Taylor Swift: G'Day, Sydney!

Taylor Swift: G'Day, Sydney!

Taylor Swift arrives at the airport on Thursday (February 5) in Sydney, Australia!

The 20-year-old Grammy winner is down under for an Australian tour – she played a sold out show last night in Brisbane to thousands of screaming fans!

Check out all Tay’s dates at TaylorSwift.com!

Let’s hope she gets some time off to explore the country (and TwitPics the whole adventure for us to see)!

FYI: Taylor is wearing a “Trinity” handbag in Saffron by Hobo International!

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Photos: Robert Wallace/WENN
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  • Agu

    she is gorgeous

  • Pauline

    Oh gosh!!! so fab..

    i love you taylor swift!!

    that shoes and dress looks so great

  • Amy

    Aww so pretty! I’m glad she’s not here in America where people live to tear down stars at the top. She’s performing in sold-out shows where she is loved by millions of her fans.

  • cam

    Such a sweet, pretty, talented girl – I just love Taylor!!

  • cam


  • alycia

    gag me.i’m glad shes not in the u.s.

  • Cameron bee

    Good for her !
    She seems so cool !

  • Tiffany

    She looks amazing in this red dress. Get all of Taylor’s clothes here http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=905

  • Tama


  • jlcdiver

    her outfits cute but she doesn’t look that pretty in these pics. that’s just my opinion. don’t hate on me!

  • Smacky35

    I wish she would have come a country over to new zealand! =)

  • jenna

    yeah y’all, i’m glad she’s not in america either… we don’t have to listen to er sing if she’s in Australia! happy day.

  • lol

    I would gladly gag you – take the hate to another site!

  • wow

    @jenna: @jenna:
    Better yet why don’t you go to Australia & we’ll take Taylor, then we don’t have to read your nasty remarks.

  • ana

    beautiful taylor.

  • danni

    Eh this isn’t a Taylor fansite, it’s a celebrity blog site. Take the good with the bad…If you don’t like it don’t come here anymore.

  • nathalia Braga


  • jenna

    @wow: lmao shut up, you look so dumb defending her.. like a comment said above, i have a right to post my opinion about her. now, go listen to fearless, find a taylor fansite, and STFU.

  • jlcdiver

    taylor is becoming so overrated. i used to like her a lot. now, not so much. all her performances live are horrible. the girl is tone deaf! i have to admit, she is a great songwriter but she cannot sing. she should just stick to being a songwriter. the only reason she has blown up so much is because of 2 hits, the kanye incident, and her breakup with joe jonas. ppl love her because she’s nice and a good role model, not for her talent. that’s all i’ve got to say

  • Claire

    YAAAAY!! im going to her concert tonight!!! SOOOO pumped!! I LOVE TAYLOR!

  • sammmie

    u r sooooooooo right

  • serena

    beautiful.. i <3 taylor..

  • Lulu

    she was amazing in brisbane, she is the most wonderful singer.

    dont hate her, she is beautiful inside and out <3


  • Lulu


    have fun its amazing !

  • anonymous

    @Smacky35: i second that!

  • regina

    best concert i have gone to by far, she was so humble and nice about the whole show, performing and walking through the crowds and looking completey shocked and struck when the whole centre screamed for her for lilke 15 mintues, her voice was amazingly majestic. One of the rare stars whom take everything for appreciation! Defintley seeing her again! xo

  • regina

    @Lulu: Best show ever!

  • Zoe

    I’m going to her concert tomorrow! :)

  • jambatan

    beautiful..i hope she come to malaysia :)

  • olivia

    @Zoe: have fun! I went to her show in Brisbane the other night and it was AMAZING!!!! :D

  • hannah adams

    @Tama: hey shut up !! she’s a good role model you comment suppose to give for miley ..

  • J

    I just rewatched it on Youtube and she sounded fine to me. I saw her in Charlotte last year and 2 years before that and she has always been great sounding in her concerts. People said the same things about Garth and Shania when they hit it big in Pop music back in the day. When Country artists crossover the pop world tries their best to tear them down, but it ever works, only makes them better!

  • Jemma

    Everyone is welcome to their opinion but that doesn’t mean you can be utterly rude and disrespectful to Taylor or anyone defending her. If you dislike her or her music then that’s fine just don’t say it in a rude way. Calling her ‘tone deaf’ and a ‘b*tch’ is not polite or even acceptable! Jeesh if you don’t like her then just say it in the nicest way possible or don’t comment on her!
    I happen to be a very, very big fan of Taylor and believe she is a very talented musician and songwriter and I know many people will and do agree with me. So please leave the hating to yourselves.
    Peace ppl

  • Narni

    Yay shes in Australia… im so excited im goin to her show on monday!!!!!!!!!

  • bec

    IM seeing her in Melbourne on wednesday i am sooooo excited she was so good last year when i saw her and now shes got her whole tour!! can anyone explain how the stage is set up??

  • me

    Can’t wait for her concert in Melbourne on Thursday! :D

  • Sunshine

    @Tama: If you do not have anything nice to post then do not post at all. Also why are you reading about Taylor if you do not like her??

  • anon

    saw her last night, amazing!! i wish i could go again tonight.

  • frreak

    haha it’s so different in this site, guess it’s full of young fans. if you go anywhere else like people.com or perezhilton it’s full of comments slamming tswift. it’s actually kinda interesting

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