Logan Lerman is the Next Spider Man?

Logan Lerman is the Next Spider Man?

Logan Lerman shows off his sharp suit as he arrives at the NYC premiere of Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief held at AMC Lincoln Square 13 on Thursday night (February 4).

In addition to Zac Efron and David Henrie, the 18-year-old actor is also in the running to become the next Spider Man according to reports.

IESB reports that both the studio and Logan‘s people are in talks for him to take over the role originated by Tobey Maguire in film.

Logan shared in a recent interview, “It’s just, you know, conversations are starting. It’s a long process with the studio and the producers and everything. But it’s definitely a project that I’m really interested in, of course. I’d love to focus on the human element a little bit more. It’d be such a fun experience.”

Logan Lerman on Spider-Man

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  • http://twitter.com/ameliacosgrove amelia

    he’s so DAMN HOT

  • http://ashleyt.net/ AshleyTisdaleLover

    I think that Zac or David are better for the role of Spider-Man

  • EG

    he’s sooo hot, but zac is better

  • bianca

    I think that neither Zac nor Logan should be in the Spiderman flick since they have established careers already. Landing this movie wouldn’t help their road to bigger and better roles. As for David he would benefit a lot from this movie since he would get his face out there on the big screen with a role that many like. The only one I see profiting out of this movie is David Henrie.

    PS. Logan is looking pretty cute.

  • blu

    I don’t agree with you. Toby Maguire already had an established career when he got the role, and it only helped him. It’s like saying that every leading role in a blockbuster should be given to unknown actors.

    That been said. I think Logan is the best for the role. Zac is getting too old to play high school kids, I think he should start trying out for more chalenging roles or he will be stuck in high school until he’s like twenty-seven.

    And I just don’t see David as the Peter Parker type, especially not the pre power on. I just don’t think he can pull it off.

  • koolkat

    @blu: Logan Lerman looks way too pretty to play Peter Parker. Peter is suppose to be this nerdy, yet cute guy. and Logan doesn’t even have that “nerdy” look to him. besides, his body doesn’t really seem muscular enough, he looks kinda wimpy…

    David Henrie is the best choice. He’s a great actor, he has the right combination of geeky and sexy, and have you seen his body?! His body is HOTTTTTT! Perfect for the Spider-Man suit.

  • Idk

    OMG!! He’s sooooo HOT!!
    Can’t wait for Percy Jackson!!!.

  • siv

    I think david henrie is perfect for the part

  • Leila

    zac efron for peter parker and vanessa hudgens should bee mary jane…..
    comon guys!! the best couple!!! go zanessa! ;)

  • blaireb

    @Leila: I hope you’re kidding…thats just gonna be another High School Musical…Spider-Man style..

    DAVID HENRIE is great for Spider-Man :)

  • webby

    that’s sick! cmon pls, those two are so attention whores.

  • I think logan would be the best for spiderman. Think of how nerdy he would look in glasses : P

  • scorpius07

    That’s more like it! I’d say of all the people in the running, he’s the best fit for the role. Zac Efron HAS established himself as a good actor, so I don’t think there’ll be any worry if he can pull off pre-mutation nerdy and bumbling Peter. The thing is, he’s already all tanned and muscular that you’d just roll your eyes and think that there’s no way that’s really a geek.

    @bianca: I’m all for giving each actor/actress their big break, but then you need to consider which actor will be able to portray the range of emotions Peter Parker shows in the move, and portray them effectively. Logan Lerman has these movies under his belt while David Henrie has That’s So Raven, Wizards of Waverly Place and those two DCOMs. Sure, he’s edging his way to the top, but being a comic book geek, I’d like my movie adaptations to not be crap.

    @koolkat: Make him hunch, give him thick-framed glasses and dress him in nerd chic and I swear you’ll want to shove him in a dumpster. Besides, in Spider-Man, before peter passed out from the effects of the mutation, they did show how scrawny he was. He wakes up next morning and BAM! Insta-abs. Not only can they do that ‘before’ shot with David Henrie, but he’s also got this annoyingly smarmy smirk always painted on his face that doesn’t scream ‘nerd’ at all.

    @Leila: …no…

  • ems

    I think he would be better as Spider-Man. hes more of a Peter Parker than the rest!

  • Coco

    Why are they choosing all these metrosexual pretty boys for the role? Peter Parker needs to be a cute/nerdy/yet manly guy. Tobey Maguire was a good choice, I thought. But out of those three, David Henrie would probably be best. If they gave him a total makeover, cause right now he’s too emo.

  • Aylin

    Logan Lerman or David Henrie would be good to play Spidey. Zac Efron would be to old is they want to make more than a Spider Man movie,plus I don’t think Zac could be convincing as a nerd.

  • mmmac

    @scorpius07: Went to imdb.com and David’s done a ton of work outside of disney since 2002. he’s not a disney “creation” like zac and them. he seems to be neck n neck with logan but i think david has the better look and bod for spidey. :) my vote is for david.

  • Jeff

    Logan Lerman will be the best choice for Spiderman. It would be beneficial to the project because he is an amazing actor and for him because it will go further in his popularity among different age groups who may not know who he is or saw him in a movie and will realize his talents. David just doesn’t have that spark as an actor in my opinion..no offense to him or fans, and I just don’t see Zac as Peter Parker.

  • http://davidhenrie.com Shannon

    David Henrie is definately my pick. look at his many roles in the past hes done everything from Cold Case, Without a Trace, and many more which were very serious roles. Look at davidhenrie.com and view his past and present roles hes awesome and will one day be a huge big screen actor


    He’s the best choice but he won’t get the role. He can’t keep his mouth shut. The studio seems anger about that stupid interview.

  • jessica

    @Leila: oh please. you must be joking. we dont need this movie turning into disney shit. that will be just the worst thing ever.

  • http://www.twitter.com/luisfgo1 Luis F. Gomez

    This kid would rock it! Lets hope the best, and quite frankly I would like to see a new face taking over something like Spiderman, I like Zac dont get me wrong but he has done a lot of films, he needs to do something else, when it comes to David, well, there is really not too much to say about him, he is a good actor but I would like to see a fresh face taking the film of Spiderman, David is a nice guy because he plays the role of a nerdy cutie kid on WOWP, but to be spiderman he would need to do a lot of effort, he can do it but at the same time Logan can do it too… whatever actor it be, I hope he does a good job and I would like to see a great Spiderman Movie again…


    @Luis F. Gomez: Logan can’t do it if Percy Jackson becomes a box office hit. He’s signed on for two more PJO films. I can’t imagine him carrying two franchises.

  • panicitsabby

    WHY is Logan being compared to Spiderman D:

  • Alex

    how much does this kid remind you of zac efron? it’s weird..
    the way he talks, the way he looks, the way he moves.
    possible distant relation? i think so.

  • panicitsabby

    @Leila: uhm, NO.

  • Rediem

    Honestly, why are people even considering him for the new Spiderman film. Most of us havent even got a chance to see the Percy Jackson film that will make or break his career. I prefer that after people see it, then they can start judging. Even simply suggesting Logan seems so random and blind.
    And please, David Henrie? You have got to be kidding. The difference between him and Zac is the Zac actually broke away from Disney and has begun to really develop into a mature actor. Sure David might have done a lot of non Disney films, but most people know him as the Disney kid. And i really dont think he’ll make it big someday. Zac might, but David, not so much.
    They should just hire a complete unknown to do the film. That way, if the films crap, then it wont hurt one of the bigger stars’ career.


    @Rediem: Logan has the acting chops to carry a film and Hollywood is expecting PJO to be a Blockbuster. I’m not surprised they are considering him but it would be weird to see him as both Percy Jackson and Peter Parker. I agree that they should hire a relatively new actor.

  • CamTeeM

    logan and zac are nothing alike!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com bhelle

    zac is better!! and then vanessa as maryjane!! hhahahaha!!!! .. zanessa fans ..PRAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!

  • vh only

    Zac for Spiderman and Vanessa as her lead partner!!!

  • Sara

    i can see him as spiderman. he somewhat looks like tobey

  • jessica

    Yesss please!

  • Miabmore

    First of all. Logan Lerman is the best person for the role in spiderman 4! He is one of the best young actors today, not to mention he has been acting for over TEN YEARS! Now, we all know that Logan is HOTT! But I believe that he can still pull off the nerdy look!
    (unlike Zac Efron.) That being said..I was really disappointed when i found out that Tobey Maguire would not be the movie. Because he is one of a kind..seriously who can be a better spiderman then him?!? Why did they have to make it a prequel? The story line should have continued.
    Anyway, Zac is to OLD, and to gorgeous for the role. That’s just my opinion…It would take a miracle to make him into the NERDY WIMPY boy in school! Just not a good idea. And David Henry? Is that some kind of JOKE!? I don’t think he is good enough for that role.
    Don’t get me wrong I really like David, but not for that. He should just stick with the TV shows! Not the big time movies.
    So like I said before Logan Lerman.. No questions asked, it would be perfect!! We don’t even know if they are going to make more PJO films.
    And if they do. I’m sure something will be figured out, Considering the time he will have to invest in both movies! Thats alot of work! lol But He can handle it. :)

  • savannah

    yeah, he’s cute. he’s a good actor 2.

  • savannah

    @koolkat: i think david henrie is a great choice 2. u could use an unknown in the movie and it wouldn’t matter. spider man is the movie.

  • Ladybug

    David Henrie doesn’t look like the ideal Peter Parker, just because he plays a nerdy guy on a disney show, does not mean, he could carry a new franchise.

    Logan would be the better choice, with the nerd outfit and acting ability he could be the teenaged Peter Parker. But hopefully PJO does well in the box-office, and I’m deff watching the movie on friday:)

  • lermanfan

    Logan is the best choice… i mean, ZAC EFRON as PETER PARKER???????????????? Those who say that guy would be the best choice must be kidding………. And Logan is not another metrosexual pretty boy. He is more serious and plays in more serious movies than the other teenage actors… He really wants to be an artist, not a celebrity. And David Hernie… well, don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate him or sth… just…no,no, nonono. No. Logan is the best choice. Full stop.

  • http://justjared Ashley

    Zac efron and David Henrie are better than him and 9i think David henrie SHOULD be the next spider man

  • jessrei07

    i hope he gets the role…and i hope selena gomez could play M.J. ^^

  • abby

    @jessrei07: hell to the no! no disney, puh-lease!

  • Kin

    In MY opinion, as much as a huge HSM fan that I am, I believe NONE of them should play Peter Parker. And I believe that Logan Lerman is WAY TOO YOUNG for the role. Seriously, the kid should age a little first.

    In case ya’ll didn’t know, Tobey Maguire was like 25 or 26 when he played the role of Spiderman in the first movie. Yeah, in Hollywood, I’m sure you all know, producers get OLDER actors for younger roles. It’s all in the maturity and stuff.

    And anyway, going back, I believe they should NOT make a Spiderman remake.

  • CamTeeM

    logan is a better actor than zac and david… if you’ve been a fan since the kid was little and seen all his movies since then, you would know what i mean…

  • http://www.facebook.com bhelle

    @lermanfan: what’s the matter with ZAC EFRON.. he’s a great guy, actor, and a good-looking man!! he’s hot ..

    –and for those who are saying that zac is too old for this and he cant be A NERDY man .. your wrong mates .. he can still be in a style of a highschool boy .. duh!!

  • deannadearguello

    I would LOVE to see Logan as Peter. Like, seriously, LOVE. He has a very malleable look, so he can look like a total stud (like always) to a total geek (with that little adorable dorky factor) in a second.

    I don’t know if you guys know about this show, but my little brother watches some cartoon of high-school Peter called The Amazing Spiderman, or something like that. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Zac and I think David is amazing, but they honestly can’t pull of high school anymore. David may be able to, but not for long.

    The only thing that worries me is that PJO seems like it’s gonna be HUGE and I think it would be too hard for Logan to juggle to large-scale franchises at the same time.

    Anyways, my vote goes to Logan, to whom I wish lot’s of luck at the box office this weekend. :)

  • S

    ZAC AND VANESSA??? this isnt highschool musical ,and atleast if u want zac dont put vannesa with him that will only attract hHSM freaks
    and hsm is for kids
    spiderman isnt
    logan is the best choice
    no offence to the hsm freaks ;D

  • hiroyuki

    i think logan’s the best choice!i mean,doenst he kinda looks like tobey?and PJO was awesome.even though it’s loads different from the book.

  • http://2/17/10 Kskool

    i love Logan lerman hes the hottest guy i no.i have a million billion pics off him and i hope he gets the Peter Parker part becuzz he deserves it!1 one more thing I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!

  • Janae


    Logan may have an established career but he’s far from famous and I think that he deserves more spotlight, after all, he IS an amazing actor. Zac is famous AND has an established career. And David is way more famous than Logan was even a few months ago. He seems famous because o the hype Percy Jackson is getting, but before Percy there wasn’t anything on him aywhere and like I said, he deserves way more spotlight.

  • Logansgirl

    i think logan is the best actor to play spiderman ,he look a bit like tobey ,and he got that ‘nerdy but cute’ style ,just imagine him wearing glasses!
    and about his body …. he can work it out ,just like taylor lautner did for new moon.
    Zac is too old for high school kid ,and david henrie? he doesn’t look like tobey at all. and beside.. we don’t want spiderman becomes another disney movie right?