No Fifth Season for ABC Family's Lincoln Heights

No Fifth Season for ABC Family's Lincoln Heights

JJJ just barely caught this, since it was at the edge of a pickup announcement — but it seems that ABC Family is letting go of Lincoln Heights.

The series, which debuted in 2006 and starred Russell Hornsby, Erica Hubbard and Rhyon Brown, followed an LA police officer and his family as he uprooted them from the suburbs to the inner-city where he grew up.

Robert Adamson, who you may remember from Princess Protection Program and a guest stint on Sonny with a Chance, played Charles on the show. He posted on his Twitter about the cancellation: “I haven’t posted my thoughts about the recent cancellation of Lincoln Heights, simply because I haven’t really known what to say. I am at peace with it. All good things must come to an end and Lincoln Heights was a great thing. I was given a character of real depth and purpose, not simply a pawn or tool to push a storyline or agenda. You have no idea how rare that is for a man of my age. I believe the story has been told. It was told with passion, vigor, and with the committed convictions of the writers. They were all unique with a dedicted voice.”

He continued, “I only ever wanted to be truthful in my portrayal of Charles, because I have so much respect for the hardworking cast and crew. I learned much. I’m sure there are those out there who are disappointed with ABC Family’s decision to pull the show. Don’t be. TV/Film Entertainment is a business. The show is and will remain a success. Love, Robert Adamson (Charles Antoni).”

Still, the show was nominated for two 2010 NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic Series for the episode “Aftershock.” Here’s hoping they win one of those!

TELL JJJ: Did you watch Lincoln Heights? Do you think it was wrong to cancel it?

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  • hannah

    i watched one episode and thought it was stupid. but i know people who are really bummed. there is probably a new abc family show coming out soon. that’s why they canceled it.

  • cindy

    this sucks :|

  • maddie

    Ah, this is disappointing. I was hoping to watch it again. Another great show cancelled. First Kyle XY now Lincoln Heights. Why ABC Family? WHYYY?

  • rae

    I was pissed of about Kyle XY but the 4th season for Lincoln Heights wasn’t that great

  • thatGIRL

    Omg! Yes. I love this show. But last season wasn’t very good. It was way to High School Musical for me. I’m very upset about this.

  • mony

    Aww that sucks. I liked this show.

  • jessica

    why did they cancel it?

  • Sam

    Ohh man…. I’m so sad over this. Lincoln Heights was one of my favorite shows. I was actually recently wondering when a new season would come out…. I am totally bummed :(

  • kali

    Aww…im sad. Wow. :(

  • Duma

    ABC Family is so lame for canceling it! I`m so sad.. :(

  • James taylor

    Dang this is messed up i loved this show it seems like all of the shows i like either end or get cancelled my mother will be very saden

  • miss

    awww i loved this show it was one of my favorite shows, oh man im so sad right now. abc family you suck canceling this show:(

  • Chanell

    I watch half an episode it bored me. I wish they would bring Wildfire back…

  • aSH

    figures. and i’m sure secret life will continue for many seasons to come, at least lincoln heights had some depth to it and good acting. secret life is a joke. abc family is wrong by pulling the show, im incredibly disappointed.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    What is everything just going to be 4 seasons?
    I mean seriously..Everything is getting cancelled after 4 seasons..
    Wildfire, then Kyle XY, now Lincoln Heights…WHY ABC FAMILY?! WHY!?!

  • cindy

    awww i liked this show…. <3

  • kelsey

    So ABC Family is cancelling such an amazing series that was so amazing and moving for many people? This show really had a purpose and the story is not over. I didn’t feel like after the season finale from last season, the Sutton’s story was over. There is still so much to tell! I agree with Robert, this show had substance. It wasn’t just a show that went from episode to episode adding in pointless drama to boost ratings. If ABC “FAMILY” has chosen to produce a show about teen pregnancy and sex instead of one about actual families and kids with morals, I don’t know what the network is coming to. I for one am a huge fan of the series, and have been watching since day 1. It is a huge shame that ABC Family has made this stupid, idiotic decision to cancel the show, and I only hope that another network will pick it up, and continue the Sutton’s story.

  • Darius

    I really enjoyed it and before I graduated H.S. I’d watch the new episodes with my mother and sister. I’m content with them ending it here. T.V. shows have prime’s just like everything else, and too keep it going past its prime would be to tarnish the memory IMO.

  • Ladybug

    NO WHAY?! First Kyle XY and now Lincoln Heights…gosh ABC family suck, they have that goddamn boring show The secret lives of the american teenagers but they’re cancelling this amazing show.

    No seriously The secret life sucks, at first I thought it was going to be this hip new show about what goes really down in teens life..and that it was going to be this juicy new drama show, but this show is a snoozefest big time!

  • Annie

    @maddie: Exactly how I feel! WTF??!

  • Taylorswiftroxx13

    Awwwhh, i really liked this show.. i had a feeling it would come to an end eventually.. just like Kyle XY :( .. I guess its okay, i still have Secret Life and Make it or break it. My two favorite shows :) And i cant wait til 10 thing i hate about you comes back! :)

  • jamie

    hopefully another network will pick up this show because robert is right this show was one of the few shows with substance. We need more shows about what goes on in African american’s lives that are somewhat believable not crap like the secret life of the american teenager.

  • lauren

    I’m really upset they canceled this show. It was my favorite show. I loveddd it!!! I really hope it comes backk.

  • lala

    why?? i loved lincoln heights it was my favorite show! Robert Adamson was amazing he was one of the reasons i watched it. love chassi! haha secret life has gotten soooo boring and greek is on too late. oh well at least i have make it or break it and 10 things i hate about you when it comes back out!!

  • maddie

    I think ABC Family has made it very clear that they want people to watch Secret Life.

  • sarah

    never watched the show never even thought about watching it…

  • candygwen

    i’m hoping for a miracle and that Lincoln Heights will be back if not on ABCfamily, somewhere else. Tyler Perry? Don Cornelius? Oprah? Mo’Nique? BET? TVOne? Maybe one of these movers and shakers can do something about it.

  • TAmeka

    I don’t think that the show was ready to be cancelled it was going great and I can see so many places it can go and so much more that it can do for today’s society…however the cast seems to be at peace with it and i love and support them! I’m just glad i got to know “The Suttons”.

  • sequita


  • starry118

    @maddie: Yes, they really made that abundantly clear…sometimes I would go to the abcfamily site to watch the show again and they kept showing commercials for Secret Life…that and the promotion for that show is everywhere…it’s amazing that Lincoln Heights did as well as it did b/c I rarely saw any promotion for it.

  • Rachel J

    i am highly pissed lincoln heights is cancelled!!! That was one of my favorite tv shows and now they just cut it!!! Like seriously WTF!! Ugh so gay….

  • india

    I think it is wrong beacuse to cancel Lincoln Heights and they should at least a fifth season as a final season. ABC Family canceled Kyle XY after only two seasons. Which left me confused and dissafisfied with how the last episode ended. Please bring Lincoln Heights back to ABC Family. I think that their should be a petition out to bring back the show. I know it is possible because another TV network brought back Jericho that was cancelled after one season.

  • phillip

    that is only reason i watch abc family because of lincoln heights that was the best show now i will never watch abc family

  • j68

    yeah……..that sucks that waz the best show family sucks..they shoudn’t have taken away kylexy either……

  • cupofsue

    i love this show. abc is making a bad idea cancelling this show. secret life is so boring, well at least it is to me. i would have thought abc would have went with the show that ACTUALLY relates to people, not about a girl getting pregnant, and then friend problems. wtf.

  • Crystal

    It really suck’s! Me and my mom started watching on tvone because there are not really no more black show anymore. And its really good! Ok last season could be little better but they shouldn’t cancel for that. I will like them continue there t.v. series because more education for us.

  • Jermaine t

    WTF. Y cancel the best show in the world

  • Cecee

    Lincoln heights is my favorite series and i will be very mad if it ends:-(

  • bree

    I’m really upset about this, I truly cant believe that ABC would cancel such a great show….Out of all the shows on ABC they pick LH when GREEK and 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU are just stupid……ABC be smart and bring LH back.

  • T.T.

    I wish they put the show back on because my friends and I miss the show it was funny and sad but still a great show. The other shows are ok but this show right here was the best. If yall knew was best yall would put the show back on.

  • http://website cassandra sands

    @Duma: I think that abc family is making a big mistake cancelling lincoln heights. actually i would like to knmow why. it is a wonderfukl black program with a real look at life for both blacks whites cops crooks etc

  • http://website cassandra sands

    itis sad that good tv is always getting canceled. maybe some station will decide to make new episodes of this wonderful show.

  • brittni plants

    me and my man watched it evryweek. we are very disappointed!! we think it should continue!!!!! we would like to know y it was cancelled!!!!

  • NickiPooh23

    I think it sucks that the cancel the fifth season of Lincoln Heights that’s really the only show I watch. They should put the fifth season on TV one since they show the old seasons. I really hope the reconsider the idea. Please.

  • NickiPooh23

    Who ever created Lincoln Heights should not cancel the 5th season because that’s the only black show on abc family that was really gud. Take 10 things I hate about you off air in put Lincoln Heights bck on the air the seasons wasn’t really finished. I’m upset that yall would cancel the show. The fans aren’t asking for much just put LH bck on the air for aleast 1 or 2 more season.

  • 3cl1pz3

    I actually started watching this show after ABC Family canceled the show and TvOne picked it up. But what i didnt know was that the show was only four seasons long. So I watched the last show they made only to see the first-ever show they made the next day. I was so pissed! Such a great show but I really dont want to watch the show all over again. ABC FAMILY SUCKS! AND SO DOES SECRET LIFE!

  • Ashton

    I loved lincoln heights. I just have one thing to say:

    they can cancel lincoln heights, yet Secret Life of the American Teenager is STILL on. That is a show that deserves the much needed axe


  • Kayla

    this sucks, i was hoping to watch it this summer!!! they are so stupid for canceling it with no notice to its viewers!! Stupid ABC Family!!

  • Trice

    I am saddened to hear that Lincoln Heights was cancelled! I believe that TV needs more shows were people are being portrayed positively. I respect Robert Adamson’s response to the cancellation but I do not think that “the story” of the Sutton family was “told.” Four seasons of a magnificent show just does not suffice but to quote Robert Adamson once again “TV/Film Entertainment is a business.”

  • vickie henderson

    Why did yall do something stupid like that the show yall need to take off the air is kyle xy cause i think thzt was the dumbest show ever. Serect life of america teenager that a good show but no show on abc family beat lincoln height and that a fact. And whosever decided to take season five off the air is the dumbest retard that ever live.