Alexandra Daddario is Percy Premiere Pretty

Alexandra Daddario is Percy Premiere Pretty

Alexandra Daddario shows off her pearly whites as she attends the premiere of Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief held at NYC’s AMC Lincoln Square 13 on Thursday night (February 4).

The 23-year-old actress looked gorgeous in a strapless black-and-white patterned dress. Costar Brandon T. Jackson and Logan Lerman were also spotted, posing for a few pics with one of the older members of the cast, Pierce Brosnan.

The flick, which follows Percy (Lerman) as he finds out he’s half human, half God, hits theaters NEXT WEEK — Friday, February 12.

20+ pics inside…

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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • AshleyTisdaleLover

    she is soo cute!! love her eyes!! can’t wait for the movie :)

  • jbr

    she looks pretty :)
    hope the movie is good !

  • Lisa

    Stop posting about her please, she looks a little bit scary and… let’s just say she’s simply not gorgeous. We’re used to see so many similar “not pretty” people in real life, why do we have to see them also on tv, cinema, or blogs we love? She isn’t particularly talented and special in other aspects either. People are starting to forget what pretty is. Really now, having a pretty face means having all of the items on it (eyes, lips etc) combine in a way that creates a certain harmony to anyone’s eyes and she simply doesn’t have that. People, we’re starting to confuse ugliness with beauty.

  • Cesar

    @Lisa: Excuse me but I think people is not confusing ugliness and beauty since we all have a different perception of what beauty is. You also cannot say that she is not talented since she has not had the opportunity to participate in many mainstream projects plus the movie is not even out yet to judge her “talent”. I am sure blogs and news will not stop posting about her :)

    P.S. I can’t wait for the movie!!

  • Aylin

    @Lisa: Geez , can you be more shallow than that?
    Actually we need to see more normal looking girls and not all those photoshoped “beauties”. No wonder so many young people are unhappy about their looks, we are raised that way, even in fairytales the good ones are pretty( or become along the way) and the mean ones ugly. It’s not like we get to chose the way we look.
    BTW I think she’s pretty and can’t wait to see the movie.

  • KAY

    she’s so pretty. cant wait for the movie!

  • Lisa

    I am not shallow, believe me. When I say beauty i don’t mean the “photoshoped” ones but the natural and normal looking girls, i don’t mean the exaggerated types that are too perfect to be true but the ones that actually have something special about them. The young girls that aren’t happy about their looks should be, cause everyone is beautiful in their own way but what i said before wasn’t about her in particular but all these girls like Miley Cyrus, Kesha think they’re so stunning just because their fans tell them they’re gorgeous and it’s ok to walk around without taking care of themselves and look trashy and messy cause no one is better than them. Do you think that’s normal? And I’ve seen many of the things she did, and I wasn’t impressed at all. She’s just the latest copy of thousand of actresses that weren’t supposed to get that far when clearly others that are so much more talented haven’t got the opportunity. It’s just unfair. I think that you don’t have to be pretty to be famous but at least have something that differs you from the rest. I believe that to be in this business you need to have either an unique beauty, an incredible talent or if you’re lucky both, to be able to have a remarkable career and deserve being remembered. If you don’t have either of these three things it’s not fair for you to have this luck when there are hundreds of other amazing unknown talents out there that will never be discovered.

  • Lisa

    And what I meant when I said “We’re used to see so many similar “not pretty” people in real life” I didn’t say it was their fault they were born that way or grew up like that but they shouldn’t do this business. Hollywood used to be a place that disconnects you from the real world, a dream. The actresses used to be so unique and gorgeous even if the movies they stared in at the time didn’t have colors. If I want to see a regular girl, I just open the door and look, I don’t need to go to the cinema to see one.

  • Aylin

    @Lisa: After you explained your comments make more sense. At first you just sounded mean, like every actress should be perfect.

  • curly girl


    you go girl!!!

  • Theseus

    @Lisa: You do make sense, but not enough that I believe what you’re saying. I saw the movie and I thought she was great. No person should have to be fabulously pretty or even talented to be an actor, they just have to have heart. That’s not saying that they don’t have to have any skills at all, but I think she does and she did a job suited to the part that she had to play. And besides, what “little girls” are going to go see Percy Jackson anyway? Little girls typically (but not stereotypically) like princesses, not warrior women from ancient Greece.

    Theseus Out.

  • nick

    @Lisa: Shes really pritty ur probably Hellas ugly which is why ur flipping balls

  • Jim

    Lisa is obviously jus@Lisa: Obviously Lisa is just jealous. Everyone who has met Alexandra has said she is gorgeous in real life. Your logic is beyond lunacy. You are saying that only very good looking people should be actors and actresses ? Forget about artistic talent, all you care about is looks. If we follow that logic all we would have is Ashton Kutcher and models, there would be no Jack Nicholson, no Cate Blanchett, no Sean Penn. It’s not about looks, it’s about your love of cinema and your acting ability. You could go back to the legends- Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, Orson Wells, none of them were very good looking but they were brilliant actors and artists… that’s all that counts.. your ability. Saying you should not be in the business just because you are not gorgeous is the epitome of vapid and shallow.

  • Jim

    @Lisa: So what you are saying is the only reason you watch movies is too see good looking people, you don’t care about artistic abiltiy or great stroy telling and the nuances of filmmaking. Girl you don’t get the point of movie making at all. It’s about making art with your passion, it’s not about just throwing a bunch of models together and asking them to look pretty.

  • http://myspace Konnie Cruz

    @lisa: u r right jim … n i think lisa all u do is judge people on thier looks… n u probably do not knw is that karma would come back to u because on how u r with people u havent even met n seen n person so dnt judge people on how they look kuz it would come back to u…. n why do u say that she is ugly n that she has no talent because on everything she probably has more talent that u would ever have n stp being shallow about people u havent met kkk kuz u have no say so….. but on the other hand they make a cute couple n just stay out of peoples life kuz that not ur business to say whats what k…. n FYI NEVER JUDGE VPEOPLE ABOUT THERE THEIRLOOKS KKK…….. n she was really good n the movie percy jackson and the olympians: the lightning theif kk….. n cant wait to watch it and get the movie this month……

  • http://myspace Konnie Cruz

    @Jim: wow u told her off

  • Rowan Campbell

    Alexandra Daddario looks stunning.
    She is a real beautiful woman with a wonderful smile!

  • jack

    dammn lisa your genius i love your comment alot alot

  • john hilton

    she is very hot

    beautiful GIRL