all… but hey, you dont need to sing good to win a grammy you just need to do high school catchy songs, play them with a banjo, tell they are country and bam… you win a grammy

  • M

    people need to get over her performance. It wasn’t as bad as everyone is making it out to be and she has done millions of awesome key-perfect performances. She’s a great singer.
    She deserves everyone of her grammys. Well done Taylor :)

  • Vanessa (UK)

    Taylor TRULY deserves those Grammy’s!

    Such amazing talent and the KINDESS heart!

  • your mother

    People need to flush their selves in the toilet and leave Taylor Swift alone. I am surprised Taylor wouldn’t give the media a middle finger because I would of done that.

  • your mother

    And Taylor: YOU GO GIRL!

  • your mother

    One more thing I know you are busy but when you are back from your wonderful tour in Australia PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE make a video blog! Those are the best

  • jessica

    @M: agreed. i mean her performance wasnt that bad. and she looked really pretty at the grammys.

  • nathalia

    she deserves it!!!

  • Tiffany

    She looked stunning at the Grammys! I love these behind the scene stuff. Get all of Taylor’s clothes here http://www.outfitid.com/

  • danni

    I guess she’s showing the behind the scenes of awards she got that she really didn’t deserve. Her performance at the Grammy’s was awful and it wasn’t her only one. Anytime your boss has to come to your defense that says a lot.

  • hater


    Honestly, Taylor Swift is a great girl. Pretty, humble and a great song-writer. Her singing on the other hand…ugh…so off-key! Not even gonna lie, I probably couldn’t do any better but seriously… I also don’t understand how she won album of the year. EVERYONE of my friends was shocked beyond relief.

  • danni


    I’m not saying she’s not a great girl…but I have a problem with her winning stuff she doesn’t deserve. It’s about the music, not personality.

  • veb

    Seriously Nikki, Ellen totally rock!!!
    And congrats TS.

  • britame

    she’s the oldest looking 20 yrs old i’ve seen – jen aniston looks younger for effin’ sakes… and her yuck songs are so hick town!

  • britame

    then again, there are more hicks in america….

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